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Film Art: An Introduction
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u/MS-Dostoyevsky · 26 pointsr/MovieDetails

This book was a real eye opener for me, I got it for a Film class in college, but didn't read it till after I graduated. I'm not a filmmaker, but it helped me to understand what film is and the visual language it uses to tell stories:

u/Rhoomba · 3 pointsr/Filmmakers

Film Art an introduction is a good place to start before moving on to Bordwell's other books. Yes, it is a bit academic, but it is much more open minded AND rigorous than other books. The price of the current edition is crazy though.

u/indeedwatson · 1 pointr/movies

I already brought up examples of adaptations and explained how they were able to stand on its own. I could do the same for Godfather but why if I already did that?

This has nothing to do with me, I'm talking about a movie which is a direct adaptation of a comic. That is a fact. If the movie didn't want to bear comparison, then it should be different from it. What you're saying is that I should ignore the movies' flaws and pretend that it came up with the story and the characters, and therefore say it's a good movie because of them.

You're making a great exaggeration of my behavior because, again, I reponded with 'lol' to the notion that a Snyder film deserves a place in the pantheon of greatest films. I've addressed mostly the issue of the film, and you grasped onto a 'lol', a single "word" in order to derail the conversation into another realm, once again, because you can't address your original point clearly. As this conversation progressed you strayed more from your original argument and into other things such as a convoluted example and my supposed behavior.

So in the same condescending tone as you, I suggest this

And that you watch a lot more movies, specially beyond the genre of big block buster american superhero movies.

And while you're at it I suggest you learn about meditation and how to dettach yourself from your thoughts and learn to take things less personally: