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Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue
PROTECT YOUR HEARING from harmful noise levels at loud events. Cut out excess sound from everyday life and your favorite activities.PRESERVES SOUND QUALITY with our patent pending innovative attenuation filters. Reduces noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound while protecting hearing. Won’t muffle music or voices as foam plugs do.GET THE PERFECT FIT with two pairs of different sized earplug shells included with every order. Fits most normal to large ear sizes. Insert the included pair of attenuation filters into preferred shell size and earplugs are ready for immediate use!HYPOALLERGENIC PLUSH SILICONE earplug shells are non-toxic and comfortable for prolonged wear. Won’t cause itching or pressure pain. Ideal for all-day wear at festivals and long band practices.ERGONOMIC ALUMINUM CASE is over 35% shorter than competing brands for easy storage on your keychain. An anti-stick interior guarantees earplugs will always be easily removable. Waterproof rubber seal ensures their protection from moisture, dust and debris. Threading is uniquely placed on exterior of canister to prevent damage to earplugs when opening and closing.
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98 Reddit comments about Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue:

u/californiansarebad · 11 pointsr/aves

Good on you! I am a big fan of Eargasm. Etymotics are cheaper and are also good, but my personal preference is for the Eargasms.

u/deathofthesun · 10 pointsr/Metal

Been using a few over the last few years:

Etymotics: good for shorter shows but after a while they start to bug me, YMMV

Eargasm: a little more comfortable than the Etymotics over longer stretches of time

EarPeace: the three different filter options are nice and easy to swap out, plus they include a third plug which definitely would've prevented that time I accidentally dropped an Etymotic onto the piss-covered floor of an Oakland bathroom and then spent most of the next band's set walking to the nearest Rite-Aid to get a pair of the shitty ones that make everything sound like you wrapped a blanket of mud around your head

u/generatrisa · 8 pointsr/serbia

Ja uvek koristim, mozda sam zbog toga "ne kul", ali toliko je lepo kada izadjes napolje, skines cepove i nista ti ne zuji iako si bio u galami. Plus bolje cujes samu muziku sa njima, a i neku osobu koja ti u toj galami govori nesto.

Gledaj neke koje su bas za muzicare/zurke, one penaste koje su dobre za spavanje ce da ti sve zaguse, ove za muzicare ti samo "smanje ton" bez da uniste cistocu zvuka.

Ovako nesto vrv, ili ovako neke.

Ja licno imam ove i fenomenalne su.

u/hxphy · 7 pointsr/EDM

Try high fidelity earplugs. I have tinnitus too, and also photograph EDM shows for a living. I usually keep two pairs of Eargasms off Amazon in my tour bag at all times. I no longer have tinnitus post shows and the ringing has severely decreased.


u/ZeroThePenguin · 7 pointsr/Metal

These are the best pair I own so far. Having tried HearOs and Entymotics (or whatever it's spelled) I've really liked the low profile of these Eargasm plugs and they do a great job of cutting the dB level without cutting the sound quality.

u/futurafreeeeee · 7 pointsr/brockhampton

yes wear earplugs. once your ears are damaged, the damage is irreversible. always wear ear plugs to concerts and festivals.

here are some i use

u/Dancelvr2000 · 7 pointsr/UMF

Me and my partner have been attending festivals longer than the age of many attendees. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of hearing protection that also preserves fidelity of music. I have had tinnitus that has taken 6 months to resolve. It is not fun. It can be permanent, which would be awful. I recommend Etymotic on price versus performance, but many other good ones also. Eargasm also recommended.

I also bring cheap blue foam plugs that I give to people that need them, but those degrade the music.

UMF is limited to 110 dB at a certain distance, which can certainly do hearing damage. There are louder festivals, but it is enough to cause damage. We are also almost always in first row against fencing so that is directly in front of speakers. Far enough back not as loud.

u/FutureMoneyHodlSound · 6 pointsr/marvelstudios

your comment reminded me of a kind of earplugs I had seen on Amazon, but never had the chance to buy/try yet: .

apparently they lower sound levels, but maintain clear sound. maybe those could help? (this is 100% not an ad, just trying to help :P)

u/Onyxus_music · 6 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

eargasm (normal size)

eargasm (small size)

Once you get these, you’ll know why they’re called that. The best ones that I’ve ever used. :)

u/NoRaD6 · 5 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I used Eargasms at 3 BABYMETAL shows, Judas Priest, and Ghost so far. I love them.

u/neutrum_humanum · 5 pointsr/festivals

I have these. Seriously, don't go to another show without some kind of earplugs. You do not want tinnitus, I cannot stress this enough.

u/hbyogi · 5 pointsr/orangetheory

Someone on this sub recommended Eargasm ear plugs. I have been using them for a couple weeks, and I like them. I can hear the coaches, but I can’t hear if the person next to me is talking to me. They dampen the sound more than block it out.

I wish I started wearing ear plugs years ago in loud classes (OTF, spin, etc.) - I think have permanent ringing/static in my ears.

u/Trifax · 5 pointsr/Metalcore

Hearing protection is massive. I recommend these, been using them for a couple years now and they've never fallen out. Best way/most affordable way to protect your hearing, and still hear the music with clarity.

u/tacocaliente41 · 5 pointsr/tinnitus

I unfortunately have no advice for the drinking. But if you're gonna go to loud environments like concerts and such you can buy high-fidelity earplugs that allow you to hear everything clearly but protect your ears. I have them for concerts and they are amazing.

u/VroooMoose · 5 pointsr/motorcycles

A lot of ear plugs are designed to let in sound, but reduce noise. Depends on what kind you have.

See things like this. If you're just using basic foam, then it's a different story.

u/kissthepan · 5 pointsr/doommetal

Just basic ones for concerts will be fine. The foam plugs are more for deadening sound without regard for any distortion (like who cares about the subtleties of chainsaw noise). The sound quality won't be ideal. Concert or musician's earplugs will just bring everything down a bit with little distortion.

These are what I have: link.

Well worth it. These bands will ruin your ears. When I saw Sleep I almost wanted them to.

u/Pope-Metal · 4 pointsr/BABYMETAL

I had never used earplugs before the Vegas show but I got these and they were amazing, sounded so much better, no headache after. I highly recommend these. I bought the connector cord also so I dont have to worry about them falling out.

u/brick0fselfcontrol · 4 pointsr/TBI

I use two types of earplugs.

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs - Hearing Protection Ear Plugs Noise Reduction for Concerts, Fitness Classes, Motorcycle, Sensory Disorders (Tinnitus Relief & Autism) - As Seen on Shark Tank

These for when I need things toned down but don't need to be aware enough to, say, notice someone coming up behind me. So, places I feel safe. Theyre fairly comfortable. Designed similarly to earbuds. Easy to take with you and keep clean.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

These for when I have to be aware of my surroundings but can't deal with all of the sound because it's overwhelming. It makes things manageable on a good day, but they wouldn't do much on a bad day. They're really, really comfortable. Easy to take with you. Require a bit more care than most earplugs.

Both will let you hear conversation/tv/etc without issue.

u/Pki · 4 pointsr/doommetal

I bought some for Sunn O))) last month. It was my first time seeing them and the ear plugs were so effective I had to take them out a few times to get a taste of what I was missing. Zero lingering ringing or regrets the next day.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

u/Oncorhyncus_Mykiss · 4 pointsr/jambands

I picked up a pair of Eargasm earplugs before Hangtown Halloween Festival... I can't recommend them enough. Silenced all the chompers, protected my ears, and made me hear the music a lot more clearly.

u/_noncomposmentis · 4 pointsr/LifeProTips

I got Eargasm plugs from Amazon which are pretty good. I also got a pair of Vibes after seeing them on Shark Tank. I prefer the Eargasms slightly but both are pretty good performance especially considering the value.

But now I'm probably going to invest in a custom pair due to hearing loss and tinnitus. They actually take a mold of your ear canal and make them just for you but they're damn expensive!

u/Scoregasm · 3 pointsr/Coachella

I always thought I was above this, that "yea, ok, but I've never felt the effects of a concert before, so I'm fine."

Until LCD Soundsystem at Bill Graham last year. Ho. Ly. Shit. I was in pain at how loud that concert got. Ears were plugged for a week. Now, I'm buying some plugs and keeping them in my pocket at shows just in case that ever happens again.

Also, just as a heads up, these Eargasms are going on an Amazon Lightning Deal at 12:50 PST today (3/30). Would be a good time to buy.

u/AlphaMelciados · 3 pointsr/CasualConversation

You should consider Frequency reduction values table. Here are the tables for ~$20-30 earplugs for gigs:

Vendor \ Average reduction Value | 125 HZ | 250 HZ | 500 HZ | 1000HZ | 2000HZ | 4000HZ | 8000HZ
Crioxen Earplugs | 15.1 | 15.4 | 17.1 | 19.9 | 26.9 | 17.7 | 29.9
ER20XS Earplugs | 14.5 | 14.2 | 17.1 | 21.1 | 25.3 | 20.5 | 23.3
Eargasm Earplugs | 14.7 | 14.8 | 16.8 | 20.3 | 24.3 | 21.4| 25.7

It can help to prevent negative impact to the quality of the show.
You can find some other comparison for earplugs for gigs.

u/HiviSpeakers-Michael · 3 pointsr/audiophile
u/anifail · 3 pointsr/DnB

use earplugs with a 3kHz resonant filter like these

I don't have that particular set. I have Rooth C&P 25dB, but I don't recommend them because of fit.

u/TootTootTootToot · 3 pointsr/trumpet

Not just for marching bands! A very important issue for all musicians. Noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus are no joke.

There are now multiple, affordable options for reusable "musician's earplugs," which block all frequency ranges equally (normal earplugs can leave the music sounding muffled and dull because they block more treble than bass sound).

u/MacManG5 · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

Great thinking! I'll give you my experience with the ones I've used.

First I bought this set from Etymotic for myself and my Croo years ago. For the price they're great and served me quite well at local shows and Roo alike until I lost them at Roo in 2016 (luckily I always carry disposable ones too in case anyone around me in the crowd wants a pair so I wasn't deaf by the end of that Roo). I liked them for the price and the carrying case however they did have some issues like their odd fit for some folks.

After losing the Etymotic's at Roo in 2016 I bought this set from Eargasm pretty much as soon as I got home. They're a bit pricier than the Etymotic's but well worth the price in my opinion. They come with a large and small in ear insert in order to ensure a good fit for most and instead of using a tube and dampening materials like the Etymotic's the Eargasm's actually have a tiny filter that makes for much more even tones/sounds. They also come with a much better carrying case and have yet to have an issue with them in the ~2.5 years I've had them.

Side note about the Eargasm's, their carrying case is a tiny metal canister that comes equipped with a keychain and I take them to every show I go to, I mention this because the canister does look like something you'd house party favors in so the security may have you open the canister up so they can inspect it. I've also found the canister sets off metal detectors so if you do attempt to get through using it as a party favor holder it may come back to bite you. Just figured I'd give you a heads up there since I've gotten many strange looks from security and fellow show goers alike until I open them up and pop the plugs in.

Hopefully this helps! If you've got any questions about either set let me know!

u/kkrazykristen · 3 pointsr/lifeisbeautifulLV

I really like the Eargasm earplugs.

u/Xistin · 3 pointsr/Tipper

I keep these on my Keychain and just bring them everywhere in case I forget my normal pair or just need some

But if I'm going to a festival I use westones. So if you're really about it and as anti-tinnitus as I am, You can go to an audiologist and get custom molds & a hearing analysis that they'll send off to westone to make a pair of custom earplugs for you.

u/titansfan4ever · 3 pointsr/Metallica

Give Eargasm a shot. I used them for Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine and Breaking Benjamin. They really do take out all the harmful bass and my ears felt great afterward. Any kind of high fidelity earplugs should be good. They don't make the sound as muddy as foam earplugs. Sound quality is much better. I have heard Dubz is a good brand as well.


u/swaggerx22 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Also came here to post a link for musicians earplugs. I have these ones by Eargasm and they're great. I've been going to shows since the nineties and only recently started wearing these, but wish I always had. I even wear them at sporting events and loud bars - they actually make conversations easier. Don't have permanent tinnitus and would like to keep it that way.

u/cricket502 · 3 pointsr/movies

If you can spring for the extra cash, I recommend these instead:

Having tried both, the ones I linked sounded better, were softer, and are shorter, so they're unlikely to get shoved painfully deep into your ear by someone's elbow or a crowdsurfer's foot.

The ones you linked are still miles ahead of typical foam earplugs though.

u/indigoissues · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Amazon carries Eargasm brand earplugs for $35. I use these for work (since I teach rock music for six hours a day lol) and these are consistently comfortable to wear and easy to clean. They also come with a little metal case to help keep them clean and safe while not in your eyes. Maybe these could help?

[](Amazon link)

u/HiveFleet-Cerberus · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Eargasm high fidelity plugs. Also got tinnitus (from riding without earplugs. :v) and I've found these work fantastically. They let you keep good sound awareness and can actually make in helmet speakers sound better by cutting out so much of the tinniness.

u/p1-o2 · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

I own both the Etymotic plugs and these ones from Eargasm

They both work well but the Eargasm ones are way more comfortable and go on my keychain.

u/BaBaBrandon · 2 pointsr/Kanye

I bought [these] ( and they stayed in even during moshing with Pusha T!

u/JuicedInIt · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Would these type of plugs be good for a regular concert attendee?

u/sexysaxmasta · 2 pointsr/tinnitus

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

u/clcaeri · 2 pointsr/bangtan

I use the Eargasm High Fidelity Concert Earplugs. I’ve worn them through three Love Yourself concerts (two GAs, right by main stage near the speakers) last year and various rock, hip-hop, EDM, and pop concerts.

u/grid101 · 2 pointsr/EDC

Not so much for white noise, but I bought these for concerts and motorcycle riding and loved them:

My partner then upgraded me to these, and I love them as well, but TBH I don't see how they are better than the $10 ones I bought myself first:

I've since given her my Hearos to use at concerts. If I were you I think the Hearos would do you just fine; I haven't looked at the specs of either, like I said, they both appear to work pretty much the same.

Hope this helps.

u/Usefulidiot84 · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

I've used these for years and I've never left a concert with ringing ears. These lower the volume without muting all the sounds like traditional foam ear plugs. For a child you my want to go foam earplugs or over the ear ones.

Edit: just saw he was 19 so yeah I really recommend these for both of y’all. There clear discreet and still allow you to enjoy the music without the side affects

u/ImaginaryCheetah · 2 pointsr/hometheater

these are the ones i got.

they do their job very well, but i find the silicon fins to be a little stiff after extended wear.

i should mention i'm a fire tech, so i sometimes wear these for 8 hours at a time during extensive testing.

there's others with better ratings, but back when i got these there were fewer choices and i was unsure if they would really be any different than regular baffled earplugs, so i went for a cheap set.

i should probably upgrade :)

u/givememorebass · 2 pointsr/bassnectar

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

Bought these before center and they absolutely saved my life for good stayed in and everything sounded so good still!

u/holythesea · 2 pointsr/premed

I don’t know about comfort but all of my friends used acoustic earplugs in high school for drum line and said good things.

u/celestial_catbird · 2 pointsr/aspergers

Hi I have sensory issues too. I use these really great invisible ear plugs. You can barely see them when they're in so no one will notice, and they don't just muffle sound, it's more like the volume gets turned down so you can still talk to people.

They're kind of pricey, but worth it. My friend who has autism too uses the same kind as well

u/FuckTheBus · 2 pointsr/aves

Another brand that you should possibly consider are the ones I personally use, eargasm. They're relatively affordable(20$ I think) they are really comfortable, and they are pretty discreet-looking. They also come with a cheap little case for holding them that you can throw on your keys. :)

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles and More!

