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u/McRodo · 7 pointsr/Art

I'm going to butt in here real quick. If you're interested in books about anatomy, check out Burne Hogarth, he used to draw the Tarzan novels. He's also done many books on anatomy one specifically of hands, the rest of his anatomy books can be found on amazon as well.

u/TIGit · 3 pointsr/Art

I'll say Tue same thing I said to you in /r/ArtCrit.

I see some orangutan hands going on here. Measure the distance from the wrist to the first knuckle joint at the base of the fingers and compare it to the length of the fingers themselves. See the problem? Go to your library and get this book:
Now do this, go get a straight edge. Take the straight edge and place it against your brow and lips, see how those line up? The brow sticks out because it forms the socket that holds the eye ball, and the lips stick out because of their jaw structure and muscle and fat. But notice here in your drawing that the brow ridge is very flat and the angle of her face shoots out as her lips and jaw protrude? That's a facial aspect of large apes like gorillas not humans. okay yes it's not quite as prominent as a gorilla, but you get the idea.

u/JabberJawsRoss · 2 pointsr/drawing

Here is a really great book I used to help me draw hands. You can find it cheaper.