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iCoolkit New iPhone Nano SIM Card to Micro /Stander/ full SIM card Tray Adapter Holder
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7 Reddit comments about iCoolkit New iPhone Nano SIM Card to Micro /Stander/ full SIM card Tray Adapter Holder:

u/HittingSmoke · 3 pointsr/ProjectFi

That's what I ordered mine for.

Here's a SIM card adapter kit for a little over a dollar shipped from Amazon if you haven't ordered one yet.

u/cfinke · 3 pointsr/FireFoxOS

> Screen responsive is very fast. I had no problems with touch or swipe gestures. Launch time of apps, games and browser is fast. I haven't experienced any lag yet. Overall the look and feel is very neat. Device itself is pretty.

Agreed, same experience here.

> It doesn't have a slot of nano SIM's. I have to go to At&T and get a standard SIM. My other device has nano SIM. I was hoping to swtich back and forth for the time being till I swtich over my productivity to Flame device. I don't think AT&T can allow 2 SIM's with the same number though

This set of adapters is $1.39 and ships for free: That's what I've been using to switch between an iPhone 5, HTC One, and Flame.

u/minizanz · 2 pointsr/Android

yes, they sell and exchange sim cards in store. you can also do just about all of the online only things in the store if you ask. the sim cards are also like 99cents so you could just order a micro and nano then activate what you need.


i dont see that text and data only plan, but call a store and ask.


the last option would be to buy the nano and get an adapter kit like this or

remember that all of the sims use the same metal part so it does not matter what card you order, you can always cut or adapter it fit.

u/crisss1205 · 1 pointr/iphone

> Will the new Sim card work in my Android phone as well?

Yes. I use this to make it fit.

> can I have multiple sim cards for each phone


u/lulz_seeker · 1 pointr/Android

I swap my iPhone 5 sim to my HTC One on the daily . I purchased my adapter here

u/eallan · 1 pointr/Android

Uh, no, that's completely incorrect.

For less than 2 dollars you can go to and from any device you want.

I've seen people wreck a car, but I wouldn't call them fragile.

u/h1p1n3 · 1 pointr/verizon

you are correct. /u/thumbstickz is mistaken.

First, lets look at the SIM.

Yes, the exterior perimeter is reduced in these next-gen devices, but look at the points of contact. They are still located in the same area. A converter of some sorts like this Will work to put your nano sim in a micro or full sim slot. A sim, is a sim. Besides physical size, the data and functionality of them is the same.

Now that size is out of the way, lets talk about sim swapping.

Since LTE came out, the FCC has ruled that Verizon CANNOT change your plan or limit you from moving a SIM from one device or another. A simple google search will show that. And the FAQ he posted below even states that

>Can I use my Verizon Wireless 4G SIM in more than one device?

Yes; the Verizon Wireless 4G SIM card contains all of your subscriber information, so the SIM card is portable and can be used in any Verizon Wireless-certified 4G device. All usage will be billed to the account associated with the 4G SIM card. (read: NOT THE PLAN)