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We found 80 Reddit comments about Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer, Eliminates Germs, Filters Allergies, Pollen, Smoke, Dust Pet Dander, Mold Odors, Quiet 22 inch 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Home AC4825E. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer, Eliminates Germs, Filters Allergies, Pollen, Smoke, Dust Pet Dander, Mold Odors, Quiet 22 inch 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Home AC4825E
4-IN-1 AIR PURIFIER FOR HOME : True HEPA air filter reduces up to 99.97% of harmful germs, dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens as small as .3 microns from the airKILLS GERMS UV-C light helps kill airborne viruses such as influenza, staph, rhinovirus, and works with Titanium Dioxide to reduce volatile organic compoundsTraps allergens pre filter traps dust, pet hair, and other large particles while extending the life of the HEPA filter. Bulb wattage is 55WRoom size: 22 inch purifier filters air 4x per hour at max speed in medium to large rooms up to 167 sq. Feet; cadr rating: dust (118) pollen (125) and smoke (108)Reduces odors ACtivated charcoal filter helps to reduce unwanted odors from pets, smoke, cooking fumes, and moreQuiet operation the lowest setting can be used as gentle white noise at night for a quiet, restful sleepSettings choose between 3 speed settings and an optional uv c lightGenuine replacements only use genuine germguardian replacement parts to maintain performanceReplacements replace the filter every 6 to 8 months and the uv c bulb every 10 to 12 months; filters: germ guardian filter b (model flt4825) or a 4 pack of germ guardian carbon filters (model flt22cb4); uv c bulb: model lb4000Aham verified & energy star certified this air purifier was rated for its ability to filter tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen from rooms and be energy star certified and carb compliant
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80 Reddit comments about Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer, Eliminates Germs, Filters Allergies, Pollen, Smoke, Dust Pet Dander, Mold Odors, Quiet 22 inch 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Home AC4825E:

u/axofkindness · 177 pointsr/tifu

This is a much cheaper option that works well: GermGuardian

If you smoke next to it, no smell.

u/_BATCAT_ · 11 pointsr/SeattleWA

Can you afford to buy a free-standing AC unit and an air cleaner or three? That would be my first choice for a course of action.

Otherwise, maybe take a trip to somewhere with a hotel that has AC and allows dogs?

u/l2pkdude · 10 pointsr/malelivingspace

> HEPA air filter

Something like this?

I'd need it for every room tho right?

I 100% need a humidifier in my room at all times because of how dry my room is.

I don't control my heat since it's a super old building :(

u/llamacolypse · 7 pointsr/AskWomen

Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife which I got for my husband, we needed a better kitchen knife and this one was rated pretty well by america's test kitchen

Chooka rain boots I have thick calves and these rain boots are fantastic, they're a bit wide too so I can wear wooly socks with them.

My Asus laptop

This cat lounger my cats love, especially my chunky one

And my air purifier

u/Intermitten · 5 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Because I love you, buddy:

(No brand loyalty here, but you need something like that - look for the keyword "HEPA" - your lungs will thank you)

u/Skrux77 · 5 pointsr/trees

There's many things you can do... my top of the line suggestion is Ozium.

You can:

  • Open up a window (If you're on the top floor, this is a godsend since smoke will dissipate UPWARDS. The neighbors underneath won't notice shit.)
  • Invest in a vaporizer as it will drastically cut down the smell.
  • Buy an air purifier

  • Buy a Smoke Buddy/Make a sploof
  • Buy lots of incense

    And if you seriously want to kill any odor whatsoever, it being probably the most expensive option is an Ozone Generator. Basically an unlimited version of Ozium.

    If you're feeling extra ballsy, just blow your smoke into the apartment hallways so now there's no way to tell who's getting a good bake on.
u/emskow · 4 pointsr/treedibles

I always follow the ediblesonly recipe from the sidebar. Really works! Always decarb first. There are many methods and variations to decarbing, but I usually just wrap my broken up buds in tinfoil and bake it at 230 degrees in the oven for about 30 minutes. The end re^sult should be brownish green and crunchy, dry to the touch. With a mortar and pestle, I pulverize the bud then transfer it to a mason jar with the coconut oil/butter, throw it in the crock pot with water in it at 195 degrees and let it stew for three hours. Take it out, let it cool, then freeze. I usually repeat the process again sometimes twice. Good luck and Happy cooking!

