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Dreamseeds Protection Amulet
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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/PercyJacksonRP

As she rests on the tree branch, she hears the familiar buzzing of a care package as it lands on a branch rather close to hers. She gathers it without having to leave her own to find it's contents being a protection amulet with a note that says "From Ellie".

With the sun behind the mountains and night falling upon the arena, it seems it's time to rest for the next day's events.

OOC: You can reply here if you want but I won't read anything after your initial reply to this comment. Next RP opportunity will be in a separate post for the next 'day' in the arena, it will be posted at Midnight tonight (EST).

u/elphieisfae · 1 pointr/PercyJacksonRP
u/Thief39 · 1 pointr/PercyJacksonRP

This for Gareth "To light your way"

This for Janine. To protect you in your deepest moment of anguish. OOC: Actually have it do something.