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Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner Dark Black
3-In-1 design with onboard crevice tool allows you to customize your vacuum for your needs. At only 4 pounds, you can take the Eureka blaze anywhereEureka's Signature swivel steering improves maneuverability and cleaning efficiency when compared to standard stick vacuumsEureka's capture nozzle picks up larger debris with ease unlike other stick vacuums that push larger particles around. Perfect for hard floors, area rugs, and low pile carpetsPowerful 2 amp motor picks up particles like dust and pollen, while the washable filtration system captures the debris and improves air quality18' Power cord and X-Large dust cup ensure you get the job done faster - no more outlet hopping or frequent trips to the trash can with the Eureka blaze. 9. 44 in. cleaningMuch safer and more environmentally safe package. Passed frustration-free packaging (FFP) Certification
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4 Reddit comments about Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner Dark Black:

u/FaeryLynne · 10 pointsr/disability

I have trouble standing and walking, but am fine when sitting, so most of my advice is from that viewpoint.

Swiffers for everything! Mop/sweeper, duster, dusting cloths, etc. They're really efficient and disposable so I don't have to deal with things like mop buckets, dirty mop heads, cleaning feather dusters, anything like that.

One of those extendable pincher things to help pick stuff up off the floor.

An extendable scrubber for the bathroom. The shape makes it really easy to get into corners.

A clothes folder makes it really easy to fold your clothes, and I can use this on my lap while sitting down in bed.

A walker with a seat makes it really easy to get around to do things and has a seat for when I need to sit down. The basket that most come with helps to carry supplies from one room to the next.

Stick vaccums are super lightweight and easy to maneuver even from a couch or bed.

A scrubbing attachment that goes on a power drill is so helpful when you don't have the strength or stamina to scrub by hand.

I swear by all of the Kaboom products. All of them are no-effort cleaning supplies. They have toilet cleaner, mold and mildew cleaner, and, of course, the famous shower foam.

An automatic vacuum like a roomba is great for most people, but I've never had one so I can't comment myself.

Soak your dishes. There are special products that help get dried on food off your dishes, but I've found that just soaking them in hot water for 20-30 minutes before trying to wash them gets most stuck on food off. For really tough, baked on gunk, add a dryer sheet to the water. Sounds weird, but it helps soften up the crusty blackened burnt on food and it comes off easily.

For food that's stuck on the inside of the microwave, take a cup of water, add some lemon juice, and microwave it on full power for 6 minutes. The food will wipe right off.

I might think of more things later. If I do I'll come back and edit this post.

u/mikew_reddit · 2 pointsr/teslainvestorsclub

I've got a Dyson Ball vacuum ($300 new) but always use this $30 Eureka vacuum instead:

Since it's so light (4 lbs, 1.8kg) I use it regularly.

The Dyson is 15lbs(6.8kg) and a hassle to use. Turns out the heavy weight is why I rarely vacuumed.

u/nonconformistnugget · 2 pointsr/college

Swiffer's are pretty great for cleaning floors and they aren't expensive. Also get a small vacuum for any carpeting. If you like coffee, definitely get a Keurig. If you're in an area that has cold winters, a comforter for your bed will be important (there are some really cute ones at Target). For when it's warmer out, having a small fan will help the air in your room circulate better. As for LED light strips, this one from Amazon worked really well for me.