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Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7
Beautiful 7" IPS display and 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. Available in four colors.Now with the Alexa cloud-based voice service - just press and askEnjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle e-books, apps and games8 or 16 GB of internal storage and a microSD slot for up to 200 GB of expandable storagePrime members get unlimited access to a huge selection of songs, books, videos and moreUp to 7 hours of battery life
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107 Reddit comments about Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display, 8 GB, Black - with Special Offers (Previous Generation - 5th):

u/Ateious · 19 pointsr/beermoney

Virtual machines will get you banned pretty quickly, and Amazon Fire Tablets are like $50. You can get beermoney phones for a lot cheaper. For example

u/selfsufficientnigga · 13 pointsr/PrimeDay2016
u/classic__schmosby · 8 pointsr/dataisbeautiful
u/AlexKnolly · 7 pointsr/Nexus

I recently bought the cheapo Amazon Fire tablet (when it was on sale for $40).

Flashed a stock rom on it and I love it. Cheap and effective stock experience.

u/Rydsmith · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

"You don't buy a phone or tablet for $100"

Oh please shut up.

$50 Tablet:

$80 Tablet:

$86 Tablet:

Name Brand Samsung Tablet Under $100:

And that's just tablets, now on to phones:

That's just one brand to expand it:

Motorola E:

Motorola G:

You have entirely proven you don't know about technology. Most carriers don't lock you in with a contract instead you pay it off every month for a predetermined amount.

So please shut up, you are entirely wrong here.

u/gameld · 6 pointsr/talesfromtechsupport

I think troublesome naming is the real culprit here:

  1. You have the Kindle which has a paperwhite display and is basically just an ereader.

  2. You have the Kindle Fire often simply called "Kindle" by its users which is an Android tablet focused on the Kindle store with its own UI.
u/Steeldragoon · 6 pointsr/PuzzleAndDragons

Kindle Fire, cheapest one is $50 and works with Multiplayer.

u/DreadPirateRobertsIV · 5 pointsr/starcitizen

That kind of depends on if Roccat Power Grid runs on Amazon Kindle Fires. They are $50 for a 7" tablet, and my wife's runs the games she plays on it great. Other than that I haven't really found anything as of yet.

u/plastic17 · 5 pointsr/FFBraveExvius

Link for people who care.

u/driscoll42 · 4 pointsr/kindlefire

In my opinion it's worth spending a few extra dollars to get the latest Fire. On Amazon you can get it from Amazon Warehouse for ~$28

Edit: For a comparison look here: The newer one has a much better CPU, more RAM, an SD card slot, a camera, and if nothing else is still be supported and should be compatible with many more games.

u/GuiltyTangent · 4 pointsr/perktv

tldr; buy a used Kindle Fire here.

I have quite a bit of experience with regards to these. You can purchase "refurbished" Dragon Touch tablets on eBay for anywhere from $22-30. Links are at the bottom, they come in and out of stock often. I had some luck flipping them out on my local Facebook and Craigslist for $35-40. However, the margins were small, and Craigslist people are generally just awful to deal with. I eventually gave up.

The Y88X and Y88X Plus models that I have had all ran Perk apps fairly well. One idea is to buy these, run Perk apps for a few weeks, then flip them off to someone else. These tablets are hardly durable, they WILL die in short order if used to farm 24/7. The amount of heat generated while farming was quite scary.

In terms of the RCA, these tablets are pure garbage. Avoid them at all costs.

A MUCH better option is to purchase a refurbished Kindle Fire from Amazon Warehouse deals. These are anywhere from $26-30 and are actually decent tablets. Use them for a few months and flip them out on FB or CL. These run PTV well. They also hold there value quite well too. You can easily make a slight profit selling them for $35 or so once you are done farming.

u/f_bastiat · 4 pointsr/The_Donald

This is the one i buy, they are $49.99 right now, but often go on sale for $39.99 and if you wait for black friday, the last 2 years they have been $34 because i bought some both years. I also bought otterbox equivalent cases for the kids for like $25 each and they have thrown them, submerged them, danced on them, the things do not break.

u/derpcode · 4 pointsr/Warmachine

Just PSA, the new War Room works on $50 tablets so it might now be cheaper and easier to switch to digital.

