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EVERNEW Water Carry System, 2000ml
Capacity:  2000ml (2000)1.5 oz (2000).13" x 8.3" (2000)Country Of Origin : Japan
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14 Reddit comments about EVERNEW Water Carry System, 2000ml:

u/Holy_BatLogic · 14 pointsr/onebagging
  1. Huarache sandals. Runners and shower shoes and passable with a dress, all in one lightweight and compact package. Add wool toe socks in cold weather for an extremely fashionable 4-season look.
  2. Evernew 2L Water Carry and Sawyer Squeeze filter. Enough storage capacity for most backpacking trips, and surprisingly durable and effective for 124g combined.
  3. Vargo Titanium BOT 700 + neoprene cozy. Useful as a pot, water bottle, travel mug, or small item storage. It's nice when my backpacking gear isn't just dead weight.
  4. Montbell Breeze Dry-Tec Sleeping Bag Cover. It's a basic waterproof-breathable bivy that actually performs, and allows me to have a full summer sleep system (bivy, quilt, air mattress) in a tiny package that weighs only 1.46lbs.
  5. Aeropress + Porlex Mini grinder. Good coffee is worth it.
  6. This hair brush/comb that came in a business class care package. Only 12 grams! I continue to be smitten by it.
  7. Silk dress shirt. Lightweight classiness that doesn't get wrinkled.
  8. Prana Halle Pants. Heavy, but I feel like I can do anything in these pants.
  9. Peak Design Everyday Sling. Fits my mirrorless camera set-up and a Surface Pro in a decently small package.
  10. Penny board. Great for cruising around town when you don't want to deal with a bike.
u/haroldthehobo · 13 pointsr/Ultralight

A lot of people will just use water bottles (like Smartwater). I carry a 2L Evernew bag that I mostly use to just fill my 1L Smartwater, since water is easy to come by in the Northeast. It's nice knowing I could carry up to 3 even if I never will need to, and the 2L Evernew weighs 1.5oz so it's worth it IMO.

Also the Evernew bags fit the Sawyer perfectly. Apparently the Platy bags people used to get no longer make a watertight seal with the Sawyer.

u/mdelemdele · 12 pointsr/Ultralight

These are great. Had mine for several years. No issues at all.

EVERNEW Water Carry System, 2000ml

u/jstgodar · 4 pointsr/Ultralight

Please edit your post to follow the shakedown format as there are unanswered questions like budget, non-negotiable items, etc.

Are all of these items weighed yourself or manufacturing listed weights? Please be sure that the weigh all your gear as manufacturing weights are very often inaccurate. I would be very surprised if your Merino Wool socks are 5oz. Note, that in lighterpack, one place all item weights even if they are worn or consumable to get accurate total pack weight and worn weight statistics.

Cheap fixes:

  • [-8.9oz, $9] Drop the footprint for polycro. It comes in a two pack and many thru hikers have found them reliable.
  • [-3.77oz, $15] Drop 3 of the smart water bottles for a Evernew 2L bladder. Consider also whether you really need so much water storage as you may be fine with 1 of these bladders and 1 smart water bottle for 3.5L capacity.
  • [-14.5oz, free] Drop the solar charger. (See below)
  • [-4.6oz, free] Drop the powercore. (See below)
  • [+6.3oz, $27] Buy an Anker Powercore 10000. The slim option is also something to consider for an additional ounce with faster speeds.

    = 26.47oz for $51.

    Obviously the pack, sleeping and shelter systems can be reduced significantly. Please weigh your gear and specify a budget so that others can help more.
u/FIRExNECK · 3 pointsr/PacificCrestTrail

6 1.5 Liter bottles is that a typo? I'd recommend carrying the same volume but some of those being Evernew Bladder bags. It will be easier to store these bladders when not in use.

u/garrettmain · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Okay, there's some new Japanese version of Evernew bags trying to do what CNOC did with the wide mouth/slider thing. Don't get that bag.

Get this one:

I LOVED this bag. I got it in 2017 and still use it.

u/echodeltabravo · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Yep they are on Amazon. $10. Just looked them up. It is the 2L pouch which is the one I wanted anyway because I find my 1L Sawyer pouch to be too small.

u/8uzzki11 · 1 pointr/Ultralight

I heard the hydrapaks can have a taste issue though (They are on Massdrop rn btw). Have you tried the Evernew? Its pretty light, cheap, and tasteless. I could make a sexist joke there but I will pass...

u/hikingparty · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Thanks! is this the evernew bag that's best to use? It looks like there is a zip lock one too.

u/cwcoleman · 1 pointr/CampingGear

Sawyer Squeeze + Evernew Bladder

  1. Relatively light, not the lightest option on the market
  2. Very durable and reliable. Backflush in the field for renewed life.
  3. 1 or 2 hikers only, not groups
  4. Relatively fast, not instant


    As you see - there are always trade-offs for every gear choice. It all depends on your needs. The big categories tend to be chemicals (like AquaMira), filters (like Sawyer Squeeze/Mini or Katadyn BeFree), and UV (like SteriPen). Group requirements end up being a separate category - which gravity setups are peopular for (like Platypus GravityWorks).

u/edthesmokebeard · 1 pointr/PacificCrestTrail

I ordered these - still haven't arrived so I can't speak to quality:

u/Scottman187 · 1 pointr/AppalachianTrail

Does anyone have experience using the Evernew Bags for storing their dirty water? These bags are fully compatible with the Sawyer Squeeze and they have good reviews.


u/hotdiggity_dog · 0 pointsr/Ultralight

This Evernew bag or a Platypus bag are the leading contenders around here. Both very reliable.


Edit: I should have mentioned, the Platypus takes some adapter rigging to work with the Squeeze.