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Hada Labo Japan Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Bubble Foaming Cleanser 160ml
HadaLabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam gently exfoliates skin to remove impurities, dirt and oil trapped within pores.Instantly foaming and easy to massage, this wash rinses clean without drying out your skin.Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorants. Skin pH balanced. Low irritation.Use morning and night for a luxurious yet practical start to softer, more supple skin.Preserve your skin's natural moisture as you wash. Made in Japan
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45 Reddit comments about Hada Labo Japan Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Bubble Foaming Cleanser 160ml:

u/mdkps · 43 pointsr/AsianBeauty

i started an ab routine about 2 years ago but i still havent found the perfect routine - but im getting there.

  • double cleanse with mineral oil (pm only, still trying to find something like hada labo cleansing oil that wont break me out on my period)
  • hada labo foaming face wash (hg - i will NEVER change this. ever.)
  • (non ab) skinoren (azelaic acid 20%, currently on its way to hg status)
  • naturie hatomugi skin conditioner (hg, helps with redness and gives dat glow)
  • ceradan hydra cream (hg, gimme dem ceramiiides)
  • skin aqua uv watery gel (am only, someday ill find the perfect sunscreen. but that day is not today...)

    you can check the routine megathreads for some people with full hg routines. all the best to you!

    edit: here is an amazon link to the face wash because idk how to upload pictures.
u/borborborbor · 38 pointsr/movingtojapan

I usually recommend Biore Watery Essence as a starter SPF. It has bit of alcohol in it, but other than that, the application is so smooth and the coverage is great. Whenever you get here, head to any Don Quixote, Cosme Shop, or any other sort of drug store. They often have samples out of things (especially the Cosme shops), so you'll be able to try out different brands and types on your arms and see what leaves a cast, has a weird smell or texture you don't like, or my favorite - for some reason has some sneaky shiny highlighter powder bullshit in it.
On that note, some classics in Japan might not be for you. Best to avoid anything that promotes: tone up, brightening, color correcting, etc. (which is quite a lot of the market right now tbh), or strictly mineral based (zinc or titanium dioxide) ones because they will leave a whitecast on darker skin tones. Here's a ranking of current SPFs in Japan by popularity.
SPFs here are typically either oil based ('milk' type) or water based ('essence' type). Oil is best for body, sinks in easily, a lot runnier and easier to apply, can be a bit moisturizing. Water is best for face, usually more of a gel like texture, tends to clog pores less, but usually has more alcohol in it, so it can be drying. But YMMV, and I know people who use the milk types on their face with no issues (but uh, I am not one of them).
Another thing to note is that SPF, and skincare in general, is often reformulated every year or so, but still sold under the same brand/item. So if something was working well for you and suddenly isn't, that is likely the culprit. There are also some ingredients in sunscreen that may irritate your skin, such as fatty alcohols, higher alcohol content, fragrance, etc. so if one doesn't work or is causing dryness or clogged pores or blemishes, search for your item on cosdna for ingredients that may be triggering issues, and just keep trying ones that don't have suspected irritants in it.
A lot of nicer sunscreens retail for ¥1500-2000/30-50ml. But there are also a ton of great ones for way less! So don't feel pressure into getting the creme de la creme. Paying ¥600-800/50ml is a decent range to expect. There are waterproof ones for those super sweaty days, but honestly, nothing beats reapplication every two hours of sun exposure. Finding a sunscreen that is enjoyable to apply is really the key to consistent usage. And you should also look into getting an oil cleanser and a soap cleanser for the evening. The oil cleanser is rubbed into your skin, dry, and then emulsified away with water. It helps break down and remove a lot of the longer lasting ingredients in SPF. Follow it up with a foam cleanser and you'll be golden. (These are my two recs for cheap and great for that.)
Anyway. Gooooood lucccccck my dude. LMK if you need any more overwhelming amounts of info. Hahaha.

u/n3rdfish · 23 pointsr/SkincareAddictionUK

I have oily skin, but the oiliness decreased DRAMATICALLY once I (a) stopped using strong, stripping cleansers and (b) addressed some underlying dehydration issues.

First, paradoxically, you've got to stop drying your face out. The second ingredient in that toning lotion is alcohol - as a start, I'd stop using that. The second ingredient in that cleanser is sodium laureth sulphate - I'd also replace that with something much gentler, like Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, or my favourite, Hada-Labo Cleansing Foam.

You've got to get some hyaluronic acid and ceramides into your skin to help repair your moisture barrier. For me, the key to repairing my oily/dehydrated skin has been using multiple light watery hydrating layers - this is where Asian products really are better. For hyaluronic acid, you could try Hadalabo Light Lotion. This is basically an extremely light hyaluronic acid serum that almost looks like water, that you pat into your face after cleansing. You could also try layering that with Cerave Lotion at night to get some ceramides into your poor skin.

For me, the best mattifying primer is my sunscreen, Biore Perfect Milk, but this does leave a slight white cast so is not suitable for deeper skin tones.

So, TL:DR, your drying cleanser and toner are doing you no favours. Invest in light, watery hydrating layers to repair your moisture barrier. And pls use sunscreen!

u/anniecakes · 12 pointsr/AsianBeauty
u/notmycat · 9 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Yeah, someone on this sub turned me onto this as a face cleanser instead and I'm obsessed. Best I've ever used and it's only $10, y'all. Of course I've now graduated to $45 eye cream, daytime lotion and nighttime lotion, but that's because my adult skin is literally more prone to breakouts than my high school skin.

u/ohwhereismycoffee · 7 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Oil cleanser --> Foaming cleanser --> hydrating toner in the moist or light version --> emulsion --> cream

The Gokujyun range gets translated in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, so it can get a little confusing. The name 'Gokujyun' simply means 'super hydrating', all of the products contain hyaluronic acid, and the range consists of the clear, hydrating 'lotion' (what is known in Western countries as a 'toner'), an emulsion/milk, which looks and feels like a thin Western moisturizer (it's white, and comes in a smaller bottle than the lotion) and then the gel-cream hybrid 'cream'.

Edited to add: you don't have to use every step from the range. You can use them in conjunction with products from other brands/ranges.

u/iemg88 · 7 pointsr/AsianMasculinity

This is my carefully crafted list according to friends/reddit and other sources. enjoy

Skin Care (in order of application)

Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam, 160ml

Klairs Unscented Toner

Time Revolution MISHA Essence

MISHA Time Revolution Night Repair AMPOULE

CNP Laboratory 50 SPF sunscreen (since it doesnt burn like others)- i bought in korea,

Also seems promising is La Roche-Posay Anthelios Cooling Water Lotion Sunscreen

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb MOISTURIZER


Maintenance skincare masks:

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask Original (I only use twice a week)

Innisfree skin clinic mask-Madecassoside(10 sheets)- Use like every other day

\^ hands down the best face mask

u/eep27 · 6 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Morning routine:

u/LeviPerson · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

The pimples around your chin. I almost never get them, but when I tried the hydrating cleanser my skin lost its shit in some areas and refused to find it until I stopped using it. It's odd because I too use CeraVe in the tub and found it bizarre that another of their best-reviewed products would nuke my face. I've been using this for a while and kinda love it.

Granted, that may not be your problem. Just thought I'd share my experience. :)

u/violets_will · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Cannot recommend Hada Labo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam enough. Doesn't strip at all, right pH level, fun to use. Little goes a long way, and its refillable. YMMV, people on this sub tend to either love it or feel "meh" to it.

