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DSYJ Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power for Nexus 4 Nexus 7 Galaxy S Iii & Galaxy Nexus
Micro USB host OTG cable for Micro USB powerFor Nexus 7 Galaxy s III & Galaxy NexusFor works with the Samsung I9300 Galaxy s 3For works with the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 10
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78 Reddit comments about DSYJ Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power for Nexus 4 Nexus 7 Galaxy S Iii & Galaxy Nexus:

u/bites · 15 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Are you sure it's one or the other? I haven't looked at the usb c spec but I hope that's not the case.

With the micro-usb port on my phone I can use USB OTG and charge at the same time.

u/Fairuse · 12 pointsr/Chromecast

I used the following guide for my setup.!topic/chromecast/xo_NDh5CZA8;context-place=topicsearchin/chromecast/category$3Achrome-os

The ethernet adapter I got was the Linksys USB3GIG. It is nice that the USB3GIG supports 1000Gb and has USB3.0 to take full advantage of the bandwidth in theory.

My setup cost me $29, but it can be done for $20.

Edit: I changed the amazon links since I didn't realize amazon shorten links are referral links.

u/yojoe600 · 9 pointsr/AndroidMasterRace

Anywhere online like amazon. I used this one.

u/Movieman555 · 7 pointsr/AndroidMasterRace

You can get an adapter that takes plugs into your phones micro USB port and gives you a full USB port as well as a micro USB female port for charging. I use one for my NVIDIA SHIELD portable, which I use as my "console" to stream PC games to the main TV rather than my bedroom.

Ahh the glories of Android.

Edit: Something like this. Not necessarily recommending this specific cable, just the style.

u/blaskkaffe · 6 pointsr/PlaystationClassic

It is super simple, just follow these steps.

I would recommend you to order a usb OTG adapter like this:
Or if you want one that is a usb hub.

With that adapter you can plug in any usb drive you want (even harddrives and such) and still keep both front usb ports free for playing 2 player games.

u/CubeGuy365 · 5 pointsr/SteamController

You'll have to use the dongle, but if you're planning on having the tablet plugged in while gaming anyway, what about a powered OTG cable or adapter?

u/TheImmortalLS · 5 pointsr/headphones

I tried using my nexus 5 with a usb-otg cable that allows charging and usb-dac/amp

it's unnecessarily complicated, and a headphone jack is the sane choice, preferably a good one like the lg v10 has.

u/drw4338 · 3 pointsr/PlaystationClassic

OTG uses a plug like this one to allow you to connect your thumb drive in line with the power cord that plugs in the back of the PSC. It requires modification of the software internally to implement though, and is apparently a feature that is in the testing phases by devs out there on several teams. It is a feature a lot of us retro gamers have been excited about for the PSC to get for quite some time. If you review posts on this sub for the past week, you will see that there has been a bunch of progress and announcements recently that this feature is coming soon.

u/D34DL1N3R · 3 pointsr/PlaystationClassic

I can confirm this one works for me:

But I think I'll order the 'Rii' cable that others have linked to 'cuz I like the layout of it MUCH more.

u/freon · 3 pointsr/theNvidiaShield

So far I've liked these the best, but these have an angle that might come in handy in some uses. Oh, and this one lets you charge while running devices off the OTG. Very handy for using an ethernet cable on the Shield to get 1080p/60fps in console mode.

u/ericbsmith42 · 3 pointsr/PlaystationClassic

Correct, a powered USB Hub should work without the physical power mod.

Most people go on to mod the system with BleemSync v1.1+ firmware, which enables the rear power port as an OTG USB port after which you can use an OTG adapter to plug the flash drive and power into the rear port, giving you full use of the two front ports.

If you have some flash drives around, particularly some older USB2.0 drives, you may be able to install the BleemSync v1.1+ firmware without needing to do the power mod or needing a powered USB hub. After that all you'll need is a OTG adapter like this one or an OTG USB hub like this one.

u/zman0900 · 3 pointsr/Nexus7

You'll need something like one of these (first google result, not promoting that specific one). But the tablet normally outputs power, so you also need a kernel that is patched to reverse that. I run Glitch kernel and it claims to have the support. I've never tried it, but I do have all the necessary equipment laying around...

u/Fuzzylogic1977 · 3 pointsr/classicmods

These are the ones I ordered

PNY HP 256gb Flash

OTG Adapter

You will also need a small usb 2 flash drive less than 8gb formatted to FAT32 to load the kernel via the player 2 USB port in the front

u/lkcl_ · 3 pointsr/freesoftware

there's a set of cables which if you prefer (e.g. already have a micro-hdmi type d) you can get this on amazon for $1.63

u/connie-reynhart · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Hi D3ATH13

As has already been pointed out, you need an OTG adapter cable. There are different kinds of OTG cables though.

The most commonly used OTG cable has one micro USB port for the Android device and one USB A female port for the keyboard. This is ideal if your Android/keyboard should be portable. The keyboard will be powered by the Android device's internal battery (which of course also depletes the battery quicker).

If you are planning to have a stationary Android/keyboard combo at home or in the office for instance, you might want to consider an "USB OTG Host charging" cable, sometimes also called "USB OTG Y" cable. There you will have three ports. One port each for the Android device and keyboard, and an additional port for connecting an USB charger. With this adapter, both the Android device and the keyboard will be powered by the external USB charger.

This one should probably work:

Note that charging an Android device while being in USB host mode is not supported by all devices and also if it technically supported, the Linux kernel needs to support it as well. The configuration is named something like CONFIG_OTG_CHARGING, if I remember correctly. Luckily, a lot of recent (stock, off-the-shelves) Samsung devices support OTG host charging by default.


u/Android4TV · 2 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

An OTG Y-Cable was the best thing I bought for my Amazon Fire Stick. Connecting a USB hub opened up so many possibilities. Everything I've connected to it has worked so far: wired keyboard, wireless mouse (with dongle), wireless keyboard (with dongle), USB thumb drive.

u/ryocoon · 2 pointsr/Android

Here is an example that I use for my Shield Portable.

However that doesn't include HDMI out via MHL, and I didn't include a compatible USB Ethernet adapter. A quick search can find one that is Android compatible, not all of them are.

u/ljfrench · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

You can use ethernet for 60fps.

I got this adapter cable which works great.

u/Nerdy314159265 · 2 pointsr/gaming

Nvidia Shield not only supports USB OTG on the Micro-USB port, but also charging at the same time (which is actually rare). It can use all sorts of things if you good a USB-A to USB Micro OTG adapter, including Ethernet adapters if you want a hardline connection.

DS4 can connect via USB (using either USB-A to MicroOTG or Micro to MicroOTG) and should also work flawlessly over Bluetooth (the latest model controller) just like any other BT controller.

I use this cable so that I can charge and play connected at the same time (was mostly used when I was using a DS3 as my main controller since that doesn't work over BT easily).

u/JoKu_The_Darksmith · 2 pointsr/EmulationOnAndroid

ADVICE: Do not choose a seller that sells it for like a $1 and free shipping, those are usually the ones that take 2 months and never come (my last order). Choose a seller for about $3 and free shipping and it should take a week to week and a half.

PS: Unfortunately you will not find this cable conventionally at any store, even though its mega popular.

u/Demons-With-Ryu · 2 pointsr/theNvidiaShield

This is the micro USB adapter that I'm using and the tablet will still charge, but will charge slower. One thing I've noticed is that if I'm playing graphic intensive games such as Borderlands the Presequel or the Talos Principle, the battery will slowly drain even when it's plugged in, but won't die if it gets to 0%.

This is the ethernet adapter I'm using. As for connection speeds, I'm on 5ghz wifi when not connected to ethernet. I've ran speed tests and they're about the same, although I get much better latency when I'm connected via ethernet. In fact, the only reason I got the adapter was for a better GeForce Now experience.

u/leolulz · 2 pointsr/Android

It's a USB otg y cable like this:

It allows me to charge the tablet while using the otg functions.

u/GaslampASMR · 2 pointsr/asmr

Hmm, that's a very interesting device. Note that I'm not an Android phone user, and I have no first-hand knowledge of the OTG protocol, but I see no reason why that device wouldn't work. It does a lot more than just interface USB to your phone, but at that low price point, there's no harm in getting it to see how it works.

If it were me, I would only buy an adapter that can be powered externally. When using a USB mic with a phone, you don't want to worry about how long your battery will last while driving both devices. You'd want to research this adapter to see if it can be powered, either via USB or other dedicated power supply.

Here's a simpler example of something that work:

Be sure to search YouTube for videos about connecting USB mics to Android phones, also. There are many to look at. Best to you.

u/nintendoclover · 2 pointsr/nintendo

You would have to get usb host mode working first, then you could use a usb host adapter with power.

u/Heidi423 · 2 pointsr/theNvidiaShield

I use my tablet often as a media device on my TV and it works well. I bought one of [these] ( otg cables so I can use an Xbox 360 adapter and charge at the same time. Console mode is really useful because it turns off the tablet screen and just displays on the TV. I use Netflix, Youtube, Google Music and they all work well, along with games.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime video is not directly supported on Android devices and will only display in SD, not HD :/

u/bphilly_cheesesteak · 2 pointsr/USB

Micro USB Host OTG Y Splitter with Power

You'll also need another cable to go from the controller (probably Mini-B) to the OTG cable (USB-A)

u/noahajac · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

OTG support is device specific. If your device supports OTG but can't supply the keyboard with enough power, then they make cables like this one that allows you to inject power, or you can make your own. However if your device doesn't support OTG then you're out of luck.

u/justacheesyguy · 2 pointsr/fireTV

I use these and they work great, even with a hub and multiple devices plugged in.

u/tripplehelix · 2 pointsr/nexus4

Getting OTG to work on the nexus 4 is a ball ache. However it is possible. I got my xbox controller to work with it and it read my USB drives.

Used AK Kernal, a USB Y OTG cable and an app called synapse. This was on 5.0.1 stock.

u/wag3slav3 · 2 pointsr/Nexus5
u/dark_mirage · 2 pointsr/funny

Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power

FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black)

u/BL4Z3D247 · 2 pointsr/PlaystationClassic

OTG replaces it. The kind of OTG adapter/cable/hub you get can cover all scenarios.

If you plan on playing game with more than 2 players you can get the Inateck OTG hub or the TUSITA "octopus" OTG cable.

If you just are going to be playing 1-2 player games and only want a minimal OTG adapter I recommend the 90° left angled OTG adapter or the standard OTG cable.

u/SupaDawg · 2 pointsr/nesclassicmods

It can definitely be done. Just a matter of finding a powered USB OTG cable.

Something along the lines of this:

Hardware wise, connecting usb storage while charging is easy. Getting the software to play nice is a different task.

u/jadiusatreu · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Apologies, I have a question. Does the droid RAZR need to be rooted in order for this to work? I am trying to power a wireless Xbox 360 receiver which needs, as per the tag 5v and 500mA. I have tried different chargers some high some low. However, only the phone reacts as it begins to charge, nothing else powers.

Here is what I purchased

u/SuperFLEB · 1 pointr/Nexus10

If you have problems connecting to an unpowered hard drive, (you may hear clicking noises or other oddities, too) you might need more power, as another commenter mentioned. I use one of these with any USB charger plugged into the female micro port, and it works fine.

u/i_teach_internet · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

pretty sure OP found what he was looking for, but here's a link:

u/mrana · 1 pointr/Android

With usb otg support would that mean I could use something like this to be able to use external storage and charge at the same time?

u/NoFaQ · 1 pointr/GalaxyTab

You could try a powered OTG cable like this.

