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26 Reddit comments about Infidel:

u/clarkkent09 · 57 pointsr/The_Donald

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is awesome. I would strongly recommend her book Infidel (and others), especially to any liberal who pretends to care about women's rights.

EDIT: I meant Infidel, although Nomad is great too

u/ihedenius · 23 pointsr/europe

European authorities should have ensured the 'refugees' actually are refugees and not economical migrants.

Below a list of newspaper articles and swedish government papers dating back to 1989 addressing asylum seekers. In summary since 2002 averaging 90% lack passports. Lack of passports can greatly complicate investigation of true identity and the expulsion process. 'Refugees' are known since 1989 to make up stories (scroll down, it's documented in government papers).


Svenska Dagbladet [one of two major swedish national broadsheets] wrote an opinion piece 2008, noting that 96% lack passports

>The much written of case in Uppsala ... raises many questions about society's control functions. An interesting detail is that charges have not yet been brought against the man because the police can not determine his identity. According to Upsala Nya Tidning [a newspaper] the police investigates three different identities.

>At the time of writing, the Uppsala man could be in principle anyone. He may be a criminal on the run from the law in any other European country. Or a luck seeker in Sweden to milk the social insurance system. Or, of course, he may be a refugee seeking protection from the violent repression of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


>To emphasize the difficult situation that the decision-makers at the Migration Board have to deal with can be mentioned that only four percent of those who applied for asylum in Sweden in 2008 showed valid passports at the time of application.


>It's hard to believe that all these asylum seekers lost their identity documents in civil war or natural disasters. A more reasonable assumption is that behavior has been adapted to the specifically Swedish and probably benevolent migration system, which made it easier to gain access to the country as paperless than with the help of their CV [resume].


The other major national broadsheet Dagens Nyheter wrote a news piece 2013 that 90% lack passports.

>When people come to Sweden and seek asylum, 90 percent lack passports. When they enter Schengen, the refugee-migrant-smuggler is taking care of the passports again,


In Norway, Aftenposten, Norways largest newspaper wrote 2013, that 10% has valid travel documents

>In the past four years, 43,709 asylum seekers have come to Norway. About ten percent of these bring passports or other valid travel documents.


Sweden 2012, video from Rosengård [Malmö]

>"Whoever speaks honestly, tells the truth, is not accepted."

>"... I lied ... you have to lie"


Ayaan Hirsi Ali noted in her book "Infidel" that she lied 1992 on arriving along with lots of others.

>At the end of August, I got an official letter from the Dutch refugee office. My heart sank; this must be my letter of rejection. I would be sent to Canada, or to Nairobi—it amounted to the same thing. I didn't deserve refugee status; it was over. When Mina saw my face, I confessed to her that I had lied to the authorities. She shrugged and said she had lied, too; the camp was full of people with manufactured stories quaking that they would be thrown out.

Quoted from Swedish Government Bill 2003/04:50 (A parliamentary paper proposing legislation).

>"Of those who sought asylum in Sweden in 2002, 88 per cent lacked passports."


The Svenska Dagbladet broadsheet again Feb 2003 writes

>"Nine out of ten seek asylum without a passport"

>"Several important government initiatives are blocked by the fact that we have a very large influx of people without asylum grounds and in some groups 100 percent do not have ID documents," says Lisa Pelling, political expert at migration minister Jan O Karlsson.


>Refugees from Iraq, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Somalia almost always lack ID documents.

>The lack of passport makes it very complicated to enforce rejections," says Alicia Bengtsson.


Swedish Parliamentary Protocol, December 1989

>"Most asylum seekers are completely missing travel documents" - Erkki TAMMENOKSA(S).

>Parliamentary Minutes 1989/90:46, Thursday, December 14, Kl. 9:00 to 23:10

The last sane moment in swedish immigration handling, the (in sweden) famous "Lucia Decision" had just been taken, putting a halt to immigration because of the numbers and the documentlessness of 'refugees'.

As early as 1989, the Swedish government tightened the law to counteract "asylum abuse" and "documentlessness".

>"Government letter 1989/90:68 on immigration and refugee policy"

>"The government has also taken action against the increasing abuse of the right to asylum. It is common for persons to seek asylum in Sweden invoking right to asylum despite the fact that the grounds for asylum are very weak. In the case of the individual case, it is often found that such asylum seekers significantly exaggerates their fears about returning to their home country. The applicant does not rarely supply false documents and tells made up stories. This has been established through country knowledge, the applicant's own data and investigations in the individual case. "

>"This is an international problem and partly because asylum immigration is the only door open to people who want to leave their home countries for reasons other than being persecuted. This is part of the explanation for the so-called documentlessness, ie that asylum seekers come here without either identity or travel documents, although they obviously must have had such [travel documents] at the beginning of the trip. As the asylum seekers lacks or withholds their documents, the investigations in the asylum cases are greatly complicated. The processing times are extended and in many cases complicates or make impossible to expulsion to first asylum country."

