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EXEDY MZK1002 OEM Replacement Clutch Kit
Japans largest original equipment manufacturer supplying all eleven Japanese manufacturers with their powertrain needsSpecified OEM equipment worldwide and manufactured to meet or exceed the recommended manufacturers torque ratingsAll product designed using the latest technology and innovations and built with the highest quality materialsManufacturing operations go beyond national borders and to ensure optimal materials procurement and production standardsDurability by advanced engineering in majority of Japanse applications we are the original manufacturer and the standard has been set by Exedy
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u/clairvoyant5190 ยท 2 pointsr/RX8

Did you completely destroy the flywheel? With typical wear, it should be able to be resurfaced without issue.

As for clutches, go with the OEM or Exedy kit (same thing, basically). I got mine from Amazon:

Just went through this 3 months ago when the throwout bearing took a dump.