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Dust Tactics: Axis Gorillas
New axis expansion for dust tacticsFirst inhuman axis squad to be unleashed on the battlefieldA squad of three “war gorillas”Effective against all infantry and walkers in close combatHas the fast ability
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u/Gorgonaut666 · 1 pointr/wargames

Oh, awesome! I'd be interested in just about anything you felt like passing on - my brother and I have been wanting to try out 40k (or Fantasy, or really any solid miniatures wargame?) for ages (which is why we picked up Dust in the first place, as a middle ground between wargames and board games), but I'd be willing to swap for just about anything you were looking to get rid of that felt fair to you - we play a whole host of geeky games. Our Dust box is at his place - I'll swing by there and get a full list of what we've got, but looking at my Amazon order history, I pretty sure this is everything:

Dust Tactics Revised Core Set

Light Panzer Walker

Axis Gorillas

Grim Reapers

Light Assault Walker

and the Terrain Tile Set

All the minis are unglued and unpainted, and we really only played a handful of times. We'd been pondering trying out Dust Warfare, but have both been distracted by other things, so I'd love for them to have a good home!