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Gift Cards
Gamestop Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery
Redeemable at US GameStop, EB Games, Babbage's, Electronic Boutique, EBX, Planet X, and Software Etc. stores.Over 6,100 stores located throughout the United States.GameStop. Power to the Players.No returns and no refunds on gift cards.
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u/EdenSB · 41 pointsr/GameDeals

Non-U.S. people

You might be interested to try this. I've not tried, so it's up to you if you want to take the risk.

Edit: Works - see /u/Asmero's comment below.

Using both card and Paypal doesn't work for non-U.S. accounts, even if you use a U.S. address. Gift cards may work though as there's nothing to verify the address then (assuming it doesn't force you to input financial details anyway). has GameStop Gift Cards with e-mail delivery. The only problem is that there's a minimum $25 amount.

For you can put in a valid U.S. address (Florida so no tax ideally) and it won't check it against your card details. You can buy digital stuff from there without issues.

You could then try to use the gift card during the check out process.


Someone has had success in buying a gift card for $10 through GameStop themselves. I tried - wouldn't work with Paypal. Seemingly worked with my card but it's been almost half an hour with no gift card code.

Edit 2: Now my gift card has arrived. I tried to use it. It says it has no balance.

Edit 3: It eventually worked itself out and the balance appeared.

u/devries6276 · 11 pointsr/PS4Deals

For fellow Canadians / Internationals:

I recommend buying a [$40.00 or $39.99 Gamestop giftcard from US Amazon, using whatever credit card or debit card necessary.] ( Send that gift card to your e-mail. Go through Gamestop checkout as usual using any US address (I used Beverly Hills, California, 90210, I'm not sure if other States will add tax $$$), and apply the giftcard without any payment method.

Worked well for me, was given the code immediately once order was confirmed. Did this on a computer, not mobile. I applied a code to my Canadian PSN Account with no issues.

Shout out to /u/birchtree29, found method from him.

u/medetaiakaru · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

You can use a gift card and purchase it. With a gift card no address is needed.

Amazon has gift cards for any value above $25, and they accept non-US cards (with a fake US address). The link is here:

Another alternative is, which actually gives you a $5 off for signing up, so you can potentially get a Gamestop gift card for $25. I used the credit card option and had no problems with my non-US credit card, and you didn't even have to enter an address. Some people reported that if you tried using Paypal with Gyft that the gift card isn't instant. With the credit card it is.

I have successfully used both options above to purchase a gift card for Gamestop and redeemed it outside of the US.

u/birchtree29 · 2 pointsr/PS4Deals

buy a $39.99 gift card from here with your international card and use it

u/jaysamuel · 1 pointr/beermoney

Buy a Gamestop gift card and then head to Gamestop and purchase a NEW gift card of your liking.

u/versedguardian · 1 pointr/GameStop

And submit a new post for some reason. Can anyone answer if I’ll be able to use a digital gamestop gift card from Amazon in store to upgrade to pro membership?

u/XmentalX · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

You can do GameStop and use it in store or online.