I have super sensitive, dehydrated skin and this is perfect for it. No fragrance either, big bonus.

u/IsaTurk · 4 pointsr/asianbeautyexchange

I was interested in the HL face wash, but $14 (used, incl shipping) is a lot considering it's $9.98 (new, incl shipping) on amazon. Even if someone is in NYC, amazon is still cheaper.

u/MiyaMiya79 · 4 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I would pick the popular [Hada Labo Gokujun cleanser] ( (spelled wrong as Gokujyn on Amazon) instead, as it has a cleaner ingredients list and slightly lower pH than the Tokyo cleanser. Plus it comes in an awesome foaming pump bottle. If you want to, you could also opt for the [Hada Labo premium] ( version instead of regular Gokujun lotion, as it has 5 types of hyaluronic acid is much thicker and more moisturizing, but that is up to you

u/AlexaviortheBravier · 3 pointsr/ftm

No problem.

I had some issues where I kept changing something in it and messing all my progress up. Been doing much better now that I realized I was the problem. Seems like a lot in writing, but it really isn't much.

  • Wash hands

  • Wash face with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser gently using kojac sponge

  • Pat dry with washcloth

  • Apply Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera with a cotton square/circle

  • After shaking to mix, pat on CeraVe Moisturizing Cream to which I had previously added almost .5 fl oz/15mL of 100% pure tea tree oil. (I think I read that it should be no more than 10% tea tree oil.) Last time I used Now tea tree oil but I have also used Jason.

  • Wait a while and sunscreen before going out, added to help scarring. Not sure if the one I had been using was good for my skin though so I won't put a brand here.

    I mainly use the kojac sponge because it cuts down on me picking the flacky skin off my face which tended to be the gateway to me picking acne or peeling off scabs.



    (I do my face wash last step in the shower even though places tend to recommend against it because of the heat; if I turned up the heat a lot during my shower, I turn it down to wash my face. It seemed to me that I used more heat in the sink after showering since my hands can stand heat better than the rest of my body.)

  • Wash face and neck with Hado Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam (Harsher so I prefer it at night.)

  • Pat dry with towel before drying any other part of my body. (I go face, hair, upper back, rest of me and don't lay a towel on my back after showering since that seemed to cause acne.)

  • Apply Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera with a cotton square/circle

  • After shaking to mix, pat on Differin Gel

  • Pat on same CeraVe Moisturizing Cream as above to face and neck.

    Shower details:

    I use shampoo/conditioner that doesn't contain sulfates. I know my one friend realized that sulfates in her shampoo were likely what was causing her back to break out. I use this which is expensive but it lasts me a year even though I tend to overuse it.

    I also wash in the following order: shampoo, conditioner (leave in), private areas with water, wash my hands with my body soap (Dr. Bronner's), then my shoulders/back before any other part since that seemed to cut down on back acne as well. Last, in order, I wash my armpits, groin (not the inside of genitals, I mean my groin pit?? [Where my leg bends] I cover my genitals to keep soap out of that area.), feet. Then I rinse out the conditioner and do my face wash routine.

    Edit: Also forgot to mention that I avoid letting soap sit on my skin. Trial and error seems to show that that causes me to breakout as well so I rinse it off as I go.

    I don't change my pillowcase every night but I flip them. I have two pillows I sleep on and I sleep once on each before changing the pillowcase.

    I would definitely recommend changing one thing or adding one thing at a time and patch testing if you can.

    ETA: If your acne is severe, I'd still recommend a dermatologist when you can go. Or maybe talking to your primary doctor even. My HRT prescriber, for my acne, prescribed me Doxycycline and Tretinoin at one point. I don't use either, currently, but you can try using a non-dermatologist if you don't have any other option.

    Edit2: Clarified some minor things.
u/Lulucons · 3 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I am an African American guy new to skincare and AB in general. I built a plan and I wanted to get some opinions and suggestions on what I have before I follow through with buying everything. I have really oily skin, and I live in Southern California. I'm focused on wrinkles and tightening my pores and skin as a whole.

