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Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker,White
Seven – 6oz Glass containers allows for making up to seven different types of FlavorsComes with on/off switch and light indicating unit is working. Glass Jars are dishwasher safeThree-year warranty and BPA Free,Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 6 inchesTimer on the side marks time when yogurt will be finished cooking. Make up to 42 ounces of yogurtFor firmer yogurt without boiling just add 10 tablespoons of powdered milk to the room temperature pasteurized milk before pouring it into the glass jars
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7 Reddit comments about Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker,White:

u/gaminedreams · 6 pointsr/keto

I got a yogurt maker so I would control the sweetness of mine and for the added probiotics. The longer you let it "cook", the less lactose and the more probiotics there is in the final product. With whole milk it is slightly runny, and with half & half it turns into a rich greek-yogurt consistency. If you want sweetness, you can always add berries or stevia.

u/Arkhantak · 2 pointsr/recycling

I'm glad I could be useful, here are a couple links you might find interesting:

Vermiculture Subreddit

Vermiculture Canadian Manual

Yogurt Maker

If you actually want to begin with any of the above, feel free to PM me, it took me a while to get it right, but now it is a lot easier.

About the water, I bought a Brita water bottle with a filter in it. It is not a "powerful" filter, it mostly helps with the taste, but there are pretty decent systems out there and they are not that expensive.

Water filter

I tried to link international websites. I'm from Chile, so my usual links are in spanish; I haven't tried the specific products I linked, but their chilean counterpart and they have worked flawlessly.

Have a nice day!


There are a couple subreddits you might want to visit.

Permaculture Subreddit

Check it's sidebar, there are over 20 interesting ones.

u/Mr_Horrible · 1 pointr/AskReddit

We do it the easy way and use one of these but with a good recipe and good milk/culture you can make it in a crock-pot or a bunch of other ways.

u/GreyDeck · 1 pointr/vegan

I used to put a thermometer in the oven that I could read through the oven door window. You probably don't want the temp. to go over 110 degrees F. I would leave the oven light on to add some heat, but had to turn on the oven for a few seconds every few hours.

I've been happy with my yogurt maker.


Miyoko Skinner is pretty casual about the temperature. She doesn't even use a thermometer and puts the yogurt outside if it is warm. Check out her tips:

u/chaoticbear · 1 pointr/Frugal

No idea on temperature. This is the one that I use, apparently more than $20, but it gets used about twice a week. I just heat, then cool milk and toss it in. I'm not convinced that's necessary, but the Internet says it makes it thicken up, so I guess I do it out of superstition.

u/Dakunaa · 1 pointr/Amsterdam

Hmmm. Tough call. If you're looking for more control over the yogurt, you could decide to make it yourself as well :)

u/ComicFoil · 0 pointsr/IBD

As others have said, yogurt and other dairy can cause problems. If you really want to keep eating yogurt, however, you can get a yogurt maker and make your own yogurt, but let it ferment for longer (24 hours instead of 8-12).