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Icarus at the Edge of Time
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5 Reddit comments about Icarus at the Edge of Time:

u/Slicehawk · 2 pointsr/Physics

Brian Greene wrote a pretty awesome children's book about relativity.

u/CalibanDrive · 1 pointr/AskScienceDiscussion

this may not be appropriate for you, but Icarus at the Edge of Time By Brian Greene is written for children, and it's a beautiful book.

u/Illinformedpseudoint · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Related to this, I recommend anyone with children in their lives buy a copy of Brian Greene's "Icarus at the Edge of Time." Edit: Added a link to the book.

u/Baba_Brinkman · 1 pointr/science

Brian Greene has a great adaptation of the Icarus legend in a space context, which teaches about relativity theory:

u/arstechnophile · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

> So I'm thinking after watching Interstellar, it would be possible to travel pretty far into the future if you spent, say, a year in close orbit around a black hole?

Yes. There's a book my son got when he was very young that uses this in its plot. It was written by a physicist (Brian Greene).

Of course, given that there are no black holes anywhere near Earth, you would need some kind of FTL travel to get to one and back before you died of old age. :-P For that matter, it would be easier/just as effective to boost yourself up to an appreciable fraction of the speed of light, go straight out for a few years, then turn around and come back at the same speed. You'd still get significant time dilation (more the faster you can go) but you can choose how long the trip takes in your own time frame.