First cleanser: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Second cleanser: Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser

Toner: Hada Labo Alpha Lotion

Moisturizer: Hada Labo Hyaluronic Lotion

u/ZG2047 · 3 pointsr/SebDerm

Hello and welcome to SebDerm you are in the right place.

First and foremost : stop buying new products every week, unless you have desastrous effects or flare ups.
Introducing a new product in your skincare routine means that you must use this product dilligently for 3 to 4 weeks before you can draw any kind of concrete conclusion.

You mentionned that Dandrazol works for you that's very good, hang on to it- use that frequently for a few weeks with a type of oil as suggested below for at least 3 weeks before you draw any conclusion.
If you have a big problem with flakes I strongly recommend one type of oil for your scalp and behind your ears:

  • MCT Oil.
  • Mineral Oil.
  • Squalane Oil.

    PS: I'm personally a fan of MCT OIL for the cost efficiency I used this one in the past but do your research and try to find a product yourself.

    If you want to relieve the symptoms on your face and still keep it budget friendly :

  • Benton - Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel - use this after washing your face - Generally Safe contains Propolist with is an antifungal and helps inhibiting Seb Derm.
  • Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam - Might cause a reaction depending on your skin or might work
    Note if you use product or a similar one I recommend that you use a suncreen from this list the budget friendly Japanese products are not available on Amazon prime anymore but you can generally find them on Ebay UK.

    For lasting improvements inspect your routine most people have bad habits and bad habits die hard.

  • Do you use any make up ? did you notice any patterns of flare up when using some type of make up ?
  • Do you smoke ?
  • How is your overall diet ?
  • How is the quality of your tap water ?
  • How often do you wash your pillow and bed sheets ?
  • How is the moisture in your living space ?
  • Do you have good sleep habits ?
  • Do you lack any vitamins when did you last check your blood or do a full checkup ? Did you go see a dermatologist ?

    If you have any questions and can't find the answer by yourself don't hesitate we are here to help you fight this stupid skin condition !!!
u/h0t0togisu · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddictionUK

What Stegateratops said.

THAT SAID, if you wanted to gradually start a new routine, here's what I'd go for:


  • Hadalabo Cleansing Foam. pH neutral, affordable, incredibly gentle.

  • OPTIONAL: Hadalabo Light Lotion. It's a little bit lighter than the usual Hadalabo lotion, but BE SURE TO PATCH TEST. I find this invaluable for giving combination skin a very light, comfortable dose of moisture.

  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen. Yes, you need sunscreen, even in the UK.


  • Any cleansing oil. I like the L'oreal one that you can get from Boots. Apply to dry skin, wait a minute, massage, rinse. You might feel little 'grits' pop out while you're massaging.

  • Follow with your foaming cleanser from AM.

  • Paula's Choice BHA Liquid. Pat on after you've cleansed. I like to let it sit for 10 minutes before proceeding, but La Paula says you don't have to.

  • OPTIONAL - your Hadalabo lotion if you choose to get it.

  • Loads of moisturiser options. I like Neutrogena Moisture Boost at the moment, but some people find it a little drying.

    But, again: see a GP about your acne, there may be some other treatments that can help. Add new products very gradually. PATCH TEST. For acne, I choose a spot beside my nose and dab that new product on every day for about 10 days. I've discovered that quite a few products break me out when I do that, it's very much worth trying. And WEAR SUNSCREEN. It's not optional. Sun damage causes large pores to look much much worse.

    Good luck.
u/kitty_hawkins · 3 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I LOVE AZELAIC ACID. So I pretty well thought I would live with a red face forever along with a severely damaged moisture barrier. The biggest thing that helped me was azelaic acid. I use Melazepam from Amazon. Cheap and works! It's thick at first but smoothes into my skin leaving it kinda matte. At first it itched like crazy and I wasn't using it consistently enough. Then after more research, I decided to use it up and give it a chance. Along with anything high in ceramide, my skin got used to the 20% AzA. Maybe around the 10th day of twice daily use, my skin finally started to look normal. I also switch my oil cleanser to an olive oil based one and saw even more improvement in my redness. I've just added in Vit C to my under eye area and continuing to use Melazepam around the rest of my face and neck and my ENTIRE COMPLEXION is EVEN NOW! Would never have believed that was possible. Melazepam has also minimized my SFs on my nose, has finally stopped this ingrown hair on my neck from forming (I've had it for years!!!), and has cleared all the CCs on my forehead. I repeat: I loooooove azelaic acid, specifically Melazepam!

