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u/Subsourian · 14 pointsr/starcraft
  1. Arcturus is personally one of the most interesting characters of the StarCraft universe. He was a self-serving evil, but one the Dominion almost needed in the face of annihilation. Stories revolving around his Dominion were interesting as they were people responding to living under an oppressive regime and trying to do good from within it, while largely still remaining loyal.

  2. SC1 and BW by far. SCII made him into a cartoon villain and lost his wit and charisma. Co-op did a FANTASTIC job of bringing that back and making him less of a baby kicker. But the best interpretation of him was the novel I, Mengsk, which went deep into his personality and how he operated as a person, as well as his relationships with his son and others, both on a personal and grand political scale.

  3. Oh bad, by far. You don't make a speech about how you'll rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around you unless your prime motivation is yourself. But the Dominion itself was rather grey because of how cruel and self serving the person on top was, and he was deluded into believing that the success of the Mengsks was the success of the sector.

  4. I love Valerian as a character, I think he's done a great job distinguishing himself and his struggles. But I also feel like he's underutilized and every story has to be "I'm not my father." I'm hoping we get more of just him. I will say I find his Dominion less interesting, though they do tell some good stories on how Valerian's peace is shaky at best, I preferred the stories told under the opporession of Arcturus.

  5. Oh kill him. The UED had the right idea.

  6. 100%. Billions died because of his ambition, and he specifically destroyed a civilian population to cement his rule. He talked about the good of mankind but it was for his own personal gain. He would kill people for his own personal vendettas against him, and committed unspeakable experiments on humans and aliens alike. He did however keep the Dominion together in the wake of the Brood War, which probably ensured its survival, but he was kept alive he literally would have ushered in armageddon sooner.
u/MisterShake2099 · 2 pointsr/Tau40K

Looks like some StarCraft novels (in... German?):

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