Edit: just saw you want to be smell free, which I have tried before with no smell. Simply skip the tinfoil method and put the broken up buds inside the mason jar you'll be using and increase the time of decarbing. Keep the fans going in your house and I would highly recommend investing in one of these air purifiers:
I smoke inside my apartment with this running (where we had to sign a clause to not smoke inside) and it leaves my apartment smelling brand new when I have it running for a few hours after smoking. It really helps, especially when wanting to make edibles!

u/Unacceptable_Lemons · 4 pointsr/DIY

Yep, we used to have one like this:

but ours was a different brand, "Sharper Image" I think it was. You still had to take the dust catching part outside once in a while, but it sure caught a lot. Assuming you have no major source for new dust, I'd imagine one of these in a medium/small library room would help quite a bit.

u/pandaeconomics · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

It's a horrible trade-off to make!

Here is the air purifier and I highly recommend getting both the suggested filter and pre-filter. The pre-filters get all of the pet hair and are cheaper so that you only replace those every so often instead of the entire filter. Once the pre-filter gets gray I replace it, about every month, but the actual filter only needs to be replaced a couple times a year in my experience. It depends on how much dust and other things are actually making it through.

Life has been much better with this and if you just need a dog-free space like the bedroom, it'll be even more effective because the space is smaller. :)

Edit: Also, I've had it since December of 2015 and it still works very well!

u/bigmd133 · 3 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

When I still used analog my home office was the only place I smoked in my house. Even after quitting I continue to use this: I had stopped using it but I too noticed an odor with using my ecig so much in my office.

u/Gracey11111 · 3 pointsr/legaladvice

We have the Germ Guardian:

It has completely eliminated my son’s dust mite allergen issues. I leave it running all day when he’s at school and when he comes home it’s like a ‘clean room.’

u/n0esc · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Anything in a spray, oil or incense is just masking the odor. Even Febreeze really just covers up the smell vs treating the symptoms. You're covering all the bases by washing, vacuuming, and improving air flow. The next step I would go with is an air purifier.

There are smaller ones than that one, but this has the most/highest reviews and is the best seller on Amazon for what that's worth.

u/DeathKoil · 3 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

> Germ Guardian

This one? It is a little Oval Shaped, but also is a tower.

This one? it's definitely a rectangle and not an oval, and definitely a tower.

I vape a lot in my computer room. If an air filter will reduce / eliminate the VG build up on my monitor and stop my fire alarm from going off when I chain a few big puff, seems worth it to me.

u/mstwizted · 3 pointsr/Parenting

In addition, maybe spring for a couple of good air purifiers. You want to find ones with HEPA filters, like this one.

u/DeezjaVu · 3 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

The GermGuardian was mentioned on here not too long ago:

u/biznatch11 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

I got this one:

When I'm cooking smelly stuff I actually move it to the kitchen. I think it helps.

u/amonsterinside · 3 pointsr/Allergies

You don't need $400.00 for an air purifier. Buy a GermGuardian, they're $80 and spend the rest on new filters every 1-3mo.

Immunotherapy is going to be the best option for your girlfriend. It's also really good to start immunotherapy early if your child develops allergies. Daily antihistamines might be in your favor, Costco is a great place to buy antihistamines for a year and very cheap (sub $15).

All in all, no, you're not doing any disservice to your child by not letting them inhale cigarette second hand smoke or second hand weed. Purify the air if you know it exists. Chances are your child will have allergies if the mother does. It's just the way the world works. I've been exposed to mold, dander, pollen, trees, grass, and played in the dirt and was outside my entire childhood. I'm still allergic to everything. Germ theory makes sense for allergies, but does not always play out in practice. There's something deeper that has yet to be discovered, but for now, do your best to keep your child away from secondhand smoke and don't worry too much about air allergens. They're going to get plenty of allergen exposure at school, the playground, other parts of the house, and just about anywhere you go.

u/Animus_Complex · 2 pointsr/StonerProTips

I can get away with little to no smell with this setup:
HEPA air purifier with charcoal filter that I blow out of the sploof, right behind
Glade/Febreeze plug-in
Ozium for good measure

u/killing1sbadong · 2 pointsr/MushroomGrowers

I had posted a similar question earlier and there didn't seem to be much response to it. From what I've read online, oyster mushrooms have pretty strong sporulation, and you can develop allergies etc from breathing a ton of it. With 9x5lb blocks that will probably be a lot of spores, and taking a few precautions is never a bad idea.

I am setting up a shelf greenhouse similar to your setup, and my plan is to put HEPA filters on the 120mm (computer/muffin) fans to filter the exhaust from the greenhouse.

There is a great 3D printing part designed for this exact thing.

I've printed it and it seems good so far, but I haven't actually finished setting it up. By cutting correctly shaped holes in the greenhouse (probably securing the fan with zipties) and sealing around it, you should be able to fix both your FAE problem and prevent most of the spores from leaving the greenhouse.

HEPA filters are usually 0.2-0.5 micron, and the spores are on the order of 2 micron, so they should work pretty well. As a backup / to keep the room tidy in general, I've also picked up one of these floor fans with a HEPA filter off of Amazon. That will also help remove them from the air, as some will definitely get loose over time.

Once I have my system set up I'm planning on putting up a few photos, but it'll be another week or two.

Sorry for the wall of text, hope it helps!

u/Kinaestheticsz · 2 pointsr/AnimeFigures

Get a room air purified and just run it on low all the time. It will cut down the dust SIGNIFICANTLY in such a small, enclosed space as your figures are in. Something like this would do the trick, and for not that much money overall. It would allow you to be, as you state that you want to, really really lazy :P!

u/DoodlesAndSuch · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm very glad I took my chances on this one. It was one of the cheapest ones with good ratings, but it's been beautiful! If you're interested

u/cheungster · 2 pointsr/Asthma

The only thing I guess i can recommend is the air filter. I keep it on 24/7 on low and it picks up all the dust and bad stuff in my bedroom. Without it I would wake up snorting and with an itchy feeling in the back of my throat. I'm sure it's mostly allergies but dust can have a huge effect on your asthma.

Hopefully it's not against the rules to link products...

u/Bmorehon · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

We have this air filter in baby's room doing triple duty, it filters out the cooking smells and smoke (I burn toast on the reg, don't judge) since the kitchen is right on the other side of his wall, and it's also his white noise machine and when he needs a nightlight I just turn on the blue light for him. It's been one of my favorite baby purchases!

u/budgiefacedkiller · 2 pointsr/parrots

I use this Germ Guardian air purifier in my bird room. They also offer it in a slightly larger size if you are looking to use it in a very large room (or with some really dusty birds!). It is a true HEPA filter with a carbon pre-filter to reduce odor and a UV light to kill viruses/bacteria. I usually run it 24/7 and change the filter ever 4-6 months. The replacements aren't terribly expensive. Overall I can't recommend it enough.

u/PopWhatMagnitude · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Can't comment on the for life aspect but I bought this one 14 months ago and have had no problems leaving it on low 24/7. For $100 I am happy with it. And I should admit I have only replaced the filter once and it has still held up.

GermGuardian AC4825, 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA, UV-C and Odor Reduction, 22-Inch

u/djh3315 · 2 pointsr/chinchilla

I have a HEPA air filter tower fan ( which i would highly recommend. It is quiet and helps filter a lot of the dust/hair out of the air. Be prepared to clean out the filter weekly!

u/NeeshXD · 2 pointsr/vancouverwa

We got an air filter. We had to spend a little but it's worked out extremely well. This is the one we got:

u/Paulievouz · 2 pointsr/cat

I had crazy allergies too when I first got my cat Roo. You do eventually build up an immunity, but to be fair it took me months and I was even considering seeing an allergist for shots.

The only thing that helped was taking claritin or zyrtec with a purifier I bought on amazon:

I also tried tapering off the claritin to every other day until I was finally exhibiting mild symptoms such as occasional sneezing and coughing, which I had a proair to combat.

