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Energizer 6 LED Headlight
Powered by 3AAA Energizer Max Alkaline batteries (included)4 light modes: area, spot, flood and red night visionThe bright white Nichia LEDs generate 46 lumens of light with a 18 hour run time2 Bright red night vision LED's have a 30 hour run timeAdjustable elastic headband with 2 built-in pencil holders; stays put on hard hats; light pivots up to 90 degrees to focus light where you need it
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u/mota24 · 5 pointsr/USMC
Read everything on this website.

Take a head lamp, one with red light on it.

Learn as much history as you can.

Print this skeleton order from here.

Do you do pull ups(palms facing away from you) or chin ups(palms facing you)?

u/lovelyfeyd · 1 pointr/flying

On the advice of a CFI I bought a cheap LED headlamp made by Energizer. Link below. The only drawback is that it has to cycle through white light before it gets to red, and it was blinding in the cockpit if I wore it on my head. I ended up wrapping it around my left wrist and leaving it on red all the time while flying for when I needed it to see something on my kneeboard. I dig it. It worked much better than my first attempt with a hand-held flashlight.