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Field Notes: Original Kraft 3-Pack - Ruled Paper - 48 Pages - 3.5
Ruled Paper 48-page memo book3 Books per pack - banded and shrink-wrappedThree great memo books worth fillin' up with good informationMade in the USA
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24 Reddit comments about Field Notes: Original Kraft 3-Pack - Ruled Paper - 48 Pages - 3.5" x 5.5":

u/lynkfox · 13 pointsr/ADHD

I was 36 before i was diagnosed. Here are a few things that worked for me - they may or may not work for you.

When I was 25 I had over 15k in credit card debt, 60k in student loans, had flunked out of college and my credit score was 455.

I now have now have less than 1k in credit card debt (school costs, going back to school) an Associates degree in cooking, and a credit score of over 790.

To be fair, I had a lot of great help from my family. But even with great help, you can't get that far without changing things about yourself.

SO Some of the things:

First: remember: every task is made up of a ton of little steps. Stop thinking it has to be done all at once, and instead think of the next step. To quote the Stormlight Archive: 'The Most important step a man can take is the next one' - So i will write this advice in small, easy to digest steps.

1) I closed all my credit cards. You can close them without paying them off.

Even now I only have 2 credit cards, one is joint with my mother, the other joint with my wife. I am not responsible enough without oversight. You want to close them so you -cant- use them. Draconian steps are sometimes needed. And no 'For Emergency' cards unless you keep that card with your parents or a very trusted close friend. Otherwise everything is an emergency.

2) I signed up for debt management If you can, try and do it through your bank, its more reputable, but if they dont offer it you'll need to do a bit of research to find the best one (remember. Small steps)

3) Mint.Com I used Mint to set up a budget for myself. Its a lot like the person explained at Simple, except 3rd party and can be set up with pretty much any bank. It allows you to set categories and see exactly how much you've spent.

4) Start a Bullet Journal Don't go into this thinking its something complicated. (i would completely ignore all the bullet journal videos and subs other than the one that started it ) This is literally all you need: a small pocket sized notebook, and a pen.

Take that notebook with you everywhere. Put it with your watch and your phone and your wallet and take it everywhere.

You can look up the official way to do it if you want, but all you need in it is a way to keep yourself on track. I recommend a habit tracker: make a little grid. One one axis put the day of the week, on the other put what you want to do: Brush teeth. Check Mint. Deodorant. Take Meds. - each day you do the thing, fill in that box. You'll see a nice visual representation of your habits and it will help to form them. Keep them simple. Don't fret if you miss a day, but use it as a reason not to miss the next day. Make it things you want to do for the rest of your life - not short term goals (like Learn C#)

If you want to add a daily to do list in there, then go ahead - just remember to keep the ToDo's simple, easy, and less than 5 a day for now. Time Management is one of our problems - don't overwhelm yourself by adding more than you can do and then feeling bad because you didn't do them./

5) Start a Routine - Every night before I go to bed I put my wallet, Bullet Journal, Watch, Keys, and Fidget cube in the same spot on my desk. I put my phone by my bed, charging, and my glasses next to that. Every morning i wake up, put them all in my pockets, and they stay there all day. Even my car keys. This is part of my routine.

It did not start this big. it started with remembering to put my keys on the hook. Every day. Keys on the hook. Find them somewhere else? Keys go on the hook. After I got that down, I moved on to add another task for a month or two. Then another. Small steps, remember?

Its taken me 10 years to build the routine I have, and I'm still building it. The last 2 months have been getting brushing teeth into it. I've gotten pretty good at it, but its still in my habit tracker. Again, small things. Small steps. In a month or two I'm going to try adding 'washing face daily' since I have light minor acne, but know I can't add it yet or I'll get overwhelmed.

6) If you want to learn a skill, see if you can sign up for a class The structure and routine of class can help a lot. It is a lot different to try and learn C# in a classroom, where you have homework and due dates that keep rolling, then trying to self motivate yourself to learn it. Sure I could, if the Hyperfocus hits. But it wont, and its not reliable when it does, and it wont last long enough to -really- learn everything.

7) Meds You said your meds don't work quite right and leave you unmotivated - have you tried others? I don't know what the procedure is in Canada, but mind/mood drugs affect everyone differently, and sometimes you need to find the right one, right does.

Through it all, Remember: Small Steps

The tasks seem so big and giant and thats why we never do them. I have felt that way about my book I want to write (like you do about your Port) and its taken 3 years, but I'm through 2/3rd of it.

The tasks don't have to be done tomorrow. yes, we want it done tomorrow, but teaching yourself - slowly, but resolutely - that you will still have time even if it takes you years to do it - is an important skill.

As is breaking things up into much smaller tasks

Here, as a parting gift, some thoughts about learning C# (or C+ if you wish)

  1. Download an editor (if you go with C#, Microsoft Visual Studio is -amazing- and really one of the best platforms for coding C#)

    a) Learn how to write Hello World to print to a screen. Done that? Now walk away. Put it away. You have to learn how to do things without the help of Hyperfocus and that sometimes means walking away even if you don't want to.

    b) The next day, learn how to ask for a number, and print it back. Done? Now walk away again.

    c) the third day, learn how to take that number, put it through a calculation (Number+5-3*6/4 or something) and print that new number out. Now walk away.

    d) Fourth day: Learn how to use an If/Else statement - If the number entered is >5, print True, else print false. Now walk away

    e) Fifth day: learn how to use a loop: Take a number, and add 2 to it X times (where X is the second number taken).

    Congratulations. Those 5 things (Write lines, take in new lines, and perform calculations. if/else statements, Loops) are 95% of coding. EVERYTHING done in coding is made up of those. (sure there are more advanced concepts like Classes and Methods and Exceptions and Recursion ... but they are all made up of those 5 things)

    Finally, You CAN turn this around and do better It is not easy. But it is possible. What works for you may not be the exact as above, but it is possible to find it. No body told me what to do, these are all things I came up with for myself, over time, over experimentation. it wasn't even conscious thought of 'lets try this now' it was just ... hey this seems to work, i'll keep it. Meds can help. I certainly don't say no to meds to help. But meds are just a tool, and you need to do stuff with those meds too.

    And remember: There is a lot of world ahead of you. There is a lot of time to get things done. If it takes you a few years longer than everyone else, thats ok. Its your journey. The next step. Just take one small, tiny individual step. Then the next one.
u/BigStickOSalami · 12 pointsr/EDC

I know this will get buried but I have decided to revamp my whole EDC.

/u/ieatedjesus I have taken the plunge on the Wallet you have recomended. I hate when a product has no reviews or I can't do research about it but whatever. I'm also super stingy with money so this is a huge deal for me lol ($42 with engraving)

As for the pen, I have decided to get a Fisher Space Pen $15. I have 3. Now I will have 4. (also bought a clip $5) ((also bought fieldnotes $10 for the wallet))

/u/odomandr I have decided to go with that knife $16. Nothing sexier than a good stone wash and minimalist design. I also need a knife. No idea about the quality but today I have decided to trust a total stranger on /r/EDC

/u/Ryl4nd99 Thank you for the great idea of a post! I hope to post again when everything comes in. I decided to add/replace my edc with the items above. I also carry a muthafuckin Casio as well as an Olight s2 Baton along with dollar store chapstick. Hopefully I can keep you updated or make a new post when all my goodies come in!

Sorry for the wall of text. Thank you for reading.

u/ThatSwedishMoose · 5 pointsr/EDC

I don't know what you want man. I can do the search for you if you are incapable of it. You can buy them at their official website or Amazon.

It is really not that hard to figure out where to get them.

u/TacticalBastard · 5 pointsr/EDC

I'm 18, I'm a student and a IT guy (pretty good one too). I like fixing stuff

What I put in my pockets

Verizon LG G3 An oldie but goodie, been weilding this phone for a little over 2 years. Currently is running Cyanogenmod 13. Also has a 3rd party Anker battery inside which are a bit nicer than the one the phone comes with

Buxton Tri-Fold wallet Very sturdy and nice feeling wallet. My grandparents got it for me half as a joke as my last name is Buxton. Holds a second battery for my phone in addition to all the money I dont have.