See your doctor for allergy prescriptions or an allergist if you want to take the shot route. Other than that it'll definitely go away.

u/Ebiki · 2 pointsr/parrots

This one!

Looks like they recently dropped the price, too. I reccomend it since tiels can be very dusty birds.

u/vvwwvwvwv · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

This item has a UV-C light that kills germs. I love these things because I got allergies too and cats and it's a great multitasker. And white noise for sleeping!

Germ Guardian AC4825 22" 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter Air Purifier for Home, Full Room, UV-C Light Kills Germs, Filters Allergies, Smoke, Dust, Pet Dander, & Odors, 3-Yr Wty, GermGuardian, Grey

u/tunacanstan81 · 2 pointsr/Asthma

I have severe persistent asthma and cut grass and smoke are my big triggers. A hepa filter is a godsend this is a link to the one I use and It, alongside my meds helps when my crazy redneck neighbor gets smoky.

I hope this helps



u/kbrsuperstar · 2 pointsr/CleaningTips

I like the dusters so much I'm considering trying the dry floor swiffer to tackle the cat hair between vacuuming days. Anyway, I do have suggestions - the purifier I use (which I really like) was discontinued but this one is from the same company and seems to have all the same features. (I have another one on my wish list that has good reviews but I haven't tried.)

u/nerd0001 · 2 pointsr/gadgets

The quality of the filter does matter...the higher the rating, the better it will filter out bacteria and other harmful particles. Having a multistage filter with charcoal will further pull odors out of the air. My Dr has one of these in his small office

Here is a guide to the MERV raitings it shows what types of particles each level will generally filter out. The HEPA filters will start at level 17 and have their own scale.

You typical lowes/ homedepot air filters for your home are around a MERV 5 for basic and 11 for the higher end.

u/Flam5 · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I agree. If OP has a flashlight, respirator, some sort of eye protection and a ladder, I'd simply take a peak, and take pictures.

Short of that, OP, I'd simply recommend getting an air purifier with a UV filter such as this until it's addressed. If that's too much to deal with until the landlord comes back, I'd just look into shacking up at a friend or family's place for a few days, especially with an infant in the mix, as infants would be more susceptible to health problems due to mold being in the air.

u/Harley_Djent · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Well, I can't really say this is a budget purifier. It's $90. This is one I plan on ordering soon. It's doesn't seem to large and can cover an area of 155 square feet. The reviews are great.

u/Jh_1984 · 1 pointr/Kombucha

use a food grade carbon filter.
I got the Germ Guardian AC4825, $93 on Amazon. I got it because it was highly rated for reducing food smells.

u/ls1252 · 1 pointr/Austin

I actually purchased an air purifier and I think it has helped some. I just got this model on amazon because it's highly reviewed -

u/gurlhere · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I bought a germ Guardian one off amazon. I have yet to use it. But would love to hear if anyone has any advice on it. I just read the reviews and thought it looked like a good one.

u/KashEsq · 1 pointr/SmartThings

I recommend using one of the GermGuardian purifiers that have a physical switch. I personally have their AC4825 model plugged into a SmartThings smart outlet in my bedroom. I keep the purifier always set to Medium and use routines to control when it turns on and off.

u/meowcatninja · 1 pointr/SiberianCats

I bought this one before I got my kitten and lucky have not need to use it since bring her home more then 2 months ago, I have had no reaction at all and my reactions to cats is normally pretty bad. I would also recommend doing the allergy test in person with the breeder you have picked and not just a mailed fur test.

u/MRSN4P · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

I’ve really liked this one.

u/Roughbuddha · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

get an air purifier. they're not terribly expensive and they work great.

this is the one i got for my room and i love it. i actually got a 2nd one to put next to my cat's litter box.

u/hemipenis · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I went a different route. I wanted an air purifier for his room. So I bought this one before he was born.

GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, UV-C Sanitizer, Captures Allergens, Smoke, Odors, Mold, Dust, Germs, Pets, Smokers, 22-Inch Germ Guardian Air Purifier

Setting 1 is super quiet, 2 is still pretty quiet, 3 is noisy and has been great for drowning out noises.

