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Final Truth : The Autobiography of a Serial Killer
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9 Reddit comments about Final Truth : The Autobiography of a Serial Killer:

u/snapper1971 路 5 pointsr/serialkillers

Try 'Final Truth: Autobiography of a serial killer' by Wilton Earle and Peewee Gaskins. It's a very disturbing read. Very graphic. Very, very graphic.

There's some debate about the veracity of the claims by Gaskins as he seems to be claiming killings that he couldn't have committed, but what is clear is that he is a serial killer and a depraved motherfucker.

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u/droogywoogy 路 4 pointsr/serialkillers

There you go. When you read it give me a lend of it after you 馃槀馃槀 Seriously twisted.

u/SagebrushFire 路 3 pointsr/todayilearned

I absolutely believe he could be responsible for the amount of murders her claimed. Unlike the two braggarts Otis Tooleand Henry Lee Lucas (who confessed to everything with no proof) PeeWee showed the cops his makeshift graveyard with 9-11 victims. His "coastal kills" are absolutely believable. I mean, this man killed someone with an improvised explosive device while he was on Death Row.Final Truth recounts all of his sadistic torturing, murdering and canabalism of mostly drifters and hitchikers over several years. The true scope of his brutality and the suffering to which he subjected his victims is the stuff of nightmares.

u/Mcinfopopup 路 3 pointsr/todayilearned

I thin he is referring to the "The final truth" ( I read this one when i was about 16, pretty messed up some of the things he did.

u/[deleted] 路 3 pointsr/MorbidReality

There is nothing - I repeat nothing - more morbid than Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins' autobiography. He was one of America's most sadistic and prolific serial killers, so to have a record of his life and killings like this, in his own words, is quite something. He is a sick fuck.

u/Considering_Interest 路 3 pointsr/southcarolina

I'd no idea how rare it was, I just found it on Amazon for $122.93 new. I bought mine at Adams in USC for less than $20 in '98 I think... I want to say I gave it away when my oldest son started learning to read, I was afraid he may have read it and never slept again.

u/xeus724 路 2 pointsr/serialkillers

He has a book entitled 鈥淔inal Truth鈥 in which he claims he used to drive up and down the South Carolina coast picking up hitchhikers and submerged the bodies in the swamps of that area. I鈥檇 highly recommend it. Possible classic case of claiming a body count far higher than the actual. He鈥檚 quite an interesting study. Beyond his heinous acts that we do have evidence of his upbringing provides some insight on the psyche of a serial murderer. Thank you so much for your response Mr. Olshaker, you made my day!

u/theshalomput 路 1 pointr/watchpeopledie

i wish I still had my copy it's worth $100. Here's Amazon reviews if you don't believe me. Again, nothing in this subreddit can compare to what he did.