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u/Trexid · 4 pointsr/whisky

You've come to the right place. There are a ton of excellent community members here who are eager to help new-comers like yourself. Stay within the whisky network and you'll be a seasoned malt / mash head in no time!

  • Add a few drops of water First tip.. Only cool clean (bottled or filtered) water is allowed in your single malts and bourbons. Add a little bit at a time to get used to drinking it "neat" (without water).

  • Invest in a nosing glass A Glencairn or a Capita or a regular wine glass will due in a pinch.

  • Ask questions! Don't be afraid to ask other community members for help or tips.

  • Read a ton of reviews This will help guide you to figure out which flavor profiles you like best and help you decide on making educated purchases. Our goal is to help you avoid buying shitsky as /u/texacer likes to call it.

  • Check out the side bar and malt map here and other side bar resources. There are some excellent videos posted under helpful stuff. Plenty of documentaries about Scotch whisky. I'll need to work on a Bourbon video section at some point.

    Cheers sir or madam, and enjoy yourself!
u/Dustin_Breadcrumbs · 4 pointsr/Scotch

How does he drink his scotch?

If with ice, go with a rocks glass and throw in a round ice maker.

If he drinks it neat or with a little water, go with the Glencarin glasses everyone is recommending. They are my go to. Another solid choice in this vein would be a copita nosing glass. They're basically a Glencairn on a stick.

Whatever you choose, Amazon or Waterford, a nice touch would be getting the glassware engraved.

u/Rhetoriclese · 1 pointr/Scotch

I love the sturdy glencairn. Stemware has just a little more sex appeal.

u/quercus_robur · 1 pointr/tequila

Cool idea, although it's not for me.

Looks similar to the NEAT glass:

I use a nosing glass like this for all my spirits:

There is no way to dissipate ethanol vapors while concentrating aromas--they're both the same thing. So I want/need concentrated aromas to get the most out of a spirit, and the alcohol vapors don't bother me.

Good luck with your product, though! You might want to try it with whiskey and expand your target audience, at least as an alternative to the NEAT glass.

u/Brian_MB_05 · 1 pointr/Scotch

As a few others have mentioned - as you become more exposed to peat the less shocking, if you will, to your taste it will be. However, the more complexities you may find being able to taste between the peat.

As to the glassware, if you're just drinking out of tumblers, I'd highly recommend getting some tasting glasses. There's the classic Glencairn, the Canadian Glencairn, a copita or anything similar. A glass like these will allow the whisky to concentrate and focus the smell which will allow you to find the more underlying character of the various whiskies.