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Flagpole-To-Go 6.5' Portable Flagpole Hide A Pole
Extends up to 20' longAccommodates any flag from 1’ x 2’ up to 3’ x 5’Easy to transport
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10 Reddit comments about Flagpole-To-Go 6.5' Portable Flagpole Hide A Pole:

u/rayhoop · 4 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival - You can even incorporate it into a costume (when it's retracted). It beats using a pool noddle or a long stick

u/-kj · 3 pointsr/minnesotaunited

I picked up a collapsible flag pole last year that I've used in a few stadiums (including TCF) without too much hassle.

u/kill4food · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival
u/Broglesby · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

I personally have never used either of these, but have had my eye on them since last year. I feel they would be perfect. (There are varieties of both also, shop around)

Campsite Flagpole

Handheld (collapsible) Flagpole

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u/LeyvaFlava · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

This is the one im using, pretty good quality and not to big can fit in your luggage bag if youre flying. Having it able to fit it in my luggage and a compact size is what i was mainly looking for

u/tipsytopsyslurs · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Found this one on amazon for $19 Collapsible too!

u/NeonSith · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

This one from Amazon:

Wasn't too tall so it didn't hit any of the decorations that are above (e.g. while walking on/off Rainbow Road there are lights that could easily get tangled up). If you hold it up high, you'll be able to see it in the live streams. But it's not so high that you're getting in the way of others when you set it down since it's as tall as you are basically.

When we walked in, I had the telescoping part all the way down and the flag folded up so it could simply be patted by security. Much easier than having it in full-mast and them question anything.

u/DjSpectre · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

I bought it here for the 14' (now sold as a 15' model). Collapses to between 3-4 feet

And here for the 6' one. I collapses down to about 24".

u/paintchips_beef · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

As an alternative if you want to save a couple bucks and have a canopy this one without the base is a little cheaper and you can just zip tie it to the legs of the canopy.

u/McWuffles · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

Selfe-stick! hahaha

But for real,

/u/rayhoop has it: