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Exo Terra LED Rept-O-Meter Digital Combination Thermometer/Hygrometer
2 in 1 - digital thermometer and hygrometerAccurate temperature and humidity indicationSingle button operatedCombined remote sensor for temperature and humidityMinimum/Maximum memory
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7 Reddit comments about Exo Terra LED Rept-O-Meter Digital Combination Thermometer/Hygrometer:

u/DadFight2 · 4 pointsr/ballpython

I’ve been using one of these and I like it a lot.

u/angelicsnake · 3 pointsr/ballpython
  1. There is no problem as long as you don't leave it out for more than a day. Ideally you should take it out of the freezer in the morning, and feed at evening/night so it has all day to thaw. More than one day, I would throw it out. Same goes for if the snake refuses. Never refreeze a rodent that you have already thawed out.
  2. Yes, you want to switch to rats. I did not see your previous post but if you have had the BP for less than like two months I would not do that right now. Give them time to settle in and feed them what they are used to (in your case, mice). Then when everything is settled you can switch them over to rats. If you keep them on mice, it will be expensive in the future and you will have to feed 4+ mice at once, whereas with rats you could just feed one large one.
  3. Not sure, sorry.
  4. How late? There should be no problem as long as they have a consistent day/night schedule. Keeping the light on until 1am is different than staying up until 4am. I've had my BP for two years and I often stay up late with the light on. No issues with me so far.
  5. While you can get mites from substrate, a lot of mites come from other animals, perhaps at the pet store or someone else's pets. Or maybe they already had mites when you got your snake. I use aspen for my BP and people say it molds easily, but that has never happened to me. You should be okay either way.
  6. I have seen this one recommended often - - It is a combo so it can tell you ambient temps as well.

    Good luck!
u/totennkopf · 2 pointsr/CrestedGecko

Yes, it is normal for them not to poop frequently or not notice that they poop at that size. Be mindful of hand feeding as they may develop a dependency on it. At that size, it is very hard to tell if they eat since it doesn't take much for them to get full.
My advice is, put a couple dishes down with pencil eraser size amount of food as it makes it easier to tell if they are eating. As far as crickets go, you can start feeding crickets/dubias whenever if you are able to obtain the appropriate size food, no longer than the distance between their eyes. I would keep them in a small kritter keeper until they are closer to 10-15 grams and then move them to the exo terras. Be sure to keep an eye on them as it is not uncommon for cage mates to be ambitious eaters (tail nips).

*edit - Also, if you are offering water in a small dish, you can probably cut back the spraying to once a day or every other day. You need to be sure that the cage completely dries out in between spraying to prevent mold/fungus growth. At that age and with winter coming, it can become a challenge to insure they get enough humidity to avoid shedding problems in which case I would recommend a hygrometer to monitor humidity

u/ilikerope · 2 pointsr/snakes

Well the velcro itself is probably not that bad, but if the adhesive that the velcro is glued to the glass with is the problem. Thats why you shouldnt have any kind of tape in an enclosure. But even if thats fine you want to measure hot spot temperature and the stick on measure ambient temperatures.

This is the kind of thermometer im talking about. You dont see them often cause they are hiden beneath the substrate.

u/P3N3LOP33P · 2 pointsr/snakes

If you're keen on doing some work to save money and have some tools lying around, you could build your own enclosure for much cheaper than premade ones. There's plenty of tutorials and the materials (usually wood or acrylic) are fairly affordable. The long term costs of owning a snake are pretty negligible, it's the initial cost that's going to be pretty high.

Aside from the enclosure, you also need; a heat mat (ex), a thermostat (ex1 ex2), thermometer and hygrometer (ex), substrate (ex1 ex2), 2 hides (ex), water dish (ex), ceramic heat emitter (ex), cleaning supplies (ex), and a mist bottle (ex).

Those are all just examples and some of them might not work for you, but it should give you an idea of what to look for. Things that aren't "technically" a requirement but are highly recommended are plants/decor and a light (UVB if you want to spoil them) to provide a day/night cycle. If you're wanting a Ball Python, options are practically endless on MorphMarket. Just make sure you do your research on a breeder before buying.

u/IncompetentFork · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko



Wires go in tank, display goes out.

With the gun you point & shoot.

u/angelichrissy · 0 pointsr/BallPythons

this or this, depending on if you want the thermometer/hygrometer inside or outside of the enclosure.

also, a thermostat is different from a thermometer. thermostats regulate temperature while thermometers measure.

also, you need at least two hides. one on the cool end and one on the warm end. your snake should be able to fit snugly, touching the sides of the hide when it's inside of it. half logs don't count as hides because they have two entrances. and clutter up the open space to make your snake feel less vulnerable.