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Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use & Avoid
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7 Reddit comments about Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use & Avoid:

u/BigBankHank · 34 pointsr/DIY


For those with any interest in getting architectural details right when you're DIY'ing, I cannot recommend this book enough. I bought 10 years ago and it's hands down my favorite/ most recommended reference ever.

I'm a contractor, the product of an interior designer mom and a lumber/building supplies wholesaler dad. Grew up with Arch Digest, Fine Homebuilding, JLC, and a million other design & home improvement publications littering the house.

u/mnewberg · 17 pointsr/minimalism

If you want to dive in deeper in to correct housing elements I would suggest finding a copy of Get Your House Right. Once you read that book you realize how poorly some houses are designed, and how easy it would be to fix.

Much of the stuff the book highlights is visually wrong, but it goes into detail why it is wrong, and how to correct.

u/poirotoro · 11 pointsr/RoomPorn

Also, the majority of America (and the world) is untrained in the rules of classical architecture. Including me! But I ended up working in historic preservation/documentation, so that's given me enough on-the-job experience to understand what is "correct" and what isn't.

One of my favorite books in this vein is Get Your House Right by Marianne Cusato. She went through (what I understand to be) the near-fanatically Classicist architecture program at Notre Dame, and it really shows. It has some spot-on illustrations, if a bit rigid in philosophy.

u/Rabirius · 7 pointsr/architecture

For identifying the elements and composing with them:

Classical Architecture by Robert Adam is really great.

Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use & Avoid by Marianne Cusato is also very useful.

Regarding the second point, it comes from a reading of Vitruvius and his principle of decorum. For a good overview, I recommend Architecture, Liberty and Civic Order by Carroll William Westfall.

u/ningwut5000 · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Not that person but:
get your house right is a pretty good book on architectural details

u/Orthodox_Mason · 3 pointsr/architecture

I am going to recommend a couple of books that should provide insight into the language that buildings speak. These books get at the established rules of building design in a practical way. Certainly, the conversation of architecture is an immense and ongoing conversation, but I think these books serve as a good introductory.

The Old Way of Seeing

Get Your House Right

u/tas121790 · 1 pointr/architecture

This book outlines many of the design pitfalls that ruin many houses. "Get Your House Right"

Its from an American perspective though so not sure how much that will help you in Barcelona.