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21 Reddit comments about Google For Dummies:

u/matty961 · 6 pointsr/uwaterloo

This book should be good enough to last you through undergrad.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Minecraft

You are a few years too late... They seem to be still trucking along.

u/larry_lol · 3 pointsr/Guitar

At least for a lot of the posters in /r/Guitar, I'd say Google for Dummies would be useful.

u/davidthefat · 3 pointsr/learnprogramming

Google for Dummies

Realistically, way more information than you need.

u/vkmita · 3 pointsr/berkeley

Haha this.

u/1092384756 · 3 pointsr/GrandTheftAutoV

Couple hours searching? Just google "GTA V General Lee reddit". The dukes isn't even in GTA V I think you meant the Vigero. I'm sorry for any miscomunication I don't think I said anything to lead you to belive I am with the police. If you really want to exile yourself from society then perhaps you could use a canoe and paddle out to an uninhabited island, I'd recommend getting one made of aluminum if thats within your budget. It'll take me a while to learn smoke signals, I'd have to attend classes or buy a book. I tried to include a few links so you don't have to spend a week trying to google anything I mentioned, but in case you need help this book could come in handy

u/Neurobug · 2 pointsr/DerekSmart

Beaten? I've literally been laughing at you. Lol. Good job, guess someone should tell CIG they are broke then! Lol. It obviously takes a genius to understand that a company keeps selling their product to not go out of business. Quick, tell Amazon!

And sorry thought you MIGHT have two brain cells to do a search. Guess I was wrong! Here ya go!

Still waiting on your successful crowd funding campaign. Just gonna ignore that huh? Derek was wrong about names, about FTC investigations, about lawsuits, about studios closing, about CIG being out of money, about 2.0 being impossible, about 2.63 being shown at gamescom, about Ali B being fired, about Tony Z leaving CIG, about mass walkouts, about money laundering, about Amazon buying CIG, about the engine switch ( he doesn't even understand what a fucking game engine is) about his own fucking games ever launching. He was caught red-handed taking made up bullshit from "Steve" and IMMEDIATELY tweeting it, and then tried to play it off like he actually knew all along. So, is it worse to be wrong, or just pretend to be wrong and still be wrong? lol You taking anything he says seriously is just sad. And anyone who believes him after he's been proven such a liar and moron, must equally be as idiotic. But sure, lets beleive him, thats why CIG is out of money and not making the game....except they are. So...your "facts" or reality? pick one? Obviously it isn't the latter. So, I repeat, fuck off troll lol. You aren't "winning" you're just making yourself look stupider with each post.

u/CronkDocker · 2 pointsr/vmware

Ahh I see that you are not familiar with Google, please see reference to an amazing book that can assist you with your troubles.

u/ChamplainBridgeTroll · 2 pointsr/montreal
u/erasedeny · 1 pointr/WTF

Did you mean...

I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make. Their market research not only examines whether there's a large target audience, but also whether that audience is willing to spend money on this topic. Sure, neither of us spend our time or money on these games, but there are hundreds of millions of people who play obsessively and sink cash into the microtransaction model. They are, in fact, already spending money - what makes you think they wouldn't buy a book about their hobby as well?

u/need_tts · 1 pointr/poker

start with this one

u/playaspec · 0 pointsr/skeptic

> Because it's not bullshit.

It is bullshit. I check for it's location prior to replying to your post. If you can't find it, that's on YOU, not Google.

>"Tools" is not an option on either the default search page

Nice qualifier. "default search page". I see that about once every other month. 99.999% of people don't load the man page to search. They type their search query into the URL box and get a results page, that has the option to further restrict results by date.

>It's also not anywhere on the "search settings" page.

That's it. Keep looking for it EVERYWHERE it's not, while simultaneously denying that it's been available on EVERY results page since forever.

>It's possible they're using more than one page for different markets.

It's also possible you're overlooking the obvious.

>The ONLY time-based option for advanced search that shows up is "Last update." "Custom range" is nowhere on this page, at all.

Perhaps this book might help you.

u/sportsokkendrager · 0 pointsr/worldnews

> How is this any worse?

Who said this was worse? Or is there a rule that there can only be outrage about one thing at a time?

> wheres the outrage there?

I think this would be a good starting point for you to find the outrage.

u/Bray4ever8 · 0 pointsr/WikiLeaks

Clearly I do know how to use Google as I found the information rather quickly and easily and responded. You couldn't.

This should help and when you figure it all out, let me know.

u/mcoalson · -1 pointsr/DunderMifflin

Glad you took time out of your day to accuse me of karma whoring... must have a lot of friends =) Was watching the office and thought to google something. Again sorry this is so out of this world that it must be a lie. If you'd like, here's some reading that can help with the difficult task of thinking something to yourself and then asking google about it.