I don't actually think the cards you want will be available outside of digital for a few months.

edit: I would just screen shot from War Room. You don't need a PDF resolution unless you're going for professional print. There's a few cards that need to scroll however :-(

u/Baron164 · 4 pointsr/tablets

I'd recommend the $50 Amazon Fire 7" Tablet. You can upgrade the 16gb model for an extra $20. It's also rootable and you can get the Google App Store on it without even rooting it. It also has an SD slot.

My only issue is that it took my 3 attempts to get one without dead pixels. But Amazon replaced them without issues. And my experience with the screen, according to reviews is in the minority.

u/amc111 · 4 pointsr/UpliftingNews

How expensive do you think electronics are now?

He could get this for 50 dollars new and it would be fine to browse reddit on. A lot less than insurance.

u/jarstult · 3 pointsr/summonerswar

I ended up getting my son this $50 kindle fire tablet for Christmas. The issue is you can only install apps from the amazon app store and summoners war is not offered there.

BUT! Here is a guide on how to manually add the google play store and remove the built in ads. I have summoners war installed and ready to go for him. Not exactly sure on the performance aspect of the device but it is still a quad core processor so I imagine it should run juts fine.

u/annoyedandgame · 3 pointsr/rpg

I used my Nexus7's to death for years, but since Google dropped support on them, they've kinda crapped out for most things (still not bad for reading pdfs though).

However, if you are looking for a tablet for reading pdfs on a budget, there really is no better deal right now than the Kindle Fire. $50 for a fully featured tablet is an insanely good deal. The only drawback to these tablets is that they don't come with Google Play services installed, but tech savvy people can fix that with about 20min worth of tinkering. They had a deal where if you buy 5, you get a 6th one free, and I should have jumped on it, since I've now bought four of them, and another two for $50 would be nice.

u/ander1dw · 3 pointsr/FFBraveExvius

It runs well on the $50 Fire 7 tablet that I bought in 2015.

u/filledk · 3 pointsr/cyanogenmod

Why not just get Amazon fire 7?
You Can install LineAgeOS (unofficially) on it...

u/-LazyNinja- · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Worth checking out the Amazon Fire tablets.

They're really cheap, and of very decent quality.

(check the top of the Amazon page for the different sizes/prices)

u/trevor3693 · 3 pointsr/PrimeDay2016

Combining Prime Day, Amazon Student, and Prime Now I got it down to $3.33 without even paying for prime.

Prime - Free for 6 months for college students. Also happens to stretch perfectly to spring semester's textbook buying season.

Base price - $33.33

  • -$20 with Prime Now promo GETITNOW

  • -$10 from Amazon Student signup credit when using a referral

    Final product price - $3.33

    Make sure you disable re-subscription if you don't want to pay for prime. The above link is a referral and will add $10 to your account, and mine when you sign up for Amazon Student with it. If you want to avoid this Here is a non-referral link.
u/santiagorook · 2 pointsr/tablets

For your needs, the kindle fire is your friend or you can try the kindle fire hd 8" if you are willing to spend another $100, but i wouldnt recommend it.

u/ladyboss_1 · 2 pointsr/SantasLittleHelpers

Its $49.99 but its an investment in their educational future. It helps combine fun and education.
Fill it with educational and fun, apps, videos, and music.

Works for either girl or boy. There is also a bunch of online educational sites. It helps with reading and so much more. If you'd like a list of educational sites and etc just let me know and I will compile one for you :)

u/OrionHasYou · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

I bought mine on prime day but they have them for 50 and they might have the bundle still 6 for the price of 5. In case the link doesn't work, look up fire tablet 7

I also use my old iPad with air display for a second screen on my macbook

u/Cravenater · 2 pointsr/beermoney

I have the 7inch Fire 5th gen. Try side loading the google play store, then downloading the apps you want. You don't have to jailbreak at all. Just google and there are some great youtube tutorials.

u/blackesthearted · 2 pointsr/kindle

> Also there was nothing on the box or in the instructions about ads which is slightly misleading

If you bought it from Amazon directly, it's in the title: Fire, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black, the "special offers" being ads. You can remove them by going to the "Manage Your Content and Devices" section (how to get there may vary by regional site, I'm not sure), clicking "Your Devices", highlighting the Fire, and looking for "Special Offers: Subscribed." Removing ads is $15 on the Fire (though there are "other" ways to remove them, apparently).

