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Intermatic DT620 Heavy Duty Indoor Digital Plug-in Timer, White
Indoor programmable timer that is the ultimate event planner – control up to 28 on and off settings per day with dusk to dawn and auto daylight saving time adjustment – you can truly set it and forget it, includes a battery back up which saves the programming incase the power goes outEnergy saving outlet timer with two grounded receptacles and plug, which allows you to control 2 devicesIdeal for lamps, fans, hydroponics, appliances, electronics, heaters, air conditioners, coffee/espresso machines, and moreRatings:  15 A,  Resistive: 1800 W,  Inductive: 12 A,  Tungsten: 1000 W,  120 V,  60 Hz,  1/2 HPCSA Certified, Limited one year , CA Title 20 Listed
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4 Reddit comments about Intermatic DT620 Heavy Duty Indoor Digital Plug-in Timer, White:

u/DrAllison · 3 pointsr/ReefTank

First off, if you can afford it and you've done your research, the Apex is absolutely 100% worth it. Control topoff, light dimming, dosers, heater, sump pump (feeding modes), etc, and an awesome web interface.

Now then, the more sane version is something like this. With that you can set a ton of on off times for the total minutes you want your dosers running. You can even run them at different times in the same location.

I personally have my Apex set to oscillate 1 minute on, 20 minutes off for 10 hours every night. You can't quite get away with that many cycles with a straight digital timer, but could do something similar.

u/Junkmans1 · 1 pointr/Appliances

Check this one out, might do what you need.

I think it can do changes at a minimum of 1 minute, so if a minute would work then it might do.

u/junkity · 1 pointr/perktv

Wow, thank you for this post! I was wondering why both of my Samsung Galaxy Exhibits recently started getting this weird splotch in the middle of the screen. Turns out, it was the bloated battery pushing up against the screen from underneath! I also happen to have a bunch of other phones (some running Perk, but most running other apps constantly), and almost half of them had bloated batteries because they've been plugged into chargers (both regular and multiple port USB chargers) 24/7. I just ordered replacement batteries, but I also just ordered this so that I can have all the phone batteries cycle automatically (worth it to me since I have so many phones).

u/reddilada · 1 pointr/AskReddit

This timer has a dusk and dawn setting. I think this one does too but can't tell if it is just a photo sensor.