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Electrolyte Supplement for Rapid Hydration | NO Calories NO Sugar | 20%+ More Potassium, Magnesium & Zinc | 48 Servings
HIGHEST POTASSIUM, ZINC & MAGNESIUM Electrolyte Concentrate available // Replaces electrolytes lost due to sweat, exercise or any other dehydrating situation. Perfectly formulated for a Keto Diet.REHYDRATING // Hi-Lyte's support mechanisms include: Reduces heat stress, cramping, nausea and fatigue. Supports energy, muscle recovery & gain, and endurance. Antioxidants support and healthy immune system function*.ALL-NATURAL, IONIC SEA MINERALS & NO MALTODEXTRIN // Ionic minerals are smaller than cell pathways making them easier to be absorbed. Hi-Lyte was designed for the demanding needs of endurance athletes such as Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, Triathletes, Cross-fitters and even Yogis.TASTE // Please note that Hi-Lyte is NOT focused on taste and adds a salty, mineral taste to water. If you're sensitive to mineral flavor, add a squeeze of lemon or add to juice or smoothie.100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE // We are so confident that Hi-Lyte will meet your highest expectations that we are offering Hi-Lyte at zero risk to you.
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30 Reddit comments about Electrolyte Supplement for Rapid Hydration | NO Calories NO Sugar | 20%+ More Potassium, Magnesium & Zinc | 48 Servings:

u/souscoder · 4 pointsr/Rowing

I am a fan of water mixed with Hi-Lyte Electrolyte Concentrate:

Hi-Lyte Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration | NO Calories, Sugar or Additives | 48 Servings | Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium & Zinc I 100% Money Back Guarantee

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/fasting

I used a water soluble electrolyte dropper from Amazon, specifically this:

And mixed it with a small bottle of Powerade Zero. One serving in the morning, one in the evening.

You’ll probably have people recommend that you mix salt/ potassium salt in water and drink it, which might be worth a try but it gave me horrible diarrhea, even when I only mixed 1/8 a tsp of each into a glass. What did work, was mixing a tsp of salt and potassium salt into a gallon jug of water, and then sipping on it throughout the day, but if you have an office job or something you’re just that guy/gal carrying around a gallon jug all day.

u/FreyjaSunshine · 3 pointsr/fasting

Electrolytes! It makes a huge difference.

We all do it a little differently, but here is what works for me: HiLyte drops 1-2 times/day, daily calcium (Tums), Magnesium and a multivitamin.

When I feel hungry/snacky/otherwise dissatisfied, I think it's my body telling me that I need more salt, so I snack on whatever salt I can find. You should not feel that bad on a 72 hr fast.

I like to break fasts with fruit, avocado, or other salad type foods. One of my faves is bleu cheese dressing over shredded cabbage. If I fast less than 4-5 days, I just eat whatever and it's fine. Longer fasts require a more gentle approach, and nearby bathroom access for the first 12 hrs or so.

u/shall_2 · 3 pointsr/BrandNewSentence

Look into electrolyte supplements.
Here's one on Amazon. Your local health food store will have them too. Put like half a teaspoon in 20oz of water and you get waay more electrolytes for your buck and no sugar. It's flavorless too but if you want flavor you could of course just put it in a sports drink too.

u/B_Huxley · 3 pointsr/ketogains

I do about the same workout schedule. Recently realized that I have to drink a seemingly endless amount of water and I use two electrolyte replacements throughout the day as needed.


Squincher Zero

u/BlackOpz · 2 pointsr/fasting

Nice Timing. I JUST purchased this electrolyte product for my upcoming fast. Looks CLEAN without knocking me out of ketosis:

They also have some cheap k-strips (100 for $8): After you're DEEP into ketosis you prob wont be excreting ketones anymore but these will let you know when you 'entering' ketosis (after a time the body balances the production and just creates the amount needed):

u/ravasaurus · 2 pointsr/keto

It was likely the salt in the fries vs the carbs that made you feel better pre-Keto. Such a revelation that you don’t need carbage to get through the hangover isn’t it?

EDIT: Drinking dumps your body salts through peeing; replenishing with electrolyte mix/keto-ade before bed can be a pretty impactful preemptive strike against feeling like crap the next day.

DOUBLE EDIT: Nursing a hangover myself right now, kicking myself for forgetting to take my own advice above. Having a nice big bottle of water with Hi-lyte as a wallow in pain right now LOL.

u/mpizgatti · 2 pointsr/fasting

When I was looking at all the pills and supplements, it was hard to find ones from a good brand but also to find one that met 100% daily value of the electrolytes. I did find a daily multivitamin in CVS that I liked enough, good percentages of most things except electrolytes. That's the only reason I ordered the squirt thing was to supplement those electrolytes in case I got really weak or felt I needed some salt etc..

I THINK it was this one I ordered:

u/Jellodrome · 2 pointsr/xxketo

I woke from a doozy of a calf cramp when I was about your 'age' (7 days into keto), and I now squirt this in my drink twice a day. It has more potassium and magnesium than gatorade but no sugar. Don't take too much at once if you don't want to taste it, as it's quite salty. I also have a salty beefy bullion broth once a day if I can. It is a comfort food and retores my salt balance. I literally feel better after drinking it.

u/alex_de_tampa · 2 pointsr/fasting

I like talking about it. First rule of fasting is you never tell anyone about it. Once you get used to fasting it’s not too difficult. 48hr-72hr fast I don’t notice anything but any longer electrolytes are mandatory. I recommend you start on the 16:8 because most of your fast you will be sleeping. I also sleep really good when I fast. It feel like my body eats fat while I sleep because I wake up energized. I also drink black coffee every morning. Also I have the most success fasting when I keep things peaceful and stress free in my life. I have 4 kids so most of my fasting shortfalls happen when they stress me out lol. dont tell anyone you are fasting

Rule 1: don’t talk about your fasting

Rule 2: hunger is fat crying as your body eats it lol

Rule 3: hunger comes in waves , usually around the times your normally eat. If you can hold out a few minutes the hunger subsides .

