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Elite: Dangerous Original Soundtrack
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u/Porsche95turbo · 3 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Hi, welcome to the Elite Dangerous community. I'm by no means an expert, and I'm sure others will have a different opinion than I do, but I'll try to answer your questions in order.

  • Elite Space ETS (and that's admittedly what I play it for) but you can also be an explorer, bounty hunter, miner, or a pirate. It's very much choose your own destiny. You'll likely wind up doing a little bit of everything to start out with and you'll find what fits best for you

  • "mile wide, inch deep" is unfortunately a bit subjective. There's no main quest to follow if that's what you're asking. As I said above, it's choose your own adventure and each career will have it's own challenges.

  • I would highly recommend getting the season 2 expansion. It adds a ton of content for not a lot of money. We're about 1/2 of the way through this season in terms of content being added and while you could technically just buy the base game, there will be a lot of things you miss out on.

  • You wind up grinding in Elite when you play it incorrectly. This will probably be the point in my post some members will disagree with the most but if you just play the game and avoid getting tunnel vision on one particular facet you'll have a great time. If you really want that new ship, rank, Engineer, etc you can grind to get it, but you don't necessarily have to play that way.

  • I would say it'd be hard to play less than an hour. The game's pace tends toward a bit longer play session, but not Civ5 levels of long.

  • Ignoring the PvP for a minute, I've gone days without seeing anyone and then the next thing I know it feels like the whole galaxy decided to come join me. While this may seem rather obvious if you take part in a community goal, you'll see more people. If you head off in the opposite direction of a community goal, you'll see hardly anyone.
    On PvP, there are some organized events for PvP but most of the time PvP finds you. :)

  • There is a soundtrack. I think it's available on Spotify as well.

  • There's a keybind for being able to look around the cockpit. I have mine set to middle mouse button, but you can rebind almost everything.

  • I prefer Steam just because it's one less thing to hassle with.

  • I have a T-Flight HOTAS X and absolutely love it. I wouldn't recommend playing the game without a joystick of some kind however. There will be a bit of "discussion" about what joystick is best, but for entry level the T-Flight is fine IMHO.

    Hope this answers your questions! Hope to see you in the black

    --CMDR Wizard_IRL
u/xaduha · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Apparently it's only a preorder

You can play a preview at least.

Personally I'm not really impressed with the OST, I'd rather see Frontier put even more effort in the 'ambient soundtrack'.