As for charging, that I can't help with I'm afraid; mine charges normally. Have you tried changing your USB cable or charger, or turning airplane mode on (which will speed up charging)?

Android apps can be side-loaded, though ones that require Google Play services (like Snapchat) won't run properly. The good news is that one can install Google Play store/services to the Fire in 5-10 minutes (after which you can install apps directly through the Play Store): /r/kindlefire/ should have more info on that.

u/annelions · 2 pointsr/Assistance

Amazon has the least expensive Kindle Fire for $50. That's about as cheap as you can get a reliable tablet for.

u/V-ktr · 2 pointsr/summonerswar

I just bought the Amazon Fire. Gotta download the APK and whatnot but was fairly straightforward, took maybe 10mins tops to sort out. Runs it fairly smoothly (much better than an LG L90 at least) plus its only $50. (35$ during black friday)

u/nikulch · 2 pointsr/ukraina

Лучше купи ему вот это
Сделал подарок себе на НГ и своему 1.4 годовалому ребенку.
В черную пятницу модель стоила 35 уе, может и на НГ Амазон скидки сделает...

u/Drefen · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfChristmas

Please add 4 of these to your list again.

u/serpentcroissant · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfChristmas

My kids big wish are an Amazon kindle fire. My daughter is six and my son is 8 and my daughter is just getting into reading for herself. My son reads every night. These would be amazing and I would die if my kids got them.

Fire, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black

I am a single mother. I don't have a job. Had to quit because transportation wasn't possible. Couldn't afford insurance. So now I just rely on child support (which never comes) and try to do what's best for my kids. My son is 8 and he's amazing. He's considerate and calm and kind and patient. My daughter is 6 and she's amazing. She's wild and crazy and outgoing and full of energy. Never quits. They both balance each other out.

Thank you for the offer!

u/Eyes_Of_The_Dragon · 2 pointsr/MGTOW

Kindle apps are available for Windows, Android, and Apple. Note that the Apple apps do not let you buy anything because Apple demanded they get a cut.

You can also read it online here:

If you really really want to print it, your option would be to read it in your browser and use an app such as Greenshot to take screenshots and print them out.

As a side note, the cheapest Kindle out right now for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals is $33, and for newer Kindle devices, they're letting you finance them over 5 months with no interest.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/sorceryofthespectacle

I made the blog into an ebook and put it on my kindle fire which I got last black friday or whatever that shopping day is named.

Easter "give away" with special offers too! i.e. FREE ADS!!!

I've probably got about 1000 books on mine. I looked through your posts and saw you saying that book was too expensive, but the PDF is free on the internet and I got that divination book too and some Franco Berardi books just now.

EDIT: I think that other link is the black version but they're all second hand. This one is blue and actually is the real deal "free shipping" too.

u/itsamamaluigi · 2 pointsr/EmulationOnAndroid

My concern is if you're in bed, your arms will get tired/sore if you're trying to hold up a tablet or controller. At least if you're lying flat. If you can sit up and hold it in your lap, you're fine.

I have another suggestion. The Moga controller you linked is very cheap, but also very bad. Won't work with most apps and doesn't even have a d-pad. I understand you're on a very limited budget.

What about a Sony Xperia Play? It's even older and less powerful than the Moto E, so you can write off PSP emulation entirely. But none of the devices you're looking at would do PSP well anyway. The Xperia Play has a slide out gamepad, it can still play PS1 and GBA games, and it sells for only around $50 used.

If you want to get a tablet, while the Ipega 9023 or similar telescoping controllers may seem like the only way to go, you can really use any bluetooth controller as long as you have a way of propping it up. Hell, you don't even need bluetooth - if the tablet supports USB OTG (and most should), you can hook up a wired controller, and those could be even cheaper. Of course then you have to buy a USB OTG cable, around $5.

You could afford a used Amazon Fire tablet for around $28, leaving you $20 for a controller. That's enough for this full-sized Matricom controller. Then you'd just have to figure out a way to prop up your tablet. If you are able to put an inclined flat surface on your lap (or your knees, if you are able to raise them), you can rest the tablet there.

u/dickerwe · 2 pointsr/ClashOfClans

I think it's the same device as the eBay one, but you can buy directly from Amazon for 49.99

u/mistical · 2 pointsr/AskTechnology

Most likely, yes. That's relatively a small amount of space today considering how most games and even apps are gaining in size. Also not all apps or games can be moved to the SD storage, which it sounds like you may know already but if not, now you do. You also need to make sure that his tablet has an SD card slot to even try it, if you decide to buy it from him unless you checked on this already.

