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5 Reddit comments about Gamemastery Critical Hit Deck New Printing:

u/ryukohime · 4 pointsr/DnD

He has the Critical Hit and Critical Fumble decks. When someone rolls a nat 20 or a nat 1, he gives them the option of using the standard D&D ruling, or choosing from the deck. The cards have different results based on what kind of attack you were using. So, for example, our Ranger rolled a nat 1 with her bow, and chose the deck. The result was that the bow splintered in her hands and reduced her Dex by 1 temporarily. She later (with a new bow) rolled a nat 20, and chose the deck, resulting in her arrow piercing her target's eye and blinding it.

The good news is he always picks the deck for whatever we're fighting whenever they crit, so we've enjoyed such glorious moments as a goblin attempting a coup de gras and instead accidentally committing seppuku, or a troll smacking himself in the face with his club, or the master assassin who attempted to backstab and instead tripped over his own feet. The bad news is that the crit success deck really likes to mess with us. I've had my shield split in half and the arm broken and counted myself lucky because at least my limb was still attached.

I forgot to mention rule number 8, though: the mulligan. Once per session we were allowed to re-roll one failure, whether or not it was a crit fail. He had to add an additional rule that mulligans could not be shared, they're one per person. So if the consequence of the roll was K.O. or death (or dismemberment if the deck was chosen), we could re-roll to try to change the outcome, but only for ourselves. He had to make up that last half of the rule because our Monk was having really terrible rolls one night and I kept trying to help, and no amount of "Bobbi you always roll terrible anyway save your mulligan for when you need it" could dissuade me.

u/Lefty_22 · 4 pointsr/behindthegifs

Our DM has a Gamemastery Critical Hit Deck that he uses when we roll a nat 20.

However, we also have to use the deck if we roll a nat 1. This has led to some very interesting accidental stabbings, item losses, and character deaths. I'll never forget the time that I critically failed that Heroic Throw...

Edit: Found some footage of my fellow explorers during one of these instances.

u/Tomvaire · 1 pointr/DnD

There are crit cards out there

Gamemastery Critical Hit Deck New Printing

u/Fauchard1520 · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

I've actually been in games that (much to my martial dude's surprise) used those kinds of fumble rules. In conjunction with a Paizo product no less.

As for evasion... Why, I think it's ripe for parody!

u/Moar-Dabz · 0 pointsr/DnD

I have been using these guys for the past 2 years!! Its technically for Pathfinder but its way easy to transfer over to D&D. My players love it and we RARELY get repeats because each card has 4 different options depending on the situation!

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