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u/boxofwyn · 9 pointsr/pittsburgh

I don't even know where to begin....except here

You really need to learn how to use HTML/CSS. Its extremely easy to build a great looking very simple site like yours with some basic skills.

Learn how to reduce the size of your images. Images should be as tiny as possible. (In file size, not in resolution or quality)

You have no navigation other than using browser forward/back buttons. Good navigation is a key to a decent site.

Yellow background? absolutely not.

The above should give you a start, but I would honestly get a good book and start the site over from scratch.

u/silver_rizlas · 2 pointsr/web_design

Here's a few links, I have all these in a folder and I try to make a habit of right clicking and opening all in tabs being the first thing I do when I open my web browser, before I get distracted with reddit.

Out of those the most helpful for newcomers would probably be, which has already been suggested by what3v3r.

There's also and if you want a more complete learning experience. As far as printed books go, I absolutely think they still have their uses but I always check the date a book was published on Amazon before buying, if it was pre-2011 there's a chance the information in it could be looking a little dated and a newer edition may be just around the corner. I've got this one on my shelf: and it covers a very broad area at a level suitable for a beginner.

If I was starting again I'd probably go for this one: followed by something about Javascript/JQuery and perhaps some PHP/MySQL afterwards, not forgetting ofcourse the increasing use of HTML5 and CSS3!! However, having typed all that you could probably learn just as much, and more, without spending a penny. There's some excellent learning resources available on the web, it's just a matter of finding them.