This are the electrolytes I use:

Electrolyte Supplement for Rapid Hydration | NO Calories NO Sugar | 20%+ More Potassium, Magnesium & Zinc | Keto Flu & Leg Cramp Relief | 48 Servings

u/00Lisa00 · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Electrolyte Supplement for Rapid Hydration | NO Calories NO Sugar | 20%+ More Potassium, Magnesium & Zinc | Keto Flu & Leg Cramp Relief | 48 Servings

u/VonTrapt · 2 pointsr/keto

Thank you! Of these three, do any look more appropriate than the other? 1, 2 and 3

u/thefinestleap · 2 pointsr/infertility

Starting stims tonight. Not worried about the shots themselves, just worried I'll screw up the mixing or loading cartridges since I am totally uncoordinated... Also, been reading up on OHSS prevention and some clinics seems to give their patients a list of foods to eat, i.e. high sodium stuff. We didn't get anything like this. Should I still try to introduce more sodium into my diet? Also, I really am not a fan of gatorade... Has anyone tried HiLyte or LyteShow? These are primarily potassium, then sodium and other minerals vs gatorade is mainly sodium. Does it matter? And if so, what alternatives can you suggest to gatorade that are natural/not full of dyes or chemicals?

u/portypup · 2 pointsr/ketogains

I've been there.

Either make your own electrolyte drink (I will add a squeeze of lemon or lime, some zero carb sweetener if you wish, .5 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt, magnesium supplement if you got it, into about 20-30 oz of water)


This stuff is great, doesn't make your water taste too different, depending on the amount and it goes a long way. I put it in my water throughout the day and especially, and more importantly, to my intra-workout water consumption.

When I first did keto 2 years ago, i never supplemented with electrolytes, just added salt to everything. I found that while I may not have cramped as much as you, I always felt "dried out". I could never drink enough water, my lips were always dry, felt cotton mouthy all the time. After adding electrolytes to my diet this time around, all of those symptoms are DRASTICALLY reduced.

u/sfqsfq25 · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Try this one. More mineral contents, less sugar, and much cheaper.

Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration | NO Calories NO Sugar | 48 Servings | Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium & Zinc | 100% Guaranteed

u/warshbucket · 1 pointr/fasting


I am pretty sure it was allergies. I took Claritin for the first time in my life. I moved for the first time in my life and I think I was just getting used to a new Spring. I took Claritin right after the last day of my journal entry and that made me feel better. I am not allergic to things, usually. But I am not a perfect person and I think my body was just getting used to the new area. I am already back to feeling great.

I don't normally go back and read things I write. Thanks for replying so I could later.


This is what I was using:


u/AP_G · 1 pointr/infertility

Another option...

Got this for my wife as she hates sugary drinks.

u/Tmacdadi · 1 pointr/fasting

Perhaps something like this:

Hi Lyte Electrolyte Supplement for Rapid Hydration

u/brosaleigh · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I’ve been using HiLyte in my water bottle for the gym for the last few months, and I definitely feel like it’s been helping with my muscle cramps and dehydration headaches when I go too hard! amazon link

u/otnerak · 1 pointr/keto

I agree on water. I drink over a gallon a day! That and salts really helped me out.

I am curious how much electrolytes I should be taking in. Any feedback?

I have these from amazon: Hi-Lyte Electrolyte Concentrate

u/aleahpeah83 · 1 pointr/xxketo

I use a supplement called Hi Lyte, you put 8-12 drops in your water.

I also take magnesium and fiber in pill form as well

I love this fiber supplement :

That comes in handy if you have a week where you aren't able to get in a lot of fiber rich veggies.

I've been tempted to cheat, lol, I understand! If you ever need support there I'd be happy to offer support.
it was hard for me especially when I was on vacation! However, for the first time in my life I've decided against cheating completely.
It's been so freeing.

I have this mantra, I think about what it took to get my body into Ketosis-when I start eyeing some nummy pastries, and I tell myself a cheat day could knock me right out of it and then I'd have to get myself back to ketosis. Once I think it through the craving passes, and it feels so good to win that little battle.

I have found lots of great recipes for bread, cracker, and pastry substitutes that really help me through and they are pretty good. Let me know if you'd like me to send you links to recipes.


u/napali17 · 1 pointr/orangetheory

Smart Water will work. I bought this and it works well. It has 48 servings and each "serving" is 32oz of water so it's fairlycost-effective

u/thiscelestialbody · 1 pointr/fasting

That's exactly why I could never sleep! All the leg cramping from old injuries. I was so exhausted but simply could not pass out. By the time I quit it had been around 36+ hours without sleep.

Since then, my friends on the keto train turned me on to hi-lyte which I've been using this time around (in addition to Himalayan pink salt). I'll give you my review once I know my leg cramps and restless nights fail to return. fingers crossed

u/djmedakev · 1 pointr/keto

Electrolyte Supplement for Rapid...

I love this stuff. No calories or carbs.

u/vagrantpolymath · 0 pointsr/keto

This is a good electrolyte mix that you can just add several drops to your water throughout the day. It helped a lot when I was doing keto, especially during the "keto flu" stage.