How much are you buying this tablet for? If you want a relatively cheap tablet, I highly recommend the Amazon Fire 7" Tablet for $50. You can't go wrong with this cheap tablet or even consider another Amazon Fire tablet at a slightly higher price and better specs.

I know it's been as low as $40, never checked if cheaper than that over the holidays. It's a great tablet for your simple everyday stuff. Especially if you throw on your own custom OS such as Cyanogenmod which is now dead but this version still will work, otherwise other custom OS's can be looked into here:

u/Danger-Moose · 2 pointsr/rva

The Fire is only $50 through Amazon. Are you looking for cheaper than that?

u/Cool-Beaner · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Just buying a Pi, SD card, power supply, and display, and you are up to about $80. And we haven't even talked about a case or battery solution. And then you would need to configure the software for epub or mobi or pdf, etc.

A 7 inch Kindle Fire is $50.

u/mayormcsleaze · 2 pointsr/chinaphones

Amazon Kindle Fire flashed with CyanogenMod in place of the stock FireOS.

If you have Prime, the tablet is rumored to be going on sale for $15 off on Tuesday.

u/akcs · 2 pointsr/homeautomation
u/themightyox · 2 pointsr/perktv
4 of the 5 I have are used/refurb from amazon warehouse deals. Average price around $30 each. Looks like they have 4 right now for under $30

u/mithikx · 2 pointsr/manga

Surface Pro 3... not exactly a standard tablet.

But the SP3 does runs full Windows, mine replaces both a tablet and laptop. Though I think it's since been discontinued with the introduction of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. For a more reasonably priced (comparatively speaking) Windows tablet, the Surface 3 (non-Pro) is a popular option.

I also have a Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 Windows 8.1 tablet, much smaller than a Surface device and much more cheaper but lacks the computing power. There are also many comparable tablets from HP and LG to name a few.

For Android tablets I have the 2013 Nexus 7 but the USB charging/data port broke on mine so I stopped using it (My Android smartphone and Windows tablets makes having an Android tablet redundant). The Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 tablets are fairly affordable and great bang for your buck but they lack MicroSD card slots as they're Nexus devices.

If all you're doing is reading I recommend one of the Amazon Fire tablets, they have various models though the resolution is a bit on the low side they're rather affordable with the cheapest model being damn near disposable as far as electronics go.

IDK enough to make an iOS recommendation but they're all of solid build quality from what I've seen.

Also OP if you're looking for 2nd hand devices check out

u/zarraza2k · 2 pointsr/beermoney

kindle fire 7 I have several of these running and they are the MOST stable device I have. i sometimes walk up to a black screen (which makes me think it rebooted because it's back at the lock screen and my settings window is closed) or a spinning circle, but mostly "are you still watching" and sometimes it just runs ALL NIGHT! Perk TV is the only app available in the amazon app store and I'm too lazy to sideload something else and test it.

u/tielknight · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Would a Kindle Fire work? They are $40 at the moment.

u/Kratisto78 · 2 pointsr/Android

[Is the Kindle Fire worth getting for $50?] ( Basically I was thinking about getting a tablet for just chilling in the living room. I would use it for reddit, maybe hearthstone, and for casting netflix/hbo/youtube/playmovies/playmusic to chromecast enabled devices. I was considering the 7" one, but I have a note 4. I figured the cheaper one had a bigger screen, so it might be more worth it.

u/MsRocky · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This kindle is something I've been wanting lately. I've been trying to read more since school kind of ruined it for me (I was the typical girl who didn't care for school and all that stuff), but its weird that lately I've been wanting to read a lot. Its like I've been missing weird stories and I don't want to just watch TV all the time, you know? But a lot of people I've talked to had said this is good for when you are constantly on the go, which I have been lately.

But other than the kindle, the one thing I want supersupersuper bad is to give back to everyone on here. (cheesy right? Trust me, I know but its 1000% honest) My family and I have been having one of the worst years that I can ever remember, and people on reddit helped us a lot when it came to help make Christmas good for my nieces, so my main goal is to give back and help anyone and everyone I can. Everyone on here has been so nice, and big-hearted and I want to try to make anyones day that I can just a little bit better anyway I can. Whether that's with little cards/letters in the mail, or little things that they want/need and can't get it themselves.

You are really an amazing person for doing this<3

u/Nooberbooberx · 1 pointr/tablets

The Kindle Fire is a good option for $50. You can get that game on their store, or do some tricks to get access to the google store.

u/SilliusBuns · 1 pointr/Anglicanism

Alright then. Brand-spanking new, 2015 Kindle Fire - $49.99, and that sucker has two cameras, kindle software and access to unlimited Kindle cloud storage, etc. etc. And again, that's retail.

Want to go cheaper? RCA 7" Tablet $39.99, retail.

Could they afford it? Absolutely! If they can afford to print weekly bulletins, and to buy prayer books, hymnals, and possibly even pew bibles, then they can afford the tablets. I'm also not banning the printed books; if this still isn't feasible for your congregation in 2015, then no worries. Let's see where you are in 2020.

> Tablets are more delicate than books

I don't think this is true anymore. A Kindle with even a little bit of a protective covering is nigh indestructible. I also don't think that people are as callous with other's belongings as you think, but that's just my naive optimism talking. Suffice it to say that my parish has a sense of shared ownership when it comes to church property and we treat it with respect.

u/pspita · 1 pointr/vita

or almost any cheap Android tablet. they can play videos too...

The Vita is strange choice if you don't want to use it to play games. here is a Kindle Fire for $50. it comes with Skype pre-installed, and accepts standard MicroSD cards up to 128GB.

u/sniper344 · 1 pointr/androidtablets

Why don't you go with the Fire Tablet with Alexa 7inch its a really nice tablet.

u/crownpuff · 1 pointr/beermoney

If you don't mind openbox/used fires, you can get them as low as $30ish here.

u/Xitir · 1 pointr/perktv
u/bobcat · 1 pointr/Futurology

> I don't like that

Too late, bub.

"Offer Type: With Special Offers
Special offers display on your device’s lockscreen."

$15 more if you want it without ads.

u/Geminidragonx2d · 1 pointr/Android

> Nexus 7 2013

I appreciate you response and help but I think that is beyond my budget atm. I'm looking for something under $70. It's limiting but I'm not expecting too much.

I found this when looking at the Amazon Fire tablets which looks good and is in my price range but I've become accustomed to Android. Is there a big difference? Will I be able to use the Google App store? Netflix, clash of clans, Hearthstone, that kind of stuff?

u/JFreaks25 · 1 pointr/Android

echo? I think you are a little confused, the amazon echo is a bluetooth speaker/personal assistant. But if you are talking about an amazon fire tablet, you can always get this one, and its only 50 bucks

u/OhMyMoogle · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

[This Kindle] ( has been on sale for $50 for a long time and I was so hoping to get to spend money I got for Christmas on it. Sadly, that money had to go towards bills. I have an amazing job opportunity coming up and will be starting college full time this month. A portable internet device would let me email clients and coworkers a lot more easily and let me work on classwork during my down time at work work.

This job will be my first long period away from MiniMoogle and I'm so nervous, but it really is such a good opportunity that I can't turn it down. Things are finally coming together for us after a really rough 2015. 2016 is our year! I'm determined to come out of this year better than we went in.

u/maharadja1 · 1 pointr/homeautomation

That's a great price for a tablet! Did a super fast research and found that the amazon fire has support for bluetooth and low energy accessories (see additional features) and you don't need to root anything to be able to download android apps to it. You only need an android device and a computer.

Have never done this myself but it seems plausible :)

u/AitherInfinity · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/donnamon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks Sp3cia1K for doing this!! Also give your boss a big thank you too. <3

Oh man.. Something I REALLY want, and to brag about. That's really hard because I really want a Kitchenaid stand mixer <3 but that's way out of the price. :p

Personal: I need a new pillow asap. You... umm.. should see... my current .. pillow. ^^^it's ^^^yellow

Activity: The other day on Reddit, I read that they found a new planet within our solar system. This made me want to get a Telescope!. My #1 thing I want to do before I die is see the Aurora Northern Lights.

Activity: I used to have an Instant Camera, but that was over 15 years ago. I never knew what happened to it once digital cameras came out. It'd be cool to have one of these again.

