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High temperature wire,12 AWG, 25' roll.
12 guage, 25' rollHigh temperature, teflon treated glass is UL approvedMade out of nickel plated stranded copperRated 250c, 600VUsed for internal wiring of electrical equipment and appliances
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u/Tippytom · 2 pointsr/appliancerepair

figure what gauge the wire is and get it in a High Temp Wire like this it's good to 250c

u/drtonmeister · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

You are looking for a PAR36 (or PAR38 might fit?) with that base. I think there are some on Ebay right now PAR36 Westinghouse with Mogul End Pin, but my browser seems unable to open ebay at the moment.

The socket to accept the pins is a ceramic block with heat-resistant wires attached that connect to building wiring in a junction box behind the fixture -- if access to that part of the fixture is available, I'd consider replacing the socket within the fixture to something more likely to connect to a widely available LED spotlight(such as a GU10 base for an r111 LED spotlight), or else using ceramic wirenuts to retrofit a the new base, or else add on extensions of heat-resistant wire so that you can use 120v "connect wires under screws"-base par36 lamps.

If the housing is big enough to accept a PAR38 (4.75" diameter) and the tail on the 2-prong base is long enough with enough free space to connect a side-prong lamp, there are still incandescents available new.