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Evil Apples: Funny as ____.
An off-color fill-in-the-blank party game for you and all your mature friends (or your family, if you're into that).Printed by the makers of the hit mobile app Evil Apples using cards written over the course of five years.Includes 500 cards (497 hilarious and 3 bad ones) and some rules.Recommended for ages 17 years and up! Yessssss!This game uses a lot of jokes that some may consider "obscene" to celebrate the diversity of all people and the weird and gross things we do. We believe that laughing together about taboo subjects can increase understanding, tolerance, and acceptance for everyone. <3
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3 Reddit comments about Evil Apples: Funny as ____.:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/cardsagainsthumanity

Yep! It’s the exact same as CAH but raunchier. It was an app for a few years and they just recently released a limited run base set.