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FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro Audible Metronome Pacing Device
PERSONAL PACE COACH: Waterproof device transmits an audible tempo beep to eliminate lulls in workouts and races3 DIFFERENT MODES: Monitor and set stroke rate and tempo; Monitor and set pace times for laps/intervals; Monitor and set rates using strokes/cycles per minuteCUSTOMIZE YOUR PACE: Tempo is adjustable by 1/100th of a second, giving you the ability to identify and maintain your ideal paceVARIETY OF TRAINING USES: The dryland clip allows it to be used for multiple sports, in and out of the water (swim, bike, golf, running, and more)WATERPROOF: Tested to perform at a depth of 10 meters
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4 Reddit comments about FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro Audible Metronome Pacing Device:

u/nolaswim · 3 pointsr/Swimming

honestly, i am not breaststroker, but my other brother was and my coach (who went to OT) was. they say that a big thing to drop time is breaking down the stroke. they did a lot of breaststroke drills in practice including: breaststroke arms with a flutter kick and breaststroke arms with fly kick.

a big thing in all strokes are tempo trainers. you can have the most perfect technique but if the speed isnt there than the time will suffer. ill attach a link to a tempo trainer if you want one (amazon has the best prices).

i also think having a good coach who knows what he is talking about is a good way to improve; i have always benefited from being videotaped as well, so i can see exactly where i nee improvement. hope this helps:) best of luck!!

u/Walk-a-doodle · 1 pointr/triathlon

Late to the game here but I would recommend [this] ( Slowly start to pick up your stroke rate. If you're gearing up for an Ironman than it's safe to say you have the cardio capabilities to swim sub 1hr, it truly is a matter of technique. Maybe dedicate more of your swim sessions to technique building as opposed to interval work

u/sharpfork · 1 pointr/Swimming

Thanks for the info, I'm going to keep an eye on the 920xt as prep for next tri season.

I meant tempo, not pace. I guess vibration for tempo would nuke the battery. I was thinking of one of these:

Thanks again!

u/naturalrunner · 1 pointr/triathlon

I too practice TI from YouTube drills. So meditative. So enjoyable. Can now swim for what seems like forever.

As a matter of fact, the swim leg is now my strongest one! Too bad it’s such a relatively small part of the race.

Meant to mention I also use earplugs and a metronome .