Current routine:


Garnier Micellar Water - pink cap or Cerave Foaming cleanser

Cosrx Aha/bha Clarifying Treatment Toner

BELITAE Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid to my under eye area and upper cheeks

Melazepam to the rest of my face and neck, especially my nose. Sometimes I wait after the Vit C but not usually since I don't use them in the same spots.

I do wait 15-20 minutes after my actives step.

SCINIC First Treatment Essence 3 skin method. My face loves this more than the Missha FTE.

SCINIC Snail All In One Ampoule or SCINIC Honey All In One Ampoule depending on the day.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

A'PIEU PURE BLOCK Natural Sun Cream SPF45/PA+++ I don't see much sunlight at all but when I do, this one keeps me from turning beet red imediately upon application.

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Derma Green-Cure Solution Recover Cream This is the best thing I've found for redness and skin barrier repair! My skin loves ceramides so much and this soothes like nothing I've found yet.

Medela Tender Care Lanolin Tube on my lips. Yes it's nip cream. I couldn't use it all up while nursing and it causes my skin to redden so it's perfect for a little lip color.


ROHTO Hada Labo Gokujun Cleansing Oil My skin reacted to Holika Holika Soda Pore B.b Deep Cleansing Oil so this is my second one to try and I'm really enjoying it.

Cerave Foaming cleanser with a konjac sponge but waiting on
Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam in the mail.

Cosrx Aha/bha Clarifying Treatment Toner

BELITAE Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid to my under eye area and upper cheeks

Melazepam to the rest of my face and neck, especially my nose like the AM.

SCINIC First Treatment Essence 3 skin method.

All depending on how I'm feeling that evening:

LJH TeaTree 90 Essence

SCINIC Snail All In One Ampoule

SCINIC Honey All In One Ampoule

Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence

Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

MIZON Snail Repair Eye Cream

Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch Not sure if I like these or not honestly...

Some or all of these layers followed by CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and

Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream

Pretty sure my shower filter, Mermosis, has also helped my skin and hair.

I also use sometimes REVITABOOST PEEL Anti-Aging Peel Pads or Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid but I skip my AzA on those days and just go back to my regular routine the following day. These are rare for me though because they make me ridiculously red again.

Things I'm waiting on in the mail:

ROSETTE Aqua Ceramide Gel

Rumase BIFIDA Snail Toner

Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam

It's Skin Power 10 Formula - PO Effector

Hoping the all work well for me too!

u/justdoingmytime · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Hi everyone! I'm very new to AB and after reading through many guides and articles, I created my first routine, and it's made up of the basics (since you guys said to limit your haul to 4-5 items), I have these items in my amazon cart ready to go, but I wanted to get a second opinion!

Skin Type: Dry/Acne-Prone | Country/Climate I'm in: Seattle - Rainy and Cold | Top Skin Concern: PIH/Acne


u/essenceofLLAMA · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I'm sorry to hear you had a reaction to the Hada Labo Gokujyun Foaming Face Wash - I found it drying as well, but didn't have that same reaction. I did recently have a reaction to the Biore UV Watery Essence sunscreen (I'm thinking maybe it was the citrus extracts?), and it took me about 3-4 days to get back to normal-ish and about a week to 10 days to fully recover. I went super boring on my recovery routine:

  • La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser (non-foaming, pH 5.5)

  • Hada Labo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (both applied directly to skin and the cotton square masking technique, pH 5.5)

  • Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel (pH 5.5)

  • Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (pH 5.5)

  • Vaseline as an occlusive at night

  • No actives and no sunscreen (partially because I was traumatized by sunscreen and unsure of what ingredient(s) gave me the reaction, and partially because I didn't think my skin could handle double cleansing to remove the sunscreen if I wore it)

    It can and will get better!

    I recently went through and re-pH-tested a bunch of my products, after reading Snow's blog post on the disappointment and betrayal of product reformulation, and I got the same result that you did on the Hada Labo Gokujyun Foaming Face Wash! pH = 7, with or without water mixed in (my tap water has a pH of 7)! I'll have to go home and check the expiration date/location of manufacture, but I ordered my Hada Labo Foaming Face Wash on Amazon on October 18, 2017 and received it on October 24, 2017.

    When/where did you buy yours? I posted about this in the Daily Help Thread on November 15, 2017, hoping to see if anyone else had the same experience as me. I wonder if there are more of us...
u/haras8534 · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

If it’s this one, I have been eying it up. It’s in my amazon cart and I am ordering it this coming payday 😜

u/mastiii · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have read that CeraVe SA cleanser is a happy medium between the two. I'm hoping someone else can chime in because I've never tried it.

Hadalabo foam cleanser is great too. It has a pH of 5.5 and is a really nice, soft foam. It's probably a bit close to a foaming cleanser than a hydrating cleanser though, if that's a concern for you. I didn't find it to be drying though.

u/gabpaloma · 2 pointsr/glossier

I agree! I noticed this when I couldn't find my MJC for a week and noticed that my skin felt more ~dehydrated than usual. I recommend the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Foaming Cleanser or Senka Perfect Whip if you're on the lookout for something similar. Does a slightly better job with removing makeup too!

u/TigerLady-TX · 2 pointsr/30PlusSkinCare

You want this:

Hada Labo Japan Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Bubble Foaming Cleanser 160ml

u/EasyToLearnName · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

On a side note for any New Yorkers and those visiting New York City...

I just heard about Teso Life from a post yesterday on this subreddit, and I checked it out today. It’s like a mini Mitsuwa marketplace!! Has all things Japanese — skincare, foods, etc.

Price wise, at least for Hada Labo products, there is a $1~$2 markup. I think this is fair considering NYC rent, and how shipping from Japan takes forever and usually costs money.

For example, Amazon Cleansing Foam Price , is $10. And it’s $11.99 in store.

Yeah... those are my two cents for anyone curious.

u/blobasaur · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddictionUK

If you’re open to using Asian skincare products, they have tons of gentle/low ph ones! I use the Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser which I buy off Amazon UK you can also head over to r/AsianBeauty and search for low ph cleansers if you’re interested!

u/Helen0rz · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

can someone please help me confirm if this is the [current packaging] ( to Hada Labo's foaming wash? A friend is going to pick up some stuff for me there soon and I want to be able to provide pictures for her so she doesn't have to hunt things down

also, what are the difference between these 3 Heroine mascara? One is the film version that's supposedly easier to remove, but I'm confused about the regular looking one and the one that says something like version 3?

version 3?



u/LilKaylie · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I recently ordere

u/jpanda820 · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

As a newbie to ScA, I'll start out here instead of a new post...

Picture here

Previously, my skin has been pretty decent. Some acne to deal with but nothing like this. I'd say it first cropped up about 5 months ago. It felt like a bug bite because there was a definite bump. It kinda went away, but now it's come back again with what feels like it's bigger and still kinda has a bump to it as if it's filled with pus or whatever.

I have relatively dry skin and I don't really use a whole lot.

Face Wash - But I've used this for a year+ now so I doubt it's that...

In addition to what the heck caused this, what's the quickest/best way to remove the discoloration?

