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Hyperkin VR Clamp Mount for HTC Vive Pro/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift
Adjustable ball joint for multi-directional positioningQuick release spring clamp1/4" mounting screw
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12 Reddit comments about Hyperkin VR Clamp Mount for HTC Vive Pro/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift:

u/cuppajoh · 3 pointsr/ValveIndex

I've very cautiously used duct tape for my Vive lighthouses in the past, and while it works to a degree, it's not worth the paranoia of your $200 laser boxes falling off the wall onto the hard ground. Duct tape will also almost certainly tear your wall apart when you remove it so I can't advocate for tape.


If you have any fixtures high up, then I highly recommend these clamps, they don't have the footprint of a tripod and are rock solid for tracking.

u/unclefishbits · 2 pointsr/vive_vr

You didn't just solve a functional problem, but you just opened up the best possible scenario of a tall ceiling area with almost full room scale, for me. WOW.

No one linked amazon, not sure why, but here's the mounts:

If I am a baddy for posting the link, let me know. =) It seems it is one per box.

u/ChuckMakesIt · 2 pointsr/VRchat

Oculus Rift CV1 requires at least one sensor to function. In fact it was originally sold with only one sensor and no Touch controllers. The original expectation was for seated play.

I'm not sure it'll work with VRChat with headset + keyboard & mouse, but you can try it.

If you lost the stands for your sensors I'd like to point out that the sensors have a standard 1/4"-20 screw connection. That will allow you to use any clamps/tripods meant for camera gear. Something like this, though there's many other options if this won't work.

u/center311 · 2 pointsr/ValveIndex

I found a cheap baste station clamp thing on Amazon for pretty cheap:

Hyperkin VR Clamp Mount for HTC Vive Pro/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift

u/Verlena51 · 1 pointr/oculus

I got my headset used for $299 in like new condition. was used once for a demo

3rd Sensor plugged into an USB 2.0 port on computer

Rechargeable AA batteries and charger

USB Expansion card

Headset and touch wall mount

Wall Mount used for rear left sensor

Cable management system

Mount clip used for front left sensor on shelf

HDMI extension for headset, only one used.

2 pack 6 feet USB 3.0 extension cables, one used for front right sensor and one used for headset

Sensor ceiling mount used for front right sensor

3 foot usb 3.0 extension used for front left senor

Cleaning Cloths

Oculus Rift Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Basic Set

Photo of final setup

I have had no issues at all, this setup working very well for me.

u/cmndr_andi · 1 pointr/Vive

Generally, they are very portable. Just remove the lighthouse from the pipe-clamp (so you can pack the important device securely), release the extended parts and pack it away.

Just make sure wherever you plan to set it up has a flat ceiling which isn't too tall, or a corner you can carefully lean it against.

Alternatively, these clamps look like a good idea if you have something tall to connect them to (like a bookcase) in the correct position in the room:

u/AmericanFromAsia · 1 pointr/Vive

They have to be tilted down. If it's not 45 degrees, you'll get bad gray flickering which will make anyone not used to VR sick. Mine were 8 feet off the ground and I got constant flickering every ~2 seconds just because it was tilted ~25 degrees and not 45. Tripods work the best and will definitely work wherever you go. A clamp with mount screws work second best but there's a chance you won't find a spot for it.

u/sgtcarrot · 1 pointr/Vive

This is the one I have, it works great and was not too expensive:

Highly recommend! (but I do also have a set of light stands... I demo in a lot of random places and like options).

u/djgrahamj · 1 pointr/vive_vr

Great idea!

Here's an Amazon Canada link. Haven't tried it but can't go too wrong for $10 each:

Or if you want a brand name, Hyperkin looks to be selling basically the same thing and calling it a VR accessory for $15:

u/FuriouFive · 0 pointsr/Vive

>i'm wondering if it's possible to still use the headset without them

Nope, you need them to play they track the headset and controllers. You literally get a grey screen in the headset if they are not plugged in.

>Also without drilling, what are some options for mounting or setting up the stations? I'm considering command strips as a temporary solution for the time being but are there other mounts or methods I should look into?

Don't try to use command strips; they will not hold them. Really the best solution is to drill and attach them correctly; you can learn to fix holes in drywall really easy. Save that you could use Lightstands with ball head mounts. You could also use contractor poles with Mounting Clamps or if you have a suitable method of mounting you can just use the clamps.