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EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology, One Size, Black
Sleek, modern look: Black glass platform with silver accents on a 12.5" square platform, yet is only 1" thick. Rests on 4 precision load cells, engineered to the highest standardsLarge, clear readout: 2.25" square LCD readout features two lines so more data can be displayed at the same time, and is much easier for user set upMeasures body composition: Calculates body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass percentages, using reliable BIA technology. Calculates in either normal or athlete mode. NOTE: Weight and body composition can fluctuate throughout the day so it is recommended to weigh at the same time of day in similar clothing.Automatic User Identification: After inputting personal data, auto recognizes up to 8 users based on previous weight. No more buttons to press after the initial set upIncludes: Easy to follow instruction manual (which also helps to define body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass), and 4 AAA Batteries
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50 Reddit comments about EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology, One Size, Black:

u/sonofmad · 8 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

A decent estimate for sure, I've got this one and enjoy using it, but I really believe getting this kind of analysis is worth the money if you're serious about it. I'm near the University of Minnesota and can get a test done for $40 (alumni) but I've see it at other local places here in the Twin Cities for $45.

u/truthlesshunter · 5 pointsr/Fitness

I use an eatsmart scale (specifically this one: although the "body fat %, body measurement calculators" are to be taken with a grain of salt as they are seldomly very accurate but could be good for consistency measuring purposes). It's a great scale to track weight and I tried "fooling" it like you did (stepping on, stepping off, letting it reset, then stepping on again) and it always gave me the exact same reading...even if i waited like 5 minutes.

So personally, I can vouch for that one but reading the reviews on Amazon, any of the eatsmart scales (there are 3-4 of them..$50 being the most expensive) should be good.

u/Azdle · 3 pointsr/loseit

I just got that one's big brother:

It also seems to be very accurate. Over the past half hour I've had a 0.6lb drop. (after going to the bathroom)

u/redditrandomness · 3 pointsr/keto

That looks sicknasty! I got this one when I was in college and love it. When it goes out I think I might follow in your footsteps :)

EDIT: Quick questions...could you post a link of where you actually purchased it? I don't see the option on the site you linked and the all-encompassing doesn't carry it. Thanks!

u/changeyou · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

According to my new scale that's supposedly more accurate I'm at 19.9%

u/thenamescash · 2 pointsr/90daysgoal

I was looking at consumer reports & amazon reviews and those really well ranked! But I'm leaning towards this one because it has slightly better reviews for BF% and their customer service reviews are stellar.

BF/body water are the 2 things I was trying to focus on bc I have a decent amount of muscle on me. I'm about 8 lbs heavier than 5 yrs ago but I'm wearing smaller sizes and measuring smaller inches (especially since beginning Crossfit about 9 months ago) - unfortunately most scales aren't readily capable of giving (accurate) reads of those :/

u/spicyramyun · 2 pointsr/Stronglifts5x5

If you goal is to manage weight whether it is adding or losing the one thing that must be done above all else:


This is so easily overlooked by so many people. You will here the standard calories in and calories out discussion everywhere. If you are looking to build muscle and lose fat you need to ensure you are eating enough protein to where your body can maintain it's repairs to your muscles while still running a deficit to lose fat.

This can definitely be done. You don't even have to be a master at it. I am multiple pants sizes and about 15 pounds. As I started lifting heavier the weight loss slowed. I only care about strength gains and physical size. I am losing fat because my gut etc is going down. I am not seeing that big of an adjustment on the scale because I am not killing myself in the process.

I bought this scale and it helps me keep track of body composition. Turns out it is on sale with a 20% coupon too if you are interested. I monitor my body comp a bit and try to maintain my diet while hitting my routine. You are putting up good numbers on those sets. You will continue to build that muscle up as long as you are feeding it. Just lower the calories to cut in the process.

u/pandasaurusrex · 2 pointsr/loseit

I just got one of these based on a recommendation elsewhere on reddit:

It's still in the mail, so I have no idea how much it'll rock, but I'm stupidly excited about getting a new scale.

u/gaya2081 · 2 pointsr/loseit

Yeah :( thats the bad side. I really love my EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale and its on sale with free shipping at amazon, but its $55...which is a great deal, but over your budget :( Maybe ask for it for christmas?