>"In proposition 1988/89:86 with proposals for foreigner-legislation, etc., are proposals aimed at addressing the increasing problem of documentlessness. This includes incarceration for reasons of investigation and options for police and customs to investigate hand luggage and clothes. These parts of the bill have been suspended by the Riksdag according to Chapter 2, Section 12, third paragraph, of the Government Form. [Swedish 'constitution']"

>"In autumn 1989, the UNHCR Executive Committee adopted recommendations aimed at rectifying the abuse of asylum rights through international and national measures. Therefore on November 2, 1989, the Government has declared in a single asylum case a sharpening in examining a documentless asylum seekers' reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Sweden. The sharpening means that a documentlessness which has a purpose to mislead shall result in reduced confidence in the alleged asylum grounds unless strong reasons is against such an assessment. "


NYTIMES, Australia 2013

>"While we waited to be rescued, the Iranians set about destroying their passports. “So they can’t deport you,”



>Deported: "F_ck Australia Remember 9/11"

April 16, 2015 CNN

>Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard


u/JohnnyMarrJaguar · 16 pointsr/canada

I think female genital mutilation is an absolute horror. They cut out little girls clitoris with scissors and no anesthetic because it is considered against Allah for them to experience sexual pleasure. This is the stuff of horror movies and nightmares.

I think these references should be in the citizenship guide because it's far too common among the cultures we are tapping for immigration and I think it's essential that those becoming Canadians are informed that we consider these practices to be barbaric and unacceptable.

For further evidence, I look at stories of Canadian Muslim men raping their wives and beating them with hockey sticks and insisting in court that they simply didn't know these things were wrong ... and sometimes being found not guilty because of their ignorance.

u/slipstream37 · 8 pointsr/exmuslim

Check out Infidel

She seems pretty smart.

u/Celtic_Queen · 6 pointsr/badwomensanatomy

Ayaan Hirsi's excellent book, Infidel talks about when she underwent FGM as a child in Somalia. Her mother was against the procedure but when she was visiting her grandmother one time, the grandmother went ahead and had it done on her. The whole story is horrific, although the book is excellent and I recommend that people read it.

u/atheistcoffee · 6 pointsr/atheism

I said it above in a comment, but while I'm on the topic... you should buy your wife the book Infidel. You won't need to say anything more to change her mind.

u/w0rldn3ws · 5 pointsr/worldnews

yes the best is to inform yourself well, I would recommend reading Infidel
by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

u/steve_o_mac · 3 pointsr/onguardforthee

Make an agenda out of something? Welcome to the modern world. And the left is just as guilty as the right. Ever speak with a SJW? The logical fallacies in their arguments abound. Their ability to arrange words in a meaning less catch phrase and then use that phrase as a source in their arguments is dizzying. How much $ did Anita Sarkeesian raise again? As for the right, how did Trump get elected again?

Do I fault the people who practice the Muslim religion for being messed up? Absolutely not. It's difficult to rid one's mind of thought patterns that were beaten into them as a child - and this applies to most religions. Ask me how many beatings I took because I didn't behave properly during mass. It's fucking brainwashing and most religions practice it. Do I hate the practitioners? No. Do I hate the religion (be it muslim, catholic, whatever)? You're goddamned right I do. Call me infidel, baby :)

As to the muslim faith ... One of my core beliefs is that everyone is born equal. I could not possibly care less the colour of one's skin, who they are attracted to, what they identify as, etc ... Now look at a religion that actively discriminates against significant subsets of society. Try being a woman in a muslim state. Read Infidel sometime -
Gay in a muslim state? Good fucking luck with that, friend.

What's my point? Simply, it is not discrimination to criticize that which should be criticized. Is it Anti-Semitic for me to say I think the shooting of a doctor by the Israeli Army abhorrent? Am I a misogynist when I point out gaping holes in a SJW's argument? Criticizing that which should be criticized is how we grow as a society. Otherwise we remain ignorant and retain practice(s) that should have been abandoned ages ago.

How do we, as a society, decide what is worthy of critique? Through open and honest debate. Not through silence - be it in the form of #fakenews bullshit or the SJW who claims that I, a CIS gender white (ish) male do not deserve to have my opinion heard or that it does not count. Fuck that noise.

Oh, and for the record - anyone who claims that islam is the religion of peace is either willfully ignorant or a goddamned liar. Christianity doesn't hold any moral ground there either. Spend 2 minutes reading on the crusades ffs.

One final point. Earlier, I (somewhat) equated race discrimination with discrimination due to sex / sexual orientation / or whatever. I have literally no clue as to how a black man feels hearing some neo-nazi fuck throw the n-bomb around. Does that equate to what a gay man feels when he is called ...? I could not begin to guess. My point is that discrimination is discrimination, regardless of form.

Since I'm obviously somewhat wound up, here's something smile worthy:

edit - missed a word. And here's something that should be interesting, if completely off topic:

u/Autumnsprings · 3 pointsr/WTF

Here's more information.