College: While I'm still in school (3 years left majoring animation/illustration! :) ), something I really need and will always have a purpose for is a printer. I need a printer that prints in both color and monochrome. I don't really know which printer is better, but here's one and two.

College/Activity: I've never had a tablet before, but maybe this Fire tablet will help me pass the time between classes or even help me finish my classwork with.

u/Baphomet1856 · 1 pointr/vainglorygame

I bought a $50 amazon tablet for playing mobile games and just simple browsing around the house and it is great for VG!

u/Ra226 · 1 pointr/starwarstrader

The Amazon Fire tablets are decent and the prices are rock bottom.

Note--you'll probably want the "non special offers" version--that's $65

u/hunterstee · 1 pointr/SmartThings

Dunno if you already picked something up, but I just noticed the 7" Fire tablet is on sale right now:

u/5k3k73k · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

The Switch is basically a Kindle Fire HD 7 and the screen on that actually looks pretty good.

u/fabikw · 1 pointr/emulation

Kindle Fire costs $50 with ads (on the lock screen).

It can perfectly run PS1 and NDS games and things before that, besides many Android/Amazon app store games. The only thing is that it doesn't have buttons, so they'll either have to play with an onScreen overlay (which is not too bad) or you'll have to get a controller.

u/OctoPussInBoots · 1 pointr/lifehacks

Sports camera $30

Fire Tablet $40

Still costs money, just showing that it is affordable.

u/got_lost_again · 1 pointr/techsupport

Not an expert, but it looks like half the screen is damaged and not coming back from water damage. Considering how old that tablet is, and how cheap tablets are now, I wouldn't waste money trying to fix it.

There's places that will look at a tablet for you, and maybe fix it, but you don't know what their service fees are. Maybe it's $50? $50 is probably more than that tablet currently costs... not to mention whatever the parts cost as well

Edit: These were something like $34.99 during Black Friday:

Granted, it's a basic model... and depending on what you do with it, you might prefer another ipad or Samsung Galaxy

u/Automobilie · 1 pointr/australia

That $700 might go up to $750. Iphones are massively inflated and the actual manufacture is only a fraction of the cost.
That tablet has about the same amount of components as an iPhone. While the iPhone has much stricter QC and better performance, the cost of manufacture is still likely sub $100.

In fact, most of the cost is in the components, not the actual manufacturing. Now, the cost would go up more if all components were made in not-china, but it would still be a far less than $2000.

u/magnetopenguino · 1 pointr/Android

with the older model you can, at least I did on mine. Believe it's this one - LINK

u/ScorpiaChasis · 1 pointr/summonerswar

fire 7, the current one (I have the previous one 8gb and it works very well)

u/Web_Rand · 1 pointr/Lightbulb
u/jordanFAMOUS1 · 1 pointr/ecigclassifieds

I have an amazon fire tablet, brand new I only turned it on for a few minutes. This one: Fire Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black

u/ProphetOfWhy · 1 pointr/XWingTMG

It was going to cost the same amount to print the booklet as it was to print all of the components on their best card stock in full color.

Personally, I would look at buying a cheap color tablet and using that. There's a 7" Fire that you can get for $40 of you have Prime, though it says "with special offers". That's about what I was quoted for the booklet.

Fire Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black

u/Tigershawk · 1 pointr/kindlefire

If you look at the amazon website, posted here for convenience, the battery life of the 7" is optimistically rated at 7 hours, so I don't suppose 6 is unusual depending on what its doing. Its one of the reasons I upgraded to the HD 8, which has an estimate of 12 hours.

P.S. I've typed this a lot, but I'll type it again. Be sure to reboot your device, maybe at the beginning of the day to check its battery life. Sometimes a badly written app will sit in the background consuming CPU cycles, and thereby your battery. A reboot will often end some of these services/apps. And, putting it to sleep is not rebooting it. Hold the power button down for a couple seconds, and acknowledge that you want to really shutdown, and then start it up again.

u/Mcgillby · 1 pointr/FFBraveExvius
u/Phroximus · 1 pointr/summonerswar

Hmm i was thinking of getting this one ( What do u think?

u/ew73 · 1 pointr/cordcutters

I said:

> Yes. Or at least, it was the last time I checked ~1 month ago.