Also since you are doing keto (which I am also doing) it is an awesome way of making sure you are not losing muscle mass too quickly...I had to up my protein (thus my calories) because I felt I was losing muscle too quickly. Now my muscle is much more stable, but my fat loss is still moving along.

u/bunnygn · 2 pointsr/keto

This is the one I have, I like it a lot. Does body fat % and lots of other %, and it hasn't trolled me nearly as much as my old scale.

u/Benji479 · 2 pointsr/keto

Also considering a scale. I cannot stand they weight fluctuations in the one I have at home (~10 lbs). Even if I stand up the same way every time, I am still finding very bad variations.

I want to get one with body comp capabilities so I can also track hydration and BF% more accurately (or consistently I guess). Considering this one from Amazon

u/magicalnina · 2 pointsr/keto

this scale is owned by three different people in my family (including myself) and has been consistent across all of them as well as the doctor's office

u/fatfuckery · 2 pointsr/loseit

A little over your budget, but I absolutely LOVE my EatSmart Precision GetFit bathroom scale.

As for a food scale, I just bought whatever they had at Target for around $20.

u/Gizank · 2 pointsr/keto

I have this scale as well. It's excellent, well made and very consistent.

u/javaavril · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've had this one for about 5 years, works really well. The most users we have had been 3 and it can recognize up to eight after you program in users. For my needs I am more interested in measuring bone/muscle and I think it tracks that well. It has held up well, the glass top still looks new, I never consider electronics bifl, but I have been pleased with this scale [I use rechargeable batteries].

u/myzennolan · 2 pointsr/team_fifthelement

EatSmart Products Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology

Edit: had to browse my amazon order history to find it lol

u/andrea789 · 2 pointsr/loseit

Sorry, I don't know about the Canadian shipping, but if you're going to buy a scale I would consider spending the extra money and getting this one -- I have it and it's great. It shows body fat % rather than just weight, so you can see when you are losing fat.

u/silencerider · 2 pointsr/keto

This is the scale I use and it's great. It also measures body fat.

u/adavila1870 · 2 pointsr/bodybuilding

Hope you didn't buy this piece of shit

EatSmart Products Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology

u/lovepump1 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I'd guess maybe 15%? I mean, it depends - are you fit with just a bit of fat on top, or...? You can get an electronic scale that will tell you.

like this one:

u/fco83 · 1 pointr/loseit

Ive been looking at scales as well. The eatsmart line seems to have a bunch of great reviews on amazon, but i'm not entirely sure if its worth stepping up to one of their models with more features (like this one )

u/aLeakyAbstraction · 1 pointr/leangains

I'd suggest purchasing a Bio Impedance scale to help keep track of your body fat percentage. It's not perfect in that it can be off from time-to-time, but as long as you measure at the same time of day each week you'll get a roughly consistent measurement. This way you can eat more and know if you're gaining muscle or just gaining more fat (at least to a degree).

Below is the one I purchased a few years ago but seems like there's a lot of options now so you may want to do some research.

I've gotten official DEXA scans which is the most accurate way to measure BF% according to many but costs $45 each time. The scale above was off by about 0.6% BF when compared to my DEXA scan. Eg. My scale said I was 10%, but the DEXA reflected 10.6%. No food or water before either measurement.

Outside of that, make sure you're getting enough protein (many studies suggest between 0.82g of protein per pound of body weight is the max your body can utilize, but some prefer to go by 1.0g per pound of body weight).

Hope this helps.

u/lamp42 · 1 pointr/Fitness

its not so much about if i can afford it but what I want to spend my money on....i think this kinda purchase is the hardest haha

but thanks for your help im just gonna research around. just so im clear this is the one youre talking about right?

u/AgentFreckles · 1 pointr/loseit
u/Jinxii83 · 1 pointr/keto

I've had this one for four years, still going just as good as the day I bought it. You can set up multiple user profiles for the body fat % thing too which is nice. I just noticed theres a coupon on there for 25% off as well.. so it's really cheap now! I paid $60.

u/lorean · 1 pointr/bjj

Bought this one a couple weeks ago to replace my FitBit scale. Loving it!

u/liamquips · 1 pointr/loseit

So we got the EatSmart Precision GoFit Digital Body Fat Scale- really like it. Sorry it took so long to post this, I forgot about it for a bit :-)

u/Dominathan · 1 pointr/loseit
u/Seyeght · 1 pointr/keto

I use this scale. I know it is a little more than most, but it went up to 400 lbs, (important for me) and the company has a full no-bullshit return policy, seriously read through some of the comments.

