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Jacquard Pearl EX Powder Pigments (32-Color Set)
Safe, pearlescent, non-toxic Pearl EX Powdered Pigments are Jacquard's most versatile productUse these beautiful powdered pigments on fabric, paper, shrink plastic, polymer clay, leather, glass, wood and morePearl EX creates a metallic look without being a metal, and it will not tarnish or fadeNot for cosmetic use; made in the USAFor over 30 years, Jacquard has been the leading manufacturer of artist quality textile, mixed media and craft products
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5 Reddit comments about Jacquard Pearl EX Powder Pigments (32-Color Set):

u/HeyUOK · 5 pointsr/Gunpla

yay, something i can actually talk about since i use pigment powders regularly in my kits :D.

Here we go!, Yes, pigment powders will work as future has the consistency of water and makes it a great transfer medium. The downside...Pigment powder has the consistency of water and if the powder has any metal flakes, they tend to sink directly to the bottom and will need to be mixed properly throughout its spraying. While i dont use automotive pigments, I use

I have only had trouble with the macropearl powders. clogged my airbrush something fierce, but every other pigment has been working phenomenally.

EDIT: I might try mixing them in Tamiya flats and clears to see if it would make a better transfer medium. Future is great cause its readily available and cheap!

u/songwind · 1 pointr/soapmaking


I was already aware that in general you could use mica for soap. I was curious if there was something special about Crafter's Choice or other soap supply versions of mica, compared to something like this that's marketed for stamping.

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/GGdiscussion

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u/CrimsonKeel · 1 pointr/turning

Well where to begin.

I cast using Polyester resin. specifically silmar41 sold by uscomposites. it smells but you do not need a pressure pot to make it work. did I mention it smells. I wear a organic 3m filter respirator when I cast. most of my casting is done in 3/4 inch pvc pipe for pen blanks with bigger sizes for larger items. I do have some cutting board molds for flat blanks. they work "ok" my favorite mold though is a silicone one. it is similar to these

I recommend heading down to your local micheals and buying some casting craft(brand of resin and activator as your first test. see if you like casting before spending a ton of money on pots and resins.

If you do and can handle the PE smell (some people are fine with it) then you can carry on with that. its cheap 5 gallons is like $130 but shipping is like $70. ( don't start out with 5 gallons)

next you will want some micas. gives you a good launching point. I have a bunch more places I get mine from now.

ok ok so you wanna do more

get a pressure pot and buy some alumalite. alumalite cures in an hour but has a open working time of like 7 minutes. so you need a pressure pot for it or you will have lots of trapped bubbles. alumalite is also great for hybrid castings (wood, pinecones, etc.)

anyway just the tip of the iceberg really. if you're on facebook there are a few good resin casting groups.