> That said, a Fire tablet is only $50:

Don't put words in my mouth.

u/jimbob_9245 · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Maybe this amazon tablet?

u/seieireppa · 1 pointr/grandorder

This one, which is the one my girlfriend has. It's 5th gen. If not, there's an HD version for $30 more, but if this one can run it, that'd be swell.

u/anonymizzle · 1 pointr/kindle

The new Kindle Fire tablets have built-in microphones now.

u/lunatic36 · 1 pointr/tablets

I would definitely recommend the Amazon fire tablet , although not full android but man you can't beat that.

u/Lokutan · 1 pointr/thedivision

Okay dokay!

RCA Viking Pro 10.1, OS version: 5.0, front and rear facing cameras. Model# RCT6303W87DK

Amazon Fire 7: with Google Play Services side loaded. OS version:, based on android lollipop (5.0~). Front and rear facing cameras. Model# Fire (5th generation)

When your app is side loaded (skipping compatibility checks), everything works except for the camera scan function, which gives an error about it not being compatible with either tablet. A solution might be to allow for a picture already taken to be imported. Hope something there helps, if you need a beta tester some time just give a shot.

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Los textos académicos son complicados, fijate si te podes estirar un poco para comprarte una fire junto con el kindle. Estan buenas y son baratas. Para leer un papers te puede llegar a servir.

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Might need to provide a rig for your cat can cat-ascend:

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When you say fires are you talking about the Kindle Fire Color?

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Fire Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - $49.99 $39.99

Install The Beersmith Mobile app and use this device as a brewing hub - $7.99

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Amazon has a few used for ~$30 after CA tax. Link

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If i had $200 and I wanted true HOTAS. I would probably do dual TM16000 (~$90), 2 Kindle Fire (~$100) and root android on there and use ROCCAT power grid/whatever SC devs make since they said they are officially supporting tablets as a stretch goal, and 2 tablet mounts. Or maybe consider the MFDs. either option would allow you to basically never use keyboard except to type.

Kindle fires:

7"-8.5" tablet mounts:

TM Multi Function Devices (2 in a pack):

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The Amazon Kindle Fire 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB is on sale now at $ 39.99

I've bought mine when it first came out last year at $ 50 and bought another one for my Mom at $ 35 during the Black Friday Sale.

For reviews check out Youtube, there are plenty of positive reviews for this budget Amazon tablet.

But for my Mom's user review.

Performance wise. It does Skype and FB Messenger really well. Plus all of her favorite mobile versions of the FB games she frequently plays. Battery wise it can last her 2 days on standby (Skype, Messenger online) with non-heavy use.

For sound the built in mono-speakers is pretty average. The built in mic is good enough for Skype and Messenger calls. But if your going to do a lot of Skype calls. I suggest you get at least wired headphones for better conversation. Although a bluetooth headset would be a great option.

CONS My Mom is a senior citizen and the 7" tablet is too small for eyes. This is why she still prefers to play her FB games on a 20-inch iMac or PC with a mouse. She also finds it difficult to type using the on screen keyboard since they buttons looks small.

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Its this now $30 7" one I found in her Amazon purchases. It also literally "features" Amazon underground

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Shortened Amazon links typically go through, not They're also longer than the minimum form of an Amazon link, which compresses down to this.

Don't bother sending me the direct ones, I don't particularly care about them. Just wanted to give you a heads-up that your website isn't working, and maybe you should stop using it. Even when it was working a few weeks back, I remember it taking 10-15 seconds to actually send the redirection. Poor user experience, and most people don't bother to give a page more than a few seconds to load.

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> I do know I don't want an LCD screen. I know that.

Why? You can get a Kindle Fire for $50. Why get just an e-reader that can't do nearly as much? With a Kindle, you have almost the entire world of Android apps at your disposal (I've side-loaded Google apps like Google Earth, etc.).

> Is there a night mode? Black site white font?

Not a night mode necessarily, but you can set it to a black background and white text, which is what I use. I exclusively do my reading on a Kindle Fire. At night I turn the brightness all the way down, and I never have trouble reading outside on the admittedly rare occasions I do, with the brightness up.

To put it in perspective, I read the entire Malazan series on my Kindle a couple of years ago over the course of about 8 months. It still keeps a charge for about 8~10 hours straight, even these four years later.

Admittedly, I have a Kindle Fire 2'nd Generation (2012), because I find the USB and power button much easier to manage than the newer models. Also I develop Android applications and use the Kindle to debug and test them.