u/BuzzTheToy · 1 pointr/loseit

When I got mine I did some research on what was the top rated at the time and this is the one that I got, price has dropped on it quite a bit too.

u/glitterkittie · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Mine is exactly in line with the caliper one that my trainer did on me. It also doesn't fluctuate much. Thus, even if it was off, at least it's not fluctuating so that I can see how much body fat I'm losing or gaining. I have this one.

u/Lanfear57 · 1 pointr/loseit

Yyou might consider changing the batteries before buying a new one. I know my scale goes stupid when the batteries are low. Which happens way more often than it should because apparently I have a ghost who likes to try to weigh in frequently too.

I have a weight watchers scale that I got through my credit card rewards program, I don't think the particular model is made anymore, but I've heard good things about the other weight watchers models too.

When I get a new one, I'm probably going to get this or another by the same brand. My mother has had one of that brand for ages and it still works great and she loves it. Also no waiting for it to be ready to use - it's just step on.

u/Wooshar · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have this one on my wedding registry :]

u/darkwingdck · 1 pointr/Fitness

I purchased an EatSmart scale some time ago and love it. It is fast to give weight and the body fat is always the same as the handheld tool that my gym has. I highly recommend it.

u/DarumaRed · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I purchased this one last December at the mid-point of a diet, and still use it today. Multiple readings are consistent, and it looks pretty sleek too. It'll let you punch in user profiles, and gives lots of helpful readings. I track weight and percent body fat. Highly recommend.

u/imaplatypuswithwings · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This blanket because I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Harry Potter.

  2. This scale because it gives a lot more information than just weight which is more helpful in the weightless process. It would be helpful to know how my body fat/muscle/water weight/etc. is being impacted when my weight doesn't seem to be moving the way I'd like.

  3. This artwork because I'm also a little obsessed with The Legend of Zelda.

  4. This dress because it's perfect for valentine's day.

  5. This because it looks cute and comfy.

    Your boss sounds great, and you do too. Thanks for hosting this :)
u/jono20 · 1 pointr/Fitness

To be clear, they all suck, there is no way to accurately measure this stuff, but this one that you can find on Amazon tends to be quite consistent in its measures:

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

u/wavecontrol · 1 pointr/loseit

I have the EatSmart

It's accurate within .2lbs and gives consistent reassuring results that are very important when you want to see your day to day/ week to week progress.

I have another from target, but with it, I'm only confident that I'm +/- 3lbs of what it reads and that is annoying if you are trying to hit goals every week.

u/IllegalBeaver · 1 pointr/xxketo

I always track my weight using one scale only because of this. My parents have a medical scale but I'm always a different number on theirs than mine. The instructions with my digital scale say to calibrate it each time it's picked up off the floor.
Also, take up measuring yourself as well. You can remain the same weight and still drop in inches which is always nice to see.

u/wombatzilla · 1 pointr/progresspics

Do you have a body fat% scale? I have one (and granted they're all a little inaccurate) and it shows my body fat and muscle mass % which really motivates me. I know it's not 100% accurate but the percentages changing over time IS accurate. Mine was pretty cheap too and gets great reviews on amazon:

There are different ones on there too.

I also just bought a garmin vivofit band to count my steps and I love it.

u/sonubha · 1 pointr/Fitness
u/WhatShouldIWearToday · 1 pointr/proED

I've been using this for years and love it.

u/redavid · 1 pointr/loseit

I use this Eatsmart one, which is $50, and have had no problems with it.

But Eatsmart has cheaper ones if you just want something that gives your weight without estimating body fat %, muscle mass %, and such. I'm sure they're just as accurate.

u/Wanderlust917 · 1 pointr/BulkOrCut

I use this calipers, it's as good as they get I think.

Also if you have some extra $$, you might consider a scale that can test for body fat. I have this one and recommend it.

u/pmitsche · 0 pointsr/keto

I had the same problem with our Fitbit Aria scale. I would get on and off until I got the lowest reading, and that would be my weight for the day! I bought an EatSmart digital scale and couldn't be happier. You can weigh yourself 10 times with the same reading each time.

u/un_internaute · -10 pointsr/progresspics

Get a scale that measures body fat.