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Greenday iTRE!
Green Day- Tre
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u/ShadowHy3gon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

NYC is awesome! I live not too far away in NJ, so I go there all the time.

I would like the ¡TRÉ! vinyl from my wishlist. I have ¡UNO! and ¡DOS! on vinyl. But, for some reason, I never bought ¡TRÉ!. Green Day has always been one of my favorite bands. They were my "gateway" band from pop to rock back in 7^th Grade when my friend burned me a copy of American Idiot for my birthday, which I still have.

Here's some meaningful lyrics (not Green Day, though):

Scars can be so hard to hide
When all around is flawless
But where we've been makes us who we are
But in the darkest times
You find out what you're made of
And I swear there's more to you than you know
~ For All Those Sleeping - "Follow My Voice"