This book provides an account from a woman who went through it.

u/OrwellianIconoclast · 3 pointsr/books

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's two-part autobiography:



u/selfprojectionasgod · 3 pointsr/atheism

It is a commonly held opinion in our western countries to give Islam the benefit of the doubt... to be quick to believe that this type of extreme prejudice is not indicative of the religion at large. We do this because we want to be polite and inclusive.. we want to think well of them... we don't want to be seen as racist in any way.

However, if you consider that Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, comprised of more than 1.5 billion people - and that the Muslim majority exists primarily in countries located in South and Central Asia, the Middle East, and sub-saharan Africa where Islam is not only the primary religion - it is the governing and only religion - in these countries, quite often, these bigoted and prejudiced beliefs are the norm.

Check out Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book Infidel.

u/backtowriting · 3 pointsr/worldnews

Just finished reading 'Infidel' by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. You would like that book if you haven't already read it. It describes Islam as it actually is and not how many of us would like it to be.

u/jcm267 · 3 pointsr/The_Donald

She's plugging her most recent book, Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now. I haven't read that one but her first book Infidel was great.

These books should be available at any decent local library.

u/undercurrents · 2 pointsr/Foodforthought

She has an excellent book called, Infidel

u/GVS03 · 2 pointsr/worldnews

While I agree that there is discrimination; however, by law people in most western countries are equal. However, many cultures have a patriarchal society that even when they immigrate to a society that by law women and men are equal their cultural traditions trump this. I just finished the book infidel about a woman that immigrated to the Netherlands from Somalia and she explains how women have the same rights as men in Netherlands but it is the Islamic patriarchal culture that keeps women from being equal actors in the dutch society. Also, the utopian society you speak of in a few decades will only be achieved in this kind of world which I believe is next to impossible to achieve.

u/btruff · 2 pointsr/worldnews

I just finished this book and she describes it in gory detail. But then she grew up in Somalia. So your map checks out. Thanks.

u/TheRevengeOfJosh · 1 pointr/The_Asylum

Her book Infidel is interesting.

u/mgm-survivor · 1 pointr/worldnews

That isn't entirely accurate. I suggest you read the book "Infadel" by Ayaan-Hirsi-Ali where she describes the cultural motivations of her grandmother when she underwent FGM, against the will of her father. All too often FGM is characterized as men's attempts to control women's sexuality, when that is fairly inaccurate. It is largely done, just as male circumcision in the US, as a form of social conformity. She even describes how other girls would call her names (kintirleey) because she had not been mutilated. Liken unto such name calling in the USA, "anteater dick", for example.

Ultimately, both procedures appear to most often be motivated by a form of elitism, where the mutilated person is placed above the intact person in some way or another. In her case, she described mutilated girls as being made "pure", while in the USA uncircumcised men are stereotyped as "dirty".

u/lunabright · 1 pointr/books

Infidel. Nonfiction, but so moving and a perspective that is so raw and real.

u/theanswar · 1 pointr/news

There's a book called "infidel" by Aayaan Hirsi Ali. It covers (in brutal detail and honesty) what this life truly is like. Worth a read

u/top28 · 1 pointr/worldnews

ok, good that you are researching

Here is a fantastic source: "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali , who came all the way from a Sudanese village trough genital mutilation and arranged marriage to Dutch parliament. She also did a movie Submission with Theo van Gogh who was butchered for this by a muslim

u/storyplus · 1 pointr/worldnews

right on the money, it's their responsibility also. Rarely do they go to the root of why they tolerate this shit

recommended: Infidel

u/try_new_stuff · 1 pointr/books

I really enjoyed Infidel. It was such an amazing book about an amazingly strong woman.

u/American-Negro · -1 pointsr/islam

I agree with much of it, and I just finished the author's book. She's the ex-Muslim who wrote Infidel. I believe she has 24/7 security as she was threatened with death, and one of her collaborators was killed and her death threat was on his dead body.

u/deong · -1 pointsr/books

It's not fiction, but Infidel was very good, and Hirsi-Ali is certainly strong.

u/coinaday · -2 pointsr/TumblrInAction

That's true for both genders actually, and really is an example where women have it worse. But it's racist if you criticize brutally mutilating little girls.

See also: Infidel And holy shit, spoiler alert: she was stripped of her citizenship? W.T.F. Holland is fallen.

Edit: Blocked and not going to respond directly to the apologist for the abuse of little girls. But no, these are not comparable procedures. The comparable procedure would be cutting off the penis and testicles. Girls have their genitals cut away and vaginas sewn shut and the silence is deafening. These practices have been brought by immigrants to Western countries, but it's racism to point it out or mention it. We have "feminists" who organize campaigns about "manspreading", but can't be bothered to give a shit about actual abuse of girls because it's problematic if one claims that bad things can be done by anyone other than a white man.

Yeah, I think male circumcision is not the greatest thing ever, but the practices are not comparable.

But oh, well, it's not (yet) as common? Well, by all means then, let's just ignore it! Fuck off. Again, I highly recommend people read the book I link. I was ignorant of how absolutely inhuman these practices were as well, until I read the first-hand account of her experiences and how widespread of a practice it is in certain communities. There is no excuse for these practices and it should absolutely be considered criminal behavior and international pressure applied to stop it.