So if an air purifier is on your list, or you already have one, use it instead.

u/partard · 1 pointr/engineering

Step 1 - Reduce the mold in the house.
Dry the area, dehumidifier in basement and living area even.

Step 2 - Reudce the mold in the bedroom.
Get a hepa air purifier for the bedroom - run it 24/7.
Make the room air tight if possible. Have an intake fan sucking air in and use a HEPA filter on that.

Step 3 - optional - Get a cpap machine w/ hepa filters.

At this point you should be breathing in clean air w/ no mold spores.

u/kskwerl · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I recommend this. I have three of them through out my apartment and they work great

u/imnotjonsnow · 1 pointr/AskDocs

Sounds like allergies, or your body adjusting to the atmosphere. Keep your windows closed and try an air filter like this one.

Some might say it won't work but I know my brother had some success with one when he had symptoms like it with his kids.

u/Beeftin · 1 pointr/homeowners

We've got an air purifier running in the bedroom nearly 24/7. It seems to have been helping and I've just recently started changing the filter every 3 months instead of 6. Can't say whether I've noticed a difference on the days I forget to run it or not.

We haven't noticed any moisture anywhere but if there were any it would be down the basement. We had a foundation leak last spring but cleaned and repaired it and dealt with the external drainage as well so it doesn't reoccur. Other than that I haven't noticed anything on walls or floors, our house is pleasantly dry even during the really rainy weather we've had lately.

Washing the pillows is a good idea, can't hurt!

u/zeyezai · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Do you think this will work?

It has HEPA filter, carbon filter, and charcoal filter. I'm just not quite sure how effective it would be. Don't want to spend $130 and still end up with the upper floor smelling like smoke. My dad closes the washroom door when he smokes so that's a plus. However, the smoke/odor still comes out from the bottom of the door.

u/apiccirilli · 1 pointr/3Dprinting

Nothing that I came across when I was looking for something similar, unfortunately. I found that same enclosure and it seems insanely expensive for what it is.

What I might suggest is to have the printer in a room that you can close off and ideally has outside ventilation, with a HEPA filter like this:

The studies that are out there right now show a drastic dive in ultra-fine particle concentrations within 10-30 minutes after a print is completed, so as long as the filter runs just a little after the print is finished, the air should be clear. Add in a webcam in the room and something like Octoprint for total remote control.

Hopefully some other printers with HEPA/carbon filtered enclosures will start hitting the market soon.

u/Sti_mulus · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Had this guy running for about 3 years with the only time it being off was to change the filter. Solid.
GermGuardian AC4845

Given the track record I've had with them, you could get the higher end version since it still fits your budget AC9200

u/Jessie_James · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Just get an air filter .... ?

We use those around the house and they work quite well. You can pull the filter out and blow them off.

u/jimbonics · 1 pointr/Austin

Can't recommend this thing enough:

Also, there's tons of products out there for cat allergies, wipes, gels, etc.

u/piperandcharlie · 1 pointr/AskWomen

From my parents/family: A new coat, already purchased. Since we're living in my in-laws' attic with 4 cats, a HEPA filter. We could always use Petco, Target, or Amazon giftcards too - litter and food for 4 cats is a big part of our budget.

From fiance: wireless Bluetooth speaker for our attic room. Also, for my birthday (11/29) and Xmas gift, he's paying for our winter photoshoot :)

u/ASmittyy · 1 pointr/Calgary

I’ve been using this germguardian for the past 2 years, run 24/7 and it hasn’t had a single hiccup. I find it’s quite effective. Filters are about $30 every 6 months and the pre-filter should be vacuumed monthly. It used to be Wirecutters ‘budget pick’ but it has now been replaced by a smaller tabletop unit. Check out their top picks here

u/SingleWagon · 1 pointr/Allergies

I bought this
Air purifier
which says its CADR rated 100+ for medium size room. I think that should be more then enough for a small bedroom

u/virtualmilkshake · 1 pointr/lifehacks


Here is my model. This would be the newer version.

They run about $100 and it’s as easy as plugging it into the wall and turning it on as needed. I’ve used it for cooking smells as well as pet odors (in my dog’s last days, he had terrible ear infections and went to the bathroom everywhere), and I was satisfied with how it worked. It’s also supposed to work well for preventing allergens and germs, so I’ll kick it on during peak allergy times and whenever I’m sick. It was a gift that I never imagined I would use as much as I do, and I’d highly recommend it!

u/Foobaca · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Proper air circulation is best. However you achieve it, depends on the space. The fact of the matter is, you need fresh air to ventilate properly.

My desk/work space is in the basement. Have a couple windows down here, but proper air circulation has to be forced. I use an air purifier found here

Works for vape, as well as making the air down here a bit fresher. That said, Don't blow your vape directly into it. When you first start it up, sure because why not, but don't make it a habit.

I wouldn't put stock in something made specifically for getting rid of vapor personally. If not, I'd invest in an icare/myjet/one of the less loud setups. They're definitely handy

u/lindsaybug12 · 1 pointr/Vaping

I haven't had this issue with vapor specifically, but the combination of two cats and occasional indoor smoke had us waking up congested and vacuuming/dusting all the time from the overall poor air quality. I picked up a HEPA type air filter which does an amazing job since it picks up anything 3 microns or bigger. It keeps our air clear and smelling fresh even while we vape heavily, so it may help you as well. It also does a great job of reducing dust and pet debris if that's a concern for you.

Does anyone have a reliable figure as to the size of vapor particles? That may help you see if this will work, since I believe most devices made specifically to clear vapor from the air work the same way.

This is the device we have:

u/CRIPPLED_Z0MBIE · 1 pointr/buildapc

I was looking at this.

u/trishadow09 · 1 pointr/ferrets

I don't want to repeat what has already been said, but, I will add that putting an air purifier in the same room as the cage can help a lot. We have this one:

It makes a pretty noticeable difference in reducing the smell.

u/p0rkmaster · 1 pointr/AirBnB

you don't need an expensive HEPA purifier, I got one of these and it works great:

I have in my house rules that vaping/dabbing is okay inside but joints/bongs/blunts are outside only. With the above air purifier in the house I don't have any problem at all with smell.

u/opeth10657 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I bought mine on amazon for $80

You listed a two pack, but that's still quite a bit more

u/liquidevo618 · 1 pointr/saplings

Ask you neighbor to purchase a room purifier (and hell, one for you too!)

I have this and the combo of air purifier + a candle cleans up a room to smelling fresh in like 30-60 minutes.

u/Sp3cia1K · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My item I'd like because I desperately need it and it's the lower end of the first place prize so it hopefully leaves extra to gift more people.

The person I love the most is my son (my Mom is a strong competitor for her life sacrifices to keep me safe and happy and for just being my damn Mother, she's amazing and my best friend). Cliche as it sounds, he is my world. Without him, I'd be nothing, and I honestly would not be here. My son is 19 months old, and every day is worth living because of him. Every breath is worth taking because of him. My life was empty before I had him. My reason to live is for him. My son is super fucking cute, and smart as shit for his age too. He learned everything SO early (rolling over at 2 months, sipping from a straw at 4 months, walking by 8 months). He amazes me every day with the things he's learned that I don't realize he's learned yet. He teaches me new things every day. I feel like every holiday, birthday, even normal day has more meaning and more life in it than it used to before I had him. There's this amazing feeling when this kid looks at me, smiles, and runs over to me with his arms out. And he gives me little bitty kisses even when he doesn't want to that make me feel so important to him. You probably didn't want a wall of text but I can't express how amazing having a kid is to me, having MY kid is to me, and how freaking incredible the kid is.

[I'll draw a picture of him tomorrow at work and update this]

My number to guess is 326.

Edit: I realized when checking contests that I forgot to submit my drawing I did so I know I'm disqualified. Ignore my entry, lol.

u/SirTulip · 1 pointr/internetparents

(thanks for all the help so far) Just wondering, how did you learn all of this stuff?

When should someone buy a dehumidifier? An old roommate once had some kind of personal air filter. When should someone purchase one of those?