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Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation
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4 Reddit comments about Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation:

u/Razelnut · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I LOVE this book but still, I don't see how menstrual paintings are helping any cause.

u/meeenglish · 3 pointsr/OneY

wellllllll if we're delving into it, the diagnosis stems back to Hippocrates too-- the "father of medicine" knew so little about the female body that he claimed the uterus literally wandered around, into her stomach or even her throat, causing erratic behavior -- "hysteria". This was the Father of Medicine, so people bought it for a long time. ( More info in this book, but the wiki article covers it too.)

so it was a legit diagnosis until a century ago, but women also couldn't vote until a century ago; the context is incomparable. That'd be like saying "look at all the racist people! oh, and dont get me STARTED on slavery." We're just not there anymore. It doesn't mean racism's gone, and it doesn't mean women aren't still patronized or belittled (I'm a woman, I been there). But people who pull out dusty old facts to support anecdotal conjecture, instead of modern scientific studies to support actual social trends, aren't just a part of the problem, they are the problem.

u/bananafish67 · 2 pointsr/women

You should check out this book.