Keyring with 144GB of Flash Storage on it. Keys for my house, and assorted flash drives. 2 8GB and 2 64GB. One 64GB is for my portable build of Ubuntu, the other is for Storing files on the go. One 8GB is for Hirens Boot CD, and the last one doesnt work and i'm too much of a lazy ass to take it off. Plus it looks cool.

Feild Notes I think everyone on EDC has one of these. Super handy. Above it is my handy Pilot G2, my personal favorite pen. Ive been using that one for about a year and it shows it with all the chew marks at the top.

Random Skullcandy Headphones.

Things I put in my bag

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Probably the best toolkit for computer repair, has literally every single screwdriver tip imaginable, plus some really handy tools for things like phone and tablet repair

2016 Razer Blade A wonderful gaming laptop, that can actually be used in the real world. Is very thin and light considering what's on the inside. Holds a 5ish hour battery life, so I'm not tethered to a wall all the time.

Steam Controller Wonderful for Gaming on the Go. It's a very good controller for PC Gaming, but only for certain people. First person shooters would totally suck on this controller (but then again they suck on every controller), but works very nicely for the games I play.

Logitech MX Master Probably the nicest mouse I have ever used in my life. Fits super well in my rather large hands, and the thumbrest button, speed adaptive scroll wheel, and horizontal scroll in addition to wonderful tracking and bluetooth support make it my favorite mouse of all time.

Cable Matters Thunderbolt Dock Very handy for a laptop that doesnt have Ethernet or VGA output, and an Extra USB port never hurt anyone either.

USB 3 & Micro USB OTG, SD Card and Micro SD card Adapter. Can plug into either standard USB or Micro USB, works as an adapter for a Micro SD or an SD Card. Also useful for a computer that doesnt have an SD card slot.

Microfiber cloth. The Razer Blade is a fingerprint magnet, so this comes in handy quite often.

u/slowpro1211 · 4 pointsr/EDC

OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 5T Case | SUPCASE

Frenchie Wallet

XTACER Tactical Molle Key Ring

Standard Zippo

Benchmade 943

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch (Bluetooth), SM-R760NDAAXAR – US Version with Warranty

Gear S3 Frontier / Classic Watch Band, V-Moro 22mm Solid Stainless Steel Metal Business Replacement Bracelet Strap for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier / S3 C

Craftsman Slide-Locking Utility Knife Model 994877

KONOV 8mm Stainless Steel Mens Ring, Blue Plated Faceted Edges, Blue Silver - Size 11

Smok Alien 220w
Tobeco Mini Super Tank
Tobeco .2 sub ohm coil

Spyderco 2160199 C170GBBKP Kara hawk G-10 Folder Blade Knife, Black, 2.35"

Zebra F-701 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Black Ink, 1-Count

Field Notes Kraft Ruled 3-Pack

Field Notes / Moleskine Pocket Notebook Cover by Metier Life | Canvas with Vegan Leather | Fits Journals 3.5" X 5.5" | With Included Field Notes Notebook and Metier Pen - Stealth Black

SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator Multi-Function Pen Black/Red Ink & Pencil with Stylus (7520-00-NIB-2522)

BRS Barebones 2.0

u/colinmcleod · 4 pointsr/EDC
u/Achmaddude · 4 pointsr/Wellworn

You should check out Field Notes, my cousin is always going on about how great and durable they are and blah blah blah blah blah. Here's a link Field Notes Kraft Ruled 3-Pack they're pretty cheap too!

u/riseandburn · 3 pointsr/cigars

Cheaper idea: glue them onto the pages of a [field notes](Field Notes Kraft Ruled 3-Pack book.

u/FiercelyFuzzy206 · 3 pointsr/EDC

40oz Hydroflask with straw attachment

Field Notes

GEARWARD duct tape

Cold Steel Recon 1 Micro

Costco eyeglass cleaner kit mini Phillips and flathead screwdriver

Chotech USB C keychain adapter

Magnetic PicoPen

Olight variable flashlight - This things lowest brightness is just as bright if not brighter than my old flashlights ONLY brightness.