I'm not saying it will for sure work, but you can plug a power microUSB into it, and it doesn't pass through to the device, but powers the OTG device. So, theoretically, it should provice external power to your OTG external HD.

u/JimboLodisC · 1 pointr/Chromecast

N4 also needs a split OTG cable that provides power as well as a USB connection.

Probably something like this. I bought this exact one for using a controller with it and I can't remember if I ever got it working.

u/kirker187 · 1 pointr/fireTV

I have this keyboard working on my Fire TV Stick 2.

I also connected a thumb drive to the ftv stick 2 with this if you wanted to try to use your dongle keyboard.

u/PhobicCarrot · 1 pointr/fireTV

What about this?

u/tomisamac · 1 pointr/theNvidiaShield

On The Go USB Cable

because there is shared access to the charger and no native female-full-size-usb port one of these are required to plug a fullsize usb device or usb hub into the shield.

i use this specific one with a guitar hero usb and plug mouse and keyboard, wired ethernet, and razer sabertooth up to this with this cable.

it would have been nice for them to have included both the micro usb charger and a separate full size usb port or even a proprietary connector running to a usb hub, fullsize hdmi, and ethernet

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble.

u/megaclite · 1 pointr/Android

I believe you can buy an adapter that will allow you to power the USB port on your phone and also use it in OTG mode with a USB SD card reader.


I found this with a quick search. Someone in the comments says it powers your USB device and charges your phone.

Edit2: Nevermind, it doesn't charge your phone. There might be one out there that does though.

u/MrEleventy · 1 pointr/headphones

> So I have a headset (Razer Man O War) that can uses a wireless USB dongle to listen to music, games, etc. So I was wondering if I purchase a USB female to 3.5mm adapter would that work?

Such a thing doesn't/shouldn't exists. It's the equivalent of plugging a power cable into a hose. The dongle requires power to work and 3.5mm doesn't do that.


> If not is there any way I could use them with my phone

Depending on the phone... you'll need to buy either a Camera Adapter or a USB OTG Cable and hope that the razers use/support standard audio drivers. I think they do since it list PS4 as a supported platform.

u/dudemo · 1 pointr/PlaystationClassic

On The Go.

Basically, with an OTG cable that also does power, you can plug the USB drive into the rear port instead of the 2nd controller port. This has three benefits. First you can hide the flash drive in the rear of the PSC. Second you can still have a second player without needing a powered USB hub. Third the rear port doesn't limit power to the USB drive so just about any drive (including external drives and SSD's in an enclosure) will just work. You definitely want to do this very simple mod and buy an OTG cable that also does power.

Here's the one I use daily:

u/AFTVnews · 1 pointr/firetvstick

An OTG "Y" cable with a Flirc connected to it works with the Fire TV Stick 2 and lets you use any IR remote to control it. I fully expect the pendent Fire TV 3 to work this way as well. Remeber though, you'll need the Flirc sticking out of the front so you'll likely also need a USB extension cable.

This only works with the Fire TV Stick 1 if it is rooted because OTG is not enabled by default.

u/fuelvolts · 1 pointr/Nexus5

Not necessarily a MicroSD adapter, but this is a OTG cable with power passthrough:

EDIT: Never mind, looks like it can't power while in host mode. The USB power is for powering the USB device itself. Seems that powering while in host mode is an issue at the driver level of the OS? The USB only has 4 pins for power and data, so while in host mode, power flows to the USB device from the phone. It can't go both ways. Either in to charge the battery, or out to power the device. This cable saves your phone battery, essentially.

u/sumnihil · 1 pointr/photography

If you have an Android phone, you can get an OTG cord for literally a dollar. Combine with the 8 dollar [DSLR controller app] ( You can use the phone as a remote/intervalometer/live view monitor or as a passthrough to another monitor for wireless tethering. If you don't feel like waiting, Radio Shack carries the OTG cables (if you can find one), though they are more expensive (still sub 10 dollars)

u/kubik369 · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

Something like THIS

u/flanflinger · 1 pointr/htcone

Are you using a powered OTG cable ?

