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Faithfull Metal Cantilever Tool Box 40Cm (17In) 5 Tray
5-tray tool box.Tubular steel carry handle opens and closes the box as it is lifted and lowered.Lid of the closed box can be secured by a padlock (not supplied) for added security.
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1 Reddit comment about Faithfull Metal Cantilever Tool Box 40Cm (17In) 5 Tray:

u/vrekais · 6 pointsr/Tyranids

Here's my Cantilever Toolbox Case,

It's a 17" Cantilever Steel Tool Box from Amazon (~£28)

I've used 5mm N35 Magnets (~£8) for the Larger models in the deeper bottom section, the Trygon has 3 of these an is actually magnetised to the side at 90°.

The smaller models aren't all magnetised, about 12 of the Gaunts (6 in each tray) and 6 Genestealers have 3mm N35 magnets (~£5). I've placed these 6 in the centre and they hold the models behind in pretty well.

Currently pictured in the case I have 1472 points, odd number because I haven't bought and assembled the last bits of my 1750 list. A second Tyrant, 3 more Warriors and I've got 2 more Rippers to add in to bring those to 4 Rippers per unit. I don't foresee that being a problem and I'll likely still have 2 upper trays entirely empty. Easily build up to 2000 on more Gaunts and Genestealers. The centra section is almost exactly a Hive Tyrant in depth.

Not including super glue, whole thing has cost me about £41, I still have half my magnets left for more models at least. It's not perfectly safe, the models can move unlike in foam so sudden deceleration from a drop will overwhelm the magnets and cause some to model to move inside the case. I think I'd struggle to crush them though. Thought I'd share the idea, see what people think.


(I shared this a while ago and just recycled the post)

DId you glue the wings to you Hive Tyrant? Not sure if it'd fit even lying down in this box, might struggle to find a case it would fit in. If the wings are magentised though it'll fit fine.