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Futurama: The Complete Series
TVRun Time: 0Release Date: 12/10/2013NR
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u/UGoBoom · 93 pointsr/futurama

Emby Server + Futurama DVD set + Handbrake

Own Netflix built, eh forget the blackjack and hookers

u/BreastUsername · 34 pointsr/futurama
u/DanielBG · 15 pointsr/Futurama_Sleepers

You can buy all 10 seasons on Amazon instant for $94.90 and own and stream them for as long as Amazon exists (basically forever). Or buy the Box Set on DVD for $69.99.

u/Durinthal · 9 pointsr/DataHoarder
u/Cyno01 · 8 pointsr/futurama

$70 aint bad for 140 episode, but the historic low according to camel whatever is about 30% off that price.

u/SportFrog · 7 pointsr/Futurama_Sleepers

If you want legitimate copies, you can just buy them off of Amazon. Each movie is on it's own disc,
such as Bender's Game. You can get the single discs for all the movies or get the full collection (which is probably a better value).

u/Aarynia · 5 pointsr/futurama

All I could find was this $70 one on Amazon.
And bluray doesn't even exist :(

u/alexzz123 · 5 pointsr/futurama

Amazon has the whole series on sale for $81. Futurama: The Complete Series

u/malockin · 3 pointsr/futurama

That's exactly why I went ahead and bought the whole series on DVD.

u/murphyschaos · 3 pointsr/futurama

This is the one I have. Nothing cut off or missing. Cast commentary on every episode. Full length Hypnotoad episode as one of the extras.

u/SchrodingersCatPics · 2 pointsr/futurama

There's one here at the top of the resellers list.

Edit: /u/ltbs found it; see above.

u/Thane-of-Hyrule · 2 pointsr/ifiwonthelottery

If you are going to be generous
Futurama box set

Jawz high speed blender

Even if you don't win you still have a very generous spirit.

u/TotalOverkill · 2 pointsr/futurama
u/DeltaDood · 1 pointr/futurama

Yes! Here’s the [Amazon Link](Futurama: The Complete Series Giftset [Import]

u/TIGHazard · 1 pointr/television

Amazon US - Futurama: The Complete Series - $86.43 (£66)

Amazon UK - Futurama - Seasons 1-8 - £24.99 ($32)

u/angellus · 1 pointr/futurama

Amazon has the complete series for $80 on DVD. That is < $8 including the television movies (8 Volumes + 4 television movies).

u/Hammertoss · 1 pointr/futurama
u/Kittlesauras · 1 pointr/PS4