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Frost King Indoor & Outdoor B2 Mortite Caulking Cord 19-Ounce 90-Foot Long, Grey
Seals in cool airPresses into place with fingertipsShuts out hot air, dust, dirt and insectsIt is paintableEasy to install
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7 Reddit comments about Frost King Indoor & Outdoor B2 Mortite Caulking Cord 19-Ounce 90-Foot Long, Grey:

u/skippingstone · 2 pointsr/DIY

Air seal your windows

Frost King B2 Mortite Caulking Cord 19-ounce 90-Foot Long, Grey

Duck Brand Indoor 5-Window Shrink Film Insulator Kit, 62-Inch x 210-Inch, 281504

u/mellokind · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Yep. Ok, so all joking aside, your hinge ideas seem fine, if you go the route of replacement, just make sure the screw hole distance is the same and the spacing and diameter of the hole in the door is the same that you're replacing. From the pictures in your OP it look doable. Another option could be, putting a strip of high density foam tape around the three sides of the cabinet doors that aren't the hinge side. This is basic door weatherstripping stuff that will easily muffle the sound of them closing much more than the bumpers, be a lot cheaper than new hinges or dampeners, but on the down side, might look iffy. You can research around and find this stuff in most basic colors, at least natural common tones like white, black, beige, etc.

u/Hdizz · 1 pointr/DIY

Two suggestions come to mind...

  1. The tape falling off in the cold makes me think that you either live in an incredibly cold climate (definitely possible, you didn't state your location), or possibly that you aren't getting a good seal with the tape against the frame. Try cleaning the frames with rubbing alcohol and warming them up with a hair dryer before apply the tape. That should bring out the best stickiness that the tape has to offer.

  2. If that fails, I have seen persons build something akin to a mini cold frame that they put into their window. Essentially they build a frame the same size as the recessed area that the window resides in, wrap that in plastic, and then put it into the recessed area and press rope caulk (like this around that wooden frame to create an air barrier. Definitely more work, but if you are living somewhere that is really damn cold, it might be worth it.

    Good luck keeping warm!
u/antsam9 · 1 pointr/chicago

If the plastic wrap can't stay up, try this, it's what I used and it's very really well, much better than plastic wrap alone.

Also, PSA: The plastic wrap doesn't apply very well when it's below 50 degrees, so this week could potentially be the last week to get a good application. The penalty for applying it when it's cold is loose plastic wrap that comes apart when you heat shrink it.

u/AUfan82 · 1 pointr/boston

I moved up from the south 2 years ago and had the same questions for /r/boston

In typical fashion.......they did the same thing they are doing to you. Laughing, and being dicks instead of trying to help.

My place was old, the heaters were not working, and their were leaking windows everywhere. I bought this

Caulking Cord


window kit



I very legally could have gone to the housing authority and reported my landlord for the lack of adequate heating (and broken radiators) but decided that this stuff worked just fine. First winter I couldn't get the house above 62, and some rooms I am sure were much colder. The electric and gas bill was insane.

Second year we just don't even bother using the radiators at all, we use the space heater, a heating blanket, and sealed all the windows and doors (balcony) with that caulk. The house was still cold, but we were warm. This seems to be a common tactic up here, heat yourself not the house.

I also looked into buying one of these bed heater, but I don't want to sweat in the middle of the night and the bedroom is pretty easy to heat with that space heater.

Good luck. Also, most people up here can be dicks when it comes to heating/cold complaints. Just sit back and laugh at what these people call a severe thunderstorm, most of them would shit their pants if they ever experienced a regular summer storm in the south.

u/djshack88 · 1 pointr/boston

It's not cold in Boston, but it will be cold in Boston. You're going to love January and February.

Also, you need to get window plastic. I live in an old Somerville house with old wooden drafty windows. The plastic and the putty/clay are key. See: