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9 Reddit comments about Ghostbusters: Total Containment (Ghostbusters Deluxe Editions):

u/Sgt_Bilbo · 4 pointsr/geektogeekcast

Good Tuesday!

I've been absent from the community for awhile, and I've missed you guys!

As for geeky stuff, the biggest thing for me right now is my new Oculus Rift. After hoarding AMEX points for several years, I decided it was time to cash-out and snag the device I built my rig for 2 years ago! OMG, this is the best purchase I think I've ever made! Been playing Robo Recall, Echo Arena, and Superhot VR and I can't express how I feel about this thing. My wife FINALLY tried it out last night, and I should have recorded it on video...the gasps she made as she turned around and realized there was more environment behind her was...magical. My reward tonight will be jacking into Elite: Dangerous with my cousin-in-law (hopefully) and tearing through the cosmos in search of bounty and something to shoot at!

The rest of my gaming time is now spent with either Horizon: Zero Dawn or PUBG. Haven't really had much time for anything else due to family stuff as my youngest prepares to enter kindergarten!

Also...I turn 40 this coming Sunday...part of me is excited...part of me is depressed...not sure why. Its just a number, right?

Also, if you've never seen them, there are two Ghostbusters graphic novels that I HIGHLY recommend!

Ghostbusters: Total Containment

Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria

Lots of fun, great art style and I wonderful way to expand on the universe of the ORIGINAL team.

Have a great week, ya'll!

u/J-Talking · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

A while back, there was a Humble Bundle that included almost everything in the IDW Ghostbusters series. Because I deeply care about reading things in the right order, I looked up the publication dates of each of the books included, which didn't waste as much time as the length of the list would make it look.

My original post is here.

I made that list before I read the series, but after reading the series, I'll add this: The order I listed is accurate, but you don't need to read all the stuff before Series 1. It's all technically canon, but it's not really important, and doesn't come up often at all. But the 2009 video game is pretty important, so I suggest you also familiarize yourself with that plot if you haven't already.

So I suggest you either start with Total Containment, the hardcover containing the entire first series; or just the first paperback volume.

On a related note, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters" is also canon, and I think it's pretty alright, but it's not essential if you don't want to spend that money. "Get Real" is important, though.

u/m00dsl1m3 · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters Wika is a great place to start. Here is the IDW Publishing Ghostbusters ongoing issue #1 page. Highly recommend picking up the hardcover editions. Total Containment and Mass Hysteria are both amazing and beyond worth it. Collecting the single issues is also great, especially when you collect variant covers.

u/CommodoreBluth · 1 pointr/gaming

If you liked the game and want even more Ghostbusters check out the IDW Ghostbusters comic. It's an excellent continuation of the 2 movies and the game storyline. There are 2 main collections, Total Containment: and Mass Hysteria:

u/schbaseballbat · 1 pointr/movies

Okay, I'm going to sort this out for you because i fucking HATED the IDW comic series when it first launched. You need the Ghostbusters: Total Containment

It has the IDW comics, including stuff that links to the movie. It picks up a little slow, but gets much better eventually. The first run of IDW comics where the guys all get killed and have to come back from the dead was absolutely stupid and terrible, and left a bad taste in my mouth, so i held out for years. Additionally, you should try to get your hands on the 88mph comics. there are only 4. you have to collect them in single issues, but it is above and beyond better than anything IDW has done. it really feels like an extension of the movies and is a joy to read. Unfortunately 88mph went out of business. so you need to hop on ebay to collect them all. WELL worth it though.

u/vanruyn · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

Is this different from Ghostbusters: Total Containment and Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria? As in, if there is more past those two collections....I may need to acquire these....This cover looks like something that happened in the Mass Hysteria book. I have both of them and they are great! Although, I'd consider both books to be Ghostbusters 4 with Ghostbusters 3 being the video game (since Rookie is introduced in the game and appears in the comics).

u/Strikersquad · 1 pointr/alternativeart

Then by all means buy it!

u/TheShanesaw · 1 pointr/comicbooks

I love the IDW comics myself. The 2011 series ran for sixteen issues and was then relaunched in 2013. The series follows the two movies and the video game as canon (with minor differences). You can pick up the 2011 series in paperbacks or a very nice Total Containment hardcover that collects all sixteen issues.