u/matrixifyme · 1 pointr/Nexus7

Nobody should pay more than $2 for an OTG Y cable. link

u/lamenralus · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I'm afraid USB Debugging was not enabled. However, someone has mentioned to use a USB OTG Cable to hook up a mouse, but i'm not sure how i would be able to see what i was clicking on. I was able to find this Slimport Adapter which provides an HDMI port along with USB port and several others which i would think would allow me to connect to a TV/Monitor and a mouse. I'll report back and see if it was successful.

u/flame_wizard · 1 pointr/samsung

Get a usb otg cable and a usb mouse and you can use a mouse on the phone. I know because my s7e came with an otg cable and your device should still support a mouse pointer. You can then login with a mouse and transfer the files to a new phone or pc.

u/parkerlreed · 1 pointr/nexus5x

This would be a much better analogous example

u/bagood1 · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

I bought this cable for just that reason.

I plug my WD 1TB hard drive in, connect it to my battery backup using a micro USB cable, and then use it to transfer movies to my Nexus 7.

Alternatively, you can load up a micro USB drive, but it takes an extra step since you have to use a computer.

u/sneakyimp · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

There are apps to mount an NTFS partition. It just isnt naively supported in android. My friend uses an app like that with his nexus 7 in dash with a 2tb HDD attached. Pretty cool setup.

He uses

and a powered USB hub, with a USB DAC and a 4 channel amp.

u/spunker88 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

The OG Droid Razr does not provide power for OTG. You'll need to use an OTG adapter that allows external power to be attached, like this

u/goodhur · 1 pointr/fireTV

I'd like to know if something like this:

Will allow me to use a mouse/keyboard.

u/SMLLR · 1 pointr/perktv

Just for references, this is what I bought to test it out:

Unfortunately, the Concord II does not have the required hardware to support USB OTG. If the phone has the hardware, but the software doesnt support it, there are apps out there that could unlock the feature (requires root access of course). So I am trying to see if there is a rather cheap phone out there that at the very least has the required hardware with working root exploit.

u/TheBSGamer · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I would probably try and use a Y Splitter and something similar to this. Not entirely sure if it'll all work together but it's the only thing I can think of that's basic enough to work in a car situation. Y Splitters can be tricky because some devices simply can't handle both the data and power input/outputs at the same time to make it worth using, and some phones don't even support Y Splitters at all. You may look into compatibility with your phone specifically. There may also be a better DAC that you can find that I couldn't. Everything else on Google was something either overly complicated, or wasn't the right product at all. Sometimes with Y Splitters as well, you can get the charging port to pass through the USB A port on the pigtail. So you may be able to find something that requires power but you can use the one cable. Most DACs though will use either their own power connector that goes out to USB or it will combine them into one and power via the USB. I use a cheapo DAC that converts my SPDIF to analog and is powered via USB.

u/AManAmongstMen · 1 pointr/AndroidTV

Honestly there are not that many good boxes, and fewer at a reasonable price. Unfortunately I'm in the market too and the shield seems to be the only thing worth a damn.

For your use case though can I suggest plex or cast player or really any other solution to simply stream the files from another source? PS3 media server, BubbleUPNP, there are a bunch of apps you could run.

You can alss just get a USB OTG CABLE with pass through for power For like a dollar off ebay and that will just add a usb port to the firestick. If you go for a cheaply made one get two so you don't have down time ;)

u/khedoros · 1 pointr/PlaystationClassic

BleemSync is...well, it has a couple parts. One part: Some drivers and extra programs that it installs to the internal memory of the PSC. Second part: The replacement UI that it boots, that allows you to access the extra games you loaded on your USB drive. Its main purpose is to play Playstation games with a modified version of the stock emulator (the one included in the PSC).

