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E-Bike Kryptonite Evolution Mini Integrated 10mm link Security Chain
10mm six-sided chain links made from 3T MANGANESE STEELPatent-pending END LINK DESIGN secures chain to hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerabilityHIGH SECURITY DISC-STYLE CYLINDER is pick and drill resistantPatented*, reinforced OVAL CROSSBAR LOCK HEADSLIDING DUSTCOVER protects and extends cylinder life3 STAINLESS STEEL KEYS – one LED lighted key with replaceable battery and 2 new, ergonomic ‘I” keysDurable WEATHER-RESISTANT nylon sleeve prevents scratchesKey Safe ProgramProduct dimensions: 35.5” (90cm) chain lengthProduct weight: 6.10 lbs (2.77 kgs)10mm six-sided chain links made from 3t manganese steelPatent-pending end link design secures chain to hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerabilityHigh security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistantPatented*, reinforced oval crossbar lock headSliding dustcover protects and extends cylinder life3 stainless steel keys – one LED lighted key with replaceable battery and 2 new, ergonomic ‘I” keysDurable weather-resistant nylon sleeve prevents scratchesKey Safe Program
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11 Reddit comments about E-Bike Kryptonite Evolution Mini Integrated 10mm link Security Chain:

u/mdbx · 27 pointsr/cycling

That pile of trash is the exact same price as:

u/natermer · 9 pointsr/ebikes

Hardened security chain with hardened security lock.

Generally speaking these are industrial chains originally designed for overhead lifts (if the chain brakes and workers have high chance of injury/death) and wheel chains on mining equipment. To prevent the chain from wearing from years of daily use they feature significant surface hardening.

This surface hardening means that the chain is as strong and hard as jaws used in bolt cutters. If you try to use heavy duty bolt cutters to cut these chains it will just end up ruining the jaws in them. These chains cannot be cut by anything less then a angle grinder or cutting torch.

This is different then the big chain you can get at a hardware store, which are made of relatively soft welded links.

Then you need a lock to match the security chain. something that can't be hammered, drilled, picked, or pried apart.

Then when you chain it up you want to chain high up on the bike and you want to 'fill' the chain or u-lock as much as possible so it's not really slack. You don't want the attacker to be able to get tools in or get locks and such things on the ground where they can use their body weight for leverage.

Generally speaking the bike should be locked through the rear triangle and go around the rear tire and seat tube.

You can buy this stuff pre-made:

Or buy chains and locks from places like Westech riggers supply

There are very heavy duty U-Locks that are more convenient and almost as tough. But there is a lot of garbage u-locks out there.

The trick then is to secure the stuff attached to your bike. Seats, front wheel, handle bars, racks, etc.

Getting rid of quick releases and using security bolts/nuts that require specially 'keyed' tools to remove is usually a good approach. But you can run cables or chains through them and stuff like that.

u/BinaryMn · 4 pointsr/Rochester

A decent chain lock works just as well as a U-lock, and it's more portable. I wear mine like a belt and there's no problem.

u/hitman3333 · 4 pointsr/boostedscooters

I use this:

Which is also the lock that LickPickingLawyer uses:

I park for a few hours at a time during daylight on busy streets in nyc.

u/stolenbikesdc · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

Hijacking for visibility.

Four simple steps to prevent your bike from being stolen:

u/fucknozzle · 2 pointsr/MotoUK

I use one of these

It's not particularly light, but it is physically quite small. The downside is it doesn't reach very far, but I can actually fold it into the almost non existent space under the seat of my MT07.

I also use the disk lock part of the Abus suggested by /u/jonnogibbo , which I just lock through the passenger footpeg guard when not in use.

u/snow_big_deal · 1 pointr/ottawa

Get one of these

Kryptonite Evolution 4 Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock

And take off your front wheel when you park so your frame and front and rear wheel are all locked. Or get non-quick-release skewers.

u/JDSportster · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I like Kryptonite chain:

Not sure if they have that on the euro amazon or not, but make sure the chain you're getting is a security type from a well made company. It takes no time at all to zip through those if it's a knockoff or even just a sub-par material.

u/Skyline8888 · 1 pointr/cycling

Sorry to hear about your stolen bike. I've just gotten back into riding after 30 years and got a Cannondale Treadwell 2. It's a hybrid/fitness bike, but I love it.

Consider getting a chain lock. This one should be pretty hard to cut.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini Integrated 10mm Chain Bicycle Lock

u/mellofello808 · 1 pointr/cycling

Get away from U locks

If you come back to the same place every night then invest in a kryptonite chain, vs a U lock. Even with a angle grinder it is much harder to find a static place to cut on these chains, vs a U lock.

I actually stopped using U locks entirely, after seeing how easy it is to pop them. Thieves in cities are experts at just using leverage to pop them in seconds. It is much heavier to lug the chan but small price to pay for security.

I also use this for my front wheel if I am planning on leaving my bike for a extended period

So far my overkill locking method has prevented anyone from even attempting to mess with my bike.

u/8_pgh_3 · 1 pointr/fatbike

On Guard locks are fine. I have two. Depending on where your from and if you’re leaving your bike outside for more than an hour or two I’d buy a Kryptonite chain in addition.