Here you go

u/SJS329 · 2 pointsr/Slayer

It can be ungodly loud, but you can prevent damage. Wear ear plugs. Problem solved. Tinnitus fucking sucks, trust me. There is no such thing as silence for me any more. Go on Amazon and buy these: or these: Personally I like the Eargasm ones better. I wear them to every concert I attend. I'm usually right at the front or running around in the pit. I never have any additional hearing discomfort afterwards. Spend a few bucks and prevent a lifetime of asking people to repeat themselves...

u/allthetunes · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

I’ve tried the etymotics and while they work, they were uncomfortable for me to wear for extended periods. Ended up getting Dubs which were more comfortable but I felt like they muffled sound sometimes.

Now I have Eargasm earplugs and I like them the most. I definitely recommend them. They’re the most comfortable without muffling sound, that I’ve tried. Plus they don’t have that little protruding plastic that come out of your ears, so you can wear a bandana with them.

u/CharlesThundercock · 2 pointsr/steroids

Eargasm earplugs are freaking unbelievable. They actually make the music at a show sound infinitely better and block out a crazy amount of non-music noise.

u/felix1429 · 1 pointr/audiophile

I go to a lot of concerts, and I use these. They do a great job of reducing the volume without muddying the sound at all. Concerts are a lot more enjoyable now that I'm not being distracted by ear pain. And it's nice to not have my ears ringing for days after a loud show

u/emugirl1994 · 1 pointr/aves

I've tried Etymotics + think they are very uncomfortable compared to these.
( )
I've worn them all 3 days for EDC last year + never once did they become uncomfortable. Also, I like the carrying case better because it's more secure with a threaded top & can't accidentally come open.

u/yooossshhii · 1 pointr/Music

Use earplugs if you still go to shows!

u/sillybanana01 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

As a live sound engineer thats works 6 to 7 concerts a week, this is amazing advice. I'm personally a fan of this brand of earplugs.

These are also a good option. It comes with two pairs. 23db and 29db, plus a connecting string so you're less likely to lose them.

u/jnmclendon · 1 pointr/LifeProTips
u/dunkarooooo · 1 pointr/Concussion

I can recommend musician's earplugs I ordered on Amazon awhile back. They reduce the volume but still let you hear sound clearly.

These 'eardial invisible earplugs' are rated to reduce sound by 11db. The foam earplugs block a lot more sound than any musicians earplugs but musician earplugs still do a great job and are more functional. This model is on the smaller side and fit my ears better than any other earplug I've tried. Just a warning thought they aren't actually invisible just somewhat hard to see imo.

Another one I've tried are these 'eargasm high fidelity earplugs'. It's rated to reduce sound by 15db. Both of the earplugs I linked to come with a keychain holder that comes in useful when out and about. If I had to choose between the two I'd go with the first because it fits better but they really both deaden noise to a more tolerable level when my ears are sensitive.

u/Bokthand · 1 pointr/Dreamtheater

I invested in some concert earplugs a few years ago and it has made a huge difference. I no longer leave shows with my ears ringing, and they barely even effect the enjoyment level or quality of the show.

If interested, These are pretty good and not too expensive:

u/pholland167 · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

I've been rocking these for the last few months, and they seem to be doing a great job. I highly recommend using the keychain holder so that you never forget them when going to a show. Can't attest to their headbanging ability, as my best headbanging days are behind me. But they have stayed in during some aggressive head nodding.

u/lionatthedoor · 1 pointr/ToolBand

The sound is fantastic, they have an amazing engineer to dial it in. Do yourself a favor and invest in some decent earplugs. As others have stated, it's exceptionally loud. My chest was sore after the Denver show...those subwoofers are no joke.

I'd recommend either of these...they will attenuate the sound, but not muffle it:


Etymotic Research

u/doubletwist · 1 pointr/Music

If you're looking forward to a lifetime of attending and enjoying live shows, metal or otherwise, I highly recommend investing in a good set of earplugs. There are several brands and styles available which are designed to reduce the volume without muffling the sound quality.

I personally like eargasm but there are many others.

u/creatorthefader · 1 pointr/livesound

I use these. I like them way more than the etymotic's, but the carrying case kinda sucks on a key ring.

u/universal_rehearsal · 1 pointr/Guitar

You don't need earmuffs that will ruin the tone for you, you need this style I have these and they work great. I really like the keychain case lol first pair I've never lost.

u/ShadowVariable · 1 pointr/trap
u/porksandwich9113 · 1 pointr/ericprydz


I have a pair of these guys.

I bring them to every concert, and it's amazing. They just go on your keychain in a small little container, they don't mute the sound like those cheap ones, just turn down the volume a bit. Well worth the 20$.

u/Nuvoq · 1 pointr/UMF

If you don't want to spend a lot I'd recommend EarPeace or Eargasm ear plugs. I've used both and like them a lot.

u/the_blue_wizard · 1 pointr/audiophile

There are ear plugs that have a threshold. That is, they normally sound pretty much like they are not even there, but when the sound hits a particular decibel level, they close off and block the sound.

Can't remember what they are called though.

The Etymotic might be good -

And searching Amazon also brought up Eargasms -

Both are classified as High Fidelity Ear Plugs.

u/Scubajose919 · 1 pointr/goodyearwelt

These were called "Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs". They did an amazing job of killing the decibels, and I honestly felt like I could hear and enjoy the music better with them.

u/HuggyTheCactus · 1 pointr/aspergers

As pre-mentioned, headphones are the best thing since pizza. If they're hard to sleep with, invest in some noise canceling earplugs. These are your best friend:

They work wonders when you want the world to shut up.

u/nattybatty7 · 1 pointr/SPD

I have a similar problem. Everyday sounds, especially talking, have been bothering me a lot too.

I'm considering noise-filtering earplugs. The ones I've found are supposed to lower the volume of the sound you hear while still allowing you to hear well enough to have conversations or listen to music, and also be mostly invisible. There are several companies that make them, but the one that seems the most reliable to me so far is called Eargasm.

Here are links to the Eargasm earplugs, from amazon and Eargasm's website:

I think I'm going to order them soon, but I'm worried they won't actually work as well as they claim. I can't recommend them since I haven't tried them, but I thought I'd share in case they sound like what you need.

I don't know if that's what you're looking for, or if you'd rather just completely block out sound and not hear their conversations at all.
If you would like to completely block out sound, maybe consider regular foam earplugs like some use for sleeping? They would be less visible than headphones.

u/violinistdiminish · 1 pointr/violinist

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

This is what I use. Pricey compared to some other options, but remember sound quality is what you are going for here. You'll end up using them at concerts, airplanes (nice to lower the sound but still make out what the stewardess says), if you ride a motorcycle and so on. Best thing I can explain is that with these things sound quieter, instead of just being a muffled mess like with regular earplugs. I used them for playing and had no issues

u/SnazzyInPink · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

I got these. There’s 2 sizes in the box. The larger of the 2 are the ones I stuck with, so you should be good.


u/Cualer · 1 pointr/EDCOrlando

I've been using Etymotics for a while and just made the switch to a pair of Eargasms High Fidelity Earplugs. The former do result in a bit of pain after wearing them for a while, but I didn't get that sort of fatigue wearing the Eargasms at Hulaween. Highly recommend either as they help you sooooo much :)

u/nIkbot · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Stupid name, great product.

I've owned two sets working 20+ hour shifts on various tractors/equipment coupled with good muffs and you won't have any issues. Can hear conversation with just plugs as well.

u/FranksRedHotOriginal · 1 pointr/EDM


Are what I’m currently using to go to events and I have no complaints. I think I got them for like $20 though

u/Milhouz · 1 pointr/UMF

Haven't tried those, but I got these and they work well for me. I intended on doing ACS Custom ones but didn't have time or the money right then to do so.

u/moose1199 · 1 pointr/EDM

Can’t agree more, I got these from amazon over 2 years ago and they still work and can have a normal conversation with them on without yelling.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs...

u/melciados · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

You should consider Frequency reduction values table. I made a little research on this theme, asking vendor for the frequency tables. Here is the table for ~$20-30 earplugs for musicians:

Vendor \ Average reduction Value | 125 HZ | 250 HZ | 500 HZ | 1000HZ | 2000HZ | 4000HZ | 8000HZ
Crioxen Earplugs | 15.1 | 15.4 | 17.1 | 19.9 | 26.9 | 17.7 | 29.9
ER20XS Earplugs | 14.5 | 14.2 | 17.1 | 21.1 | 25.3 | 20.5 | 23.3
Eargasm Earplugs | 14.7 | 14.8 | 16.8 | 20.3 | 24.3 | 21.4 | 25.7
Reverbs Earplugs | 14.1 | 13.9 | 15.2 | 18.7 | 22.2 | 18.3 | 22.1
LiveMus!c Earplugs | 13.5 | 13.5| 14.5 | 17.9 | 23.1 | 18.2 | 20.1
Surefire Defenders | 12.7 | 12.9 | 13.2 | 16.8 | 19.9 | 19.2 | 19.1

It can help to prevent .
You can find some other comparison for earplugs for gigs.

u/freedom_costs_tax · 1 pointr/tinnitus

I have custom ear plugs, as well as these:

The name is very dumb, but they come with a key chain holder, so I always have them for those surprise live music at a restaurant or bar that I did not know about or other spontaneously loud events.

u/TheVeganFoundYou · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

First, buy yourself some construction worker-grade earplugs. You can find them cheaper at Home Depot or Lowe's. Next, invest in some shock absorbing shoes. Those two things will at least dull some of the sensory input you're dealing with.

u/eargasmearplugs · 1 pointr/Metal

Our High Fidelity Earplugs are definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for a set of concert earplugs. They look cool, fit flush to the ear so they don't stick out, and lower volume down on noise while preserving the full spectrum of sound. All our plugs also come with a nifty aluminum carrying case. Let me know if you guys have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.

u/CyanideRush · 1 pointr/SwingDancing

Thank you, these do seem to me more discrete. I eventually went with a pair of these based mostly on the reviews, but also on their low profile.

u/iamthegoat · 1 pointr/Guitar

I just ordered a pair of these. Looked at the Wal-Mart and Gun Shop varieties and never found what I was looking for. I hope these are worth the 22 plus dollars.

u/travislopes · 1 pointr/gorillaz

Get yourself a nice pair of earplugs, like these. Your ears will thank you.

u/alittlegnome · 1 pointr/science

For anyone interested, they make high fidelity earplugs that lower volume evenly across the spectrum, so your perception of the quality of the sound doesn't change.

u/plurwithme · 1 pointr/CPTSD

Here's the earplugs I have.

I reccomend listening to Willow Smith to start! Her music has matured ALOT since her whip my hair days. Her voice is just beautiful and she has a song written about my favorite cartoon, Adventure Time. Most of her songs are about life, unity, she has a song about gaia. Similar to her style, an artist I discovered this morning on my commute is called Mitski.

I also really like this playlist on spotify called "Creamy Tracks".

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eargasm earplugs
Tell her to get a pair of these. They are a bit pricier than others but I’ve tried almost every other ear plug and these have the best fit and best sound in my opinion. I started wearing earplugs heavy after almost having hearing trouble from going to so many bass shows at loud clubs, etc. I don’t leave home without these now and they were the best investment for nectar sets that I could possibly find. I made all the homies get pairs and they love them.

u/youbecome · 1 pointr/WhitePeopleTwitter

I do the same with the shutting down when I can get away with it. Or just fading out from anything that’s too hard to hear due to ambient noise - a tv show when I cannot use subtitles, a public speaker or concert if people near me are noisy/distracting... I left the last concert I was at mid show because the local venue had such piss-poor acoustics that it couldn’t stand up to the bar noise if you weren’t on top of the speakers. Unfortunately in my job (high school teacher) managing multiple conversations and lots of voices can just be part of a normal day of group work.

I really want to try something like Eargasm Earplugs to see what they are capable of improving.

u/ThomasdeChevigny · 1 pointr/Guitar

Like these? Cuz' they do look shorter that the Etymotic model. Are they worth the extra price in your opinion?

u/NickofSantaCruz · -2 pointsr/movies

Because I love my ears and plan on using them for another 70-odd years, I wear earplugs. Dampens raucous explosions and action music really well, I can still hear dialogue clearly, and crowd noise is a relative non-issue.

That said, I also aim for Early Bird showtimes or for non-tentpoles just wait a week or two after they open so I catch a showtime that isn't at capacity/sells out.