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ExOfficio Men's Air Strip Lite Long Sleeve Shirt
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2 Reddit comments about ExOfficio Men's Air Strip Lite Long Sleeve Shirt:

u/scrubhiker · 3 pointsr/PacificCrestTrail

Your main concern should be what to wear for the desert and the High Sierra, since that's when you're most at the mercy of the sun. After that, you can mix it up or wear something cheapo because even though the sun is strong and it's still hot, it's not as insane as in the first 1000 miles. Also the bugs aren't a huge issue after mile 1200 or so, except for Oregon depending on arrival time and year.

You really really want sun protection in the first 1000 miles, so get a long-sleeve shirt. Nylon doesn't start to smell as bad as polyester and merino wool won't last for a PCT thru-hike (my SmartWool t-shirt was torn up after 400 miles on the AT last summer; my friend Bow on the PCT in 2013 said he got 1100 miles out of his before it was basically disintegrating). People use button-down, long-sleeve nylon or blend shirts a lot and to me that makes the most sense. I wore an Ex Officio Air Strip Lite LS shirt, purchased on eBay, and wore it with the sleeves down during the day and rolled up in the early mornings and evenings, when the sun wasn't so direct but it was still warm out. It's loose, vents well, keeps your skin in the shade, wicks moisture ... all the good things for desert and high-altitude sunny hiking.

u/marinersalbatross · 2 pointsr/solotravel

Unfortunately, it looks like Fila stopped selling their version and I can't find one with the zippered underarms. I like the zippers because it allows for use in cooler temps where you don't want a chill. Closest I could find were these:

Very expensive, maybe get something similar without the vents and then go to a local seamstress to fix it. I've had them add pockets and such to jackets, so they should be able to do it for $10-15. Columbia should have outlet stores.

I would recommend staying away from the "cape vent" because it looks ridiculous- unless you are swamping your way through a jungle.