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ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief, Charcoal, Medium
These breathable men's boxer briefs are great for traveling by plane, hiking, exploring cities, or any time comfort, freshness, and moisture wicking are your top concernsOdor reducing antimicrobial treatment keeps boxer briefs feeling fresher longerBreathable/wickable mesh improves airflow and keeps you dryWaistband stretches to fit and retains shape, improving durabilityQuick drying fabric is ready to wear within hours so you can wash, go, and pack less
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18 Reddit comments about ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief, Charcoal, Medium:

u/Omnipwn · 29 pointsr/Frugal

Gonna add my $0.02: ExOfficio Boxer Briefs

The reviews don't lie. THESE THINGS ARE THE BOMB.COM


u/Arcs_Of_A_Jar · 9 pointsr/malefashionadvice

ExOfficio is now officially my favorite underwear ever. It's really not quite like any other boxer brief out there since it's 100% synthetic fibers to its benefit. I have fewer ventilation problems with these than I've ever had with boxers, plus since they're boxer briefs there's no flaring anywhere. To sweeten the deal even more, their normally exorbitant price is almost acceptable on Amazon, depending on the color and size.

Bought a pair this week, arrived yesterday, wearing it now, and now I'm trying to find an excuse to replace my entire underwear wardrobe with them.

u/Ridflea · 6 pointsr/minimalism

I've been wearing exofficio for a few years now and they are fantastic. I just looked and I ordered 10 pairs back in 2014 and they are all in great condition still.

u/pixlick · 5 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

These Exofficio boxer/briefs have been great! They fluctuate in price on Amazon so check often.

u/tootiefruitie · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Although these are not "cheap", they are a worthwhile investment. I exclusively wear these briefs now. These are a godsend when working in a steel mill during the summer.

u/Kontu · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Yes. Yes it is worth it for the underwear. I don't think I could ever go to something else from my Give-n-go boxer briefs anymore.

u/eskamobob1 · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Ok, so you are going to see the price and freak, but I promise they are worth every penny. I bought one just to see what all teh rage was about and I did laundry 3 times in a week just so I could keep wearing them, and I just placed an order for 5 more because they are that amazing.

Exofficio Give-n-Go breifs. That first review is probably the most accurate description anyone has given about these. They are truly amazing.

u/TheBlindCat · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Exofficio boxer briefs rule all.. This is what I wear backpacking, eliminates chaffing and prevents jock itch.

u/visual_life · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Here are two boxer-brief options. Hanes are no good in comparison due to the stretching.

  1. ExOfficio (great if you're not worried about style)
  2. Calvin Klein
u/Gigantorevenge · 2 pointsr/AskReddit


If you're a male, you'll thank me.

u/shooshine23 · 2 pointsr/EDC

My junior year of high school I transitioned from boxers to these Calvin Klein Low Boxer Briefs and haven't looked back at the decision.
I fit into my pants better and feel fresh every time I wear them.

If you don't want to go that route I'm sure the ExOfficio GivenGo would treat you well.

u/GarbaGarba · 1 pointr/MakeupRehab

I should make a contract like this with my husband. Every time I buy makeup during my no buy, I have to buy him one of these. He really loves these boxers, and they're a big enough purchase for me to tell myself I can't buy makeup unless I buy a pair of those.

Thanks for the idea! Hopefully we find a bit of solidarity here, haha!

u/DirtBrother · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Don't have any experience with those in particular, but if you're in the market for boxer briefs and are willing to spend a little bit, Ex Officio boxer briefs are the best underwear I've had

u/0000GKP · 1 pointr/AskMen

Synthetic fabrics will breathe better, keep you cooler, and won’t be sweat soaked to give you that swamp ass feeling.

I like ExOfficio, but also have some from Under Armor, Jockey, and a few other brands.

u/icescoop · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I got you.
They are a life-time investment.

u/senator_mendoza · 1 pointr/AskMen

these boxer briefs will change your life. used to be a regular swamp ass sufferer, but not anymore. worth every penny.