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Fissler Black Edition Turner
Turner/spatula made of high quality nylon and stainless steelGentle enough for use on any nonstick surfaceNubbed handles that stay cool and are comfortable to holdHigh heat-resistantSafe to use in dishwasher; Comes with a lifetime warranty against defects
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u/POLITE_VIRGIN ยท 2 pointsr/pettyrevenge

Nothing is completely heat resistant, especially not of you leave it on an hot, empty burner.

EDIT: here's a picture of said spatula It still works, but isn't as non-stick as it used to be.

But what I should mention is that the price isn't the biggest factor for me, it was the fact that my mom bought me a new set of kitchenware when I left home for the first time and I've kept these things in peak quality ever since. When I moved in with her I graciously offered to let her use my supplies, as she had none of her own. By this point she's broken and/or damaged most of the non-metal items that I brought with me. I was always taught to keep other people's things in even better shape than they keep them out of courtesy and regard for their generosity, but I guess I might be the minority.