Metal USB3.0 flashdrive with USB to Type-C adapter.

Pebble Smartwatch

Leatherman Wave

u/Baron_Boroda · 1 pointr/magicTCG

I have a Field Notes notebook in my wallet. So between grocery lists, notes, and phone numbers of people I've met, there are all these pages with two columns of numbers starting at 20 and going down to zero.

u/ZombieButch · 1 pointr/learnart

> Do you sketch on the front and back or just one side?

Both sides. I sketch a lot with blue ColErase pencils, which aren't as smudgy as graphite, or in ink or gouache, which won't rub off onto the facing page. Usually I'm not too fussy about my sketchbook stuff but if I've got something I really don't want to get too fucked up, I'll tack a piece of tracing paper onto the page.

> Do you do multiple sketches on a page or just one per page?

Loads. An empty bit of space on a sketchbook page is a place to practice drawing, like, a hand or something like that. It's there to be drawn in.

> Do you have multiple sketchbooks going at once?

Yep. Different sizes; a big one that I keep handy in my studio space, a smaller one for carrying around, one with gray paper, one with tan paper, and a kraft paper scrapbook for doing gouache sketches in so I'll stop wrinkling up my regular sketchbook. (But that one I only use one side of each page, because it would get wrinkly otherwise. The paper's heavy but it's not that heavy.)

On a side note, I always keep one of these Field Notes notebooks handy for writing things down, separate from my sketchbook. Artists I want to look up, notes from a book I'm reading or video I'm watching, color palettes I want to try out, whatever. If it's art related and important enough I want to remember it, I write it down. I've tried using my sketchbook for this in the past, but I've just found it easier to keep the two things separate.

u/Pat4027 · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards
u/Waytogolarry · 1 pointr/Leathercraft
u/rickywoo · 1 pointr/LucidDreaming

YES - Save this resource because you will eventually forget. Just writing a few keywords about a dream give you a mental bookmark to go back and retrieve that memory again. I've been using Field Notes notebooks as my non dedicated dream journal.

u/ryan9699 · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

I ended up using these for work and school these past couple semesters. Has helped a ton!

Plus it also is neat having a bunch of these filled out and dated to see where you've come from and what you've accomplished- cool stuff.

u/ki77erb · 1 pointr/EDC

Before the list, I would just like to personally thank all of you on the EDC sub. Many of the things I use everyday, I bought after seeing them here and reading your reviews and recommendations. I love seeing the diversity of the tools and stuff you all use. I'm including links to where I got my things just to save anyone the time searching.

Here's my EDC on a budget...

Phone: OnePlus 5t (8GB/128GB). Recently replaced my aging Nexus 5. No phone has ever been perfect in my eyes, but the 5t is awesome and lightning fast, and it doesn't have a bunch of bullcrap and bloatware.

Knife: Gerber Suspension. I have several knives, but this is the one that goes with me everywhere. The pliers, screwdrivers and scissor get used more than the blade.

Watch: Timex Field Chrono. Inexpensive, accurate and reliable. Plus I think it looks cool.

Flashlight: J5 Tactical V1. Got this to replace my Mini-Mag LED that constantly flickers with even the slightest shake or bump. I used to love Mags when they had incandescent bulbs. They really f'ed up their LED tech though.

Field Notes: I also do drone photos for real estate and I use this as a flight log.

Other stuff: Cheap glasses because I lose or break them about every 6 months. Chapstick, Levis wallet, car keys, G2 pen, wallet survival card ($1 at Walmart) comes in handy.

Not pictured: Altoids to cover up the coffee breath. Ringke Fusion phone case.

u/Badger_23 · 1 pointr/EDC

Sorry for photo quality. First post ever on this so be gentle. Starting from top row, left to right:

u/willvotetrumpagain · 1 pointr/Truckers

Stand-alone jump starter like this: or one of the much larger ones that also has an electric air pump for tires

Fire extinguisher

Ratchet straps

Zip ties

Duct tape

First aid kit


Pen and field notes (they’re small, fit in a shirt pocket)

Spare sunglasses

Spare cell phone