Thank you!

u/PootMcGroot · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Their Gokujyun Foaming Face Wash one, which has a pH of 5.5.

u/pinemeipple · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Hi! I'm trying to buy the hada labo gokujyn foaming cleanser on amazon but i'm not sure which one to buy. There is this one and the "newer" version. The first one has 191 reviews and the newer one has 37 reviews. Is there really a difference between these two and which one should I buy?

u/StrawberryGuillotine · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

What is the difference in these Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foams?

I've read they changed the formula to something more drying but which one is which?

First one:

Second one:

u/juicyfizz · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Is this the one?

u/Nekkosan · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Sunscreen: you have to use the full amount (quite a bit) for it to work at all reliably. Mineral still has to be touched up if you are out in the sun for more than 2 hours. It is more stable than some chemical sunscreens but doesn't mean it doesn't wear off. Makeup doesn't count as suncreen but is a nice extra boost of SPF.


All sunscreens are anti aging. Sun is one of the biggest agers and the most prevetable. I don't use mineral sunscreens so can't suggest one. There are mixes that might be more elegant. Look for SPF 50++++ if it's an Asian one (very nice sunscreens).


Toner could be anti aging but probably best to focus on hydration now. Hada Labo Premium lotion is popular and quite rich. Kikumasamune Hight Moist Conditioner is quite hdyrating and can be layered. Klairs supple prep is popular.


Don't use Dove soap. High PH.. Try an Asian low PH cleanser. Maybe Hada labo Foaming:


If foaming is too much for you, Neutrogena Ultra Gentle are supposed to be good. I use Cerave Hydrating Cleanser.


I also use an oil cleanser to remove makeup and sunscreen. I really like Muji Sensitive Oil Cleanser, but Hada Labo Oil Cleanser is fine. Cliniques Take the Day off Balm is great too.


I like Etude Soonjung Barrier Cream - medium weight and hypoallergenic.




u/JakeBSc · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Thanks for such a long and detailed response! I have a few questions, if you don't mind.

I wasn't familiar with sebaceous filaments until you posted this comment. I think you are right, they are not blackheads, but they are sebaceous filaments. Thanks for noticing this. What do you make of the Hada Labo oil cleanser and Hada Labo foaming wash combo? (i.e. this oil cleanser + this regular cleanser).

I will investigate those things relating to vitamin/mineral deficiencies, cleaning products and hard water, thanks for the suggestions. Off the top of your head, would you happen to know of some scientific literature that has studied these things? I have found some myself, I'm just interested in what you've read specifically.

Are these colloidal oatmeal and honey masks pre-made by some cosmetics manufacturer, or do you mix this yourself with ingredients from a shop?


u/Ketchupbunny · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty
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I'm having a difficult time figuring out if this is the Hada Labo low pH foaming cleanser this sub likes. Wasn't sure if it's a different product or just different packaging..

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This blog post and the one with product recommendations really helped me

I use this cleanser and Oil of Olay complete for sensitive skin. Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam, 160ml
It's worked for me.

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There are a variety of ingredients, methods, and products that could potentially help you. The problem is everyone is different, so it will have to be a careful trial and error (and patience over a period of time) before you can pinpoint the right solution for you and what the original cause was.

If you're going to try products, I highly recommend you buy small sample sizes if possible and try them out one or two at a time. Be careful and start small, especially with active ingredients. They're quite potent, which means they give powerful positive results, but you can also risk overusing them or using them in a dangerous combination. So do your research about correct application and be careful.

