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HLA Soledi Solar Powered Mole Repeller
Specifications: 1.Net Weight: 260g. 2.Solar Panel: 4.5V45MA. 3. Effective Range: 625M2. 4.Frequency: 400HZ-1000HZ.5.Rechargeable Battery: 1.2V/ 800mAH "AA" Ni-Cd. 6.Dimension of the Panel: Approx.14.5(W) x 8.5(H)cm. 7.Dimension of Aluminium Tube: Approx.27.5(L) x 2.8(W)cm.Descriptions:1.Easy and safe to use. No Poison, No Chemical. 2.Solar Powered with rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery. 3.This item don't have any effect on animals or pets. 4.This repeller supports frequency conversion, adapted to your needs. 5.The solar mole repeller is effective within an area of 650 square meters.6.The ultrasonic waves will irritate them ,simulate danger, and repel them away from the irradiated area. 7.Idea pest control device to keep snakes away from your garden or lawns by utilizing both sonic wave sound and vibration technology. 8.A Multi pulse repeller, keeps changing the ultrasonic pulse it emits, so snakes do not get used to it, and do not come near your garden.9.Aluminum is a better conductor of the repelling vibrations,which is placed into the earth to transmit the warning pulses 13.through the ground. 10.To make the best use of the product, we strongly recommend an installation of 2 devices at every 30 meters for ground areas frequented by rodents. 11.The Advanced Solar Electronic Snake Repeller has high-spec solar panels and an aluminum cannulation. The aluminum cannulation give more durability and makes it easier to insert in the soil.
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