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Hott Products MacAweenie & Cheese
Shaped Pasta With CheeseBrand NewHott Products MacAweenie and Cheese
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u/D_as_in_avid · 74 pointsr/funny

You haven't dubbed them Mac-a-weenie. That's what they are called, you can get them online or from stores like Spencer's.


u/Aloria_Lain · 26 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

u/anxiousladynerd had a great suggestion with the Mac and cheese, but for a few extra bucks you can feed her a bowl of dicks.

Your so should make the effort to buy his mom food for next time, but if he doesn't, there'll be a backup waiting in the cupboard.

u/AmazonWTFBot · 1 pointr/AmazonWTF

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I scoured the web high and low -- in search of your linked pic,

I looked around and soon I found

your item -- that was quick!

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Product Title: Hott Products MacAweenie & Cheese

Rating: 4-5/5 stars


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u/AmazonRecommendation · -1 pointsr/pics

This but worse
MacAWeenie and Cheese