  • BHA (salicylic acid), such as Paula's Choice or Stridex. A very popular ingredient with a great track record in preventing/clearing acne, clearing acne scars, and generally improving texture, tone, and color. I would recommend getting sample sizes of these to start.
  • Azelaic acid is another great way to tackle both acne and scars. Paula's Choice has a great azelaic acid + salicylic acid combo that I highly recommend.
  • Vitamin C. Can help greatly with acne scars. Paula's Choice, The Ordinary.
  • Sulphur is known to be antibacterial and a mask containing sulphur can help suppress breakouts. But most likely will not help with scarring. Sunday Riley Saturn mask helped a few people I know with cystic breakouts.
  • Differin. Contains adapalene which is known to clear and prevent acne. Be really careful and don't use with exfoliants.
  • Benzoyl peroxide. Pretty commonly used to clear and prevent acne, but it has the unfortunate affect of bleaching clothes/pillows/etc and can be pretty strong. Paula's Choice.
  • Aquaphor/vaseline/hyaluronic acid. It's possible your moisture barrier is not doing so well right now. Counterintuitively, being too dry can exacerbate acne. Also, if you're using exfoliants or other active ingredients, you'll want to make sure to stay hydrated and moisturized. Aquaphor, HA. Also recommend this Hado Labo HA cleanser and oil cleanser for a very hydrating double cleanse.
  • Sunscreen. You don't mention it but you should be wearing a daily sunscreen that's non-comedogenic, especially if you are trying any of the products above. La-Roche Posay, Elta MD, Neutrogena.

    The list goes on and on but you can start your research here.

    To eliminate causes, pay attention to when you have breakouts. Make sure the products you're currently using are a good pH and aren't breaking you out to begin with. Don't eat dairy for a long while until you know it doesn't cause the breakouts.

    Hormonal acne is most often clustered on chin and jawline, is often cystic, and often flares up once a month (aka period). If that describes you, you might want to talk to a doctor or dermatologist about whether it's hormonal or not, because there are treatments for that, such as birth control or spearmint tea.
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Hi there. So I would start really simple - cleanser, toner, moisturizer in the AM and PM. I can recommend you some products since I also have oily acne-prone skin, but the unfortunate reality is that what works for some people doesn't work for others. You're probably going to have to experiment with it yourself. Also most of the products I use aren't available in the US (German brand).

A couple of pointers when it comes to ingredients in those products:

- avoid anything with silicones (they usually end in -cone on the ingredient list)
- avoid non-fatty alcohols (usually it just says alcohol or alcohol denat. or ethanol in the ingredient lists). They're gonna be really drying.
- fatty alcohols (like cetyl alcohol) are good though
- avoid perfum (can irritate skin - sometimes it's hard to avoid though and personally it's not high on my priority list)
- since you have some acne and oily skin I would avoid oils and comedogenic ingredients such as coconut derivatives and butters

Since you don't have a lot of experience with skincare yet, I would keep it simple at first - if your skin doesn't clear up you might want to use a product with salicylic acid or other acne-fighting ingredients at some point, but as I said I would ease into it by just using a simple routine first.

For cleanser I would recommend first only using it at night. Only use it in the morning if you feel overly greasy, you don't want to strip your skin too much. Some cleanser recommendations from the wiki (any of these should work fine for your skin):

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For redditors who live in Japan: where can I buy the HadaLabo foaming cleanser? For some reason, all I see in drugstores is the lotion, but I cannot find the cleanser in the pump bottle. Did they change the packaging or something?

Is this also the same cleanser?

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Thanks guy!

I use these two for cleansing:

And this for moisturizing:

Though for moisturizer, you're gonna want different products depending on whether your face skin is dry or oily. Mine is oily.

This is the toner I used:

And this is the essence I used (I'm pretty sure it's meant for people with super fair skin, so heads up):

Dunno if this'll work for everyone, but it helped in my case.

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As I have learned about skincare I realized that my skin is dry/combination, and my face has gotten much less oily since I started to focus on hydration and moisturizing. I inherited my skin from my mom, who pretty much worships at the altar of benzoyl peroxide and SA. I want to show her the light by buying her a basic set of products that focuses on hydration.

She is a bit stubborn so I want to get her a regimen that 1) is simple—uses three or less products—and 2) feels good to use—has high cosmetic elegance. I did some research and came up with this:

Hada Lobo Gentle Hydrating Cleanser