RetroArch is its own separate UI, set up for running games from dozens of different game systems. It's basically a frontend for a bunch of different emulators. Bleemsync and Autobleem both include Retroarch (although Bleemsync only includes the core that runs playstation games by default, I think). Retroarch has...we'll call it a "sibling" of the stock emulator available, which enables some extras like analog support.

> Also, my USB drive doesn't have a port on the back of it like I've seen some people use.

I'm not sure what you mean. What you might have seen is an OTG cable, which allows you to connect your USB drive through the back of the system. You might want to read the stickied post if you don't know about the amperage limitations on the front USB ports, and if you haven't heard of "OTG".

> Do I need one with a port in the back to use the controller as player 1?

Before OTG was available, a setup like this was common, and that's still what you have to do to install Bleemsync (which installs the OTG driver, when you install the custom kernel). Read the stickied post, and you'll see why that's problematic. I used mine like that for about a month and ended up corrupting my USB stick a couple times.

u/Xngears · 1 pointr/PlaystationClassic

Thanks, but will this work too? It's cheaper and I have Prime?


Also, what kind of dongle will I need? I have this one for the memory card, but I assume I'll need something like this but with two USB ports?


u/srdjanrosic · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

You could wire your earnings smartphones using ethernet.

You'd need:

  1. 50x usb otg cable with power
  2. 50x usb ethernet adapters
  3. 2x patch cable 24pack
  4. 2x 24port fast ethernet switches

    Do you remote control your phones from the desktop, what are you using for that?
u/Super_Dork_42 · 1 pointr/lgv10

How? I tried this with my OTG cable and it didn't work, even for just a flash drive. As far as I know my next step is to buy a powered OTG thing like this. But this clearly isn't that. Is it a specific model of cable? Is it a certain version of the v10? Give me the details please.

u/MobileGroble · 1 pointr/NoMansSkyTheGame

Nah, I've got the solution. It's in the mail, literally, and let me tell you, it bizarrely took me more than two hours searching all sorts of random nonsense to finally happen upon the female-female microUSB coupler. They're incredibly rare, it seems.

So, five items total for this setup (already had first two).

  1. Charge cable that actually reaches to where you sit
  2. MicroSD card
  3. OTG Y-cable
  4. Compact microSD adapter
  5. This hard-to-find little bastard (female-female microUSB coupler)

    Note all female Y-cable plugs like #3 just pass power. Only the male plug passes power + data. That's why the coupler is needed.

    I'm gonna tie some nylon thread around the coupler, into which I'll have cut notches, with the other end tied to the Y-cable.

    End result will be:
    • "Great sunset..." > save screenshot
    • Plug coupler into Y-cable's male end
    • Plug coupler'd cable into 10-foot charge cable
    • PS4 sees microSD as USB storage (via extension cable)
    • Save screenshot to storage
    • Unplug from charge cable, remove coupler
    • Plug cable into phone
    • Access PNG on phone via OTG

    I'll let you know how it goes...
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/gadgets

You're 110% wrong about that cable not existing, I have two.. I also have a Dell Venue 8 Pro which I quite like and the built quality improvement over a lot of other Win8 tablets is worth the minor inconvenience.

u/SirMaster · 1 pointr/hometheater

Actually if it is a 2nd gen fire stick then the answer is yes, you can.

To OP, this cable is what you would need:

u/EatYerFace · -1 pointsr/PlaystationClassic

People literally come here for the smallest inconvenience without searching through the available resources. 😑

Only FAT32 will work until you flash the kernel. If it doesn't boot up, you need a powered hub or do the power mod. If it boots up and later on stops working, you need a powered hub or do the power mod. Supply your psc with a power adapter that has a minimum of 5v 2amps. Once you get the kernel flashed you can use exfat/ntfs and use an otg micro USB host cable to connect your flash drive to the back. Using otg solves all power related problems, as long as you supply your psc with 5v 2amps.

u/ssl-3 · -5 pointsr/audiophile

Umm. Charging with USB OTG is a thing that already happens.