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Harmonica For Dummies (For Dummies Series)
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3 Reddit comments about Harmonica For Dummies (For Dummies Series):

u/winslowyerxa · 14 pointsr/harmonica

Intensive practice can yield good results if you're sensible.

Temper your expectations.

  • You learn at the pace you learn; you won't get good overnight.

  • Treasure your victories, however small. A win is a win.

  • Be patient with yourself.

    Pace yourself.

  • Break up your practice into shorter sessions so you don't burn out.

  • Work intensively on one small thing at a time.

  • Break your learning into "chunks." It's easier to work on one chunk at a time and then string them together.

  • Work on something, go away for awhile, then come back again, but don't wait too long. Learning can evaporate if left too long, but can be strengthened by short intervals between working on the same thing.

  • Alternate practice with other activities so you stay fresh.

    Don't give up.

  • Frustration is always greatest just before a breakthrough.

  • Consistency will get you there in time.

    Learn from the best

  • Get a good harmonica book or video course. (I humbly submit that mine, Harmonica For Dummies, with 408 pages, tons of audio examples along with online videos and animations, is one of them).

  • Learn about good learning strategies. I recommend Daniel Coyle's The Little Book of Practice.
u/Dr_Legacy · 6 pointsr/harmonica

Look for Winslow Yerxa's Harmonica for Dummies.

In the meantime there's this list.

u/alephnul · 3 pointsr/harmonica

Harmonica for Dummies is a pretty good place to start. I don't usually